Quoting Quiverfull: Drag Queens Reading to Children Sinful Plot of the Devil?

Quoting Quiverfull: Drag Queens Reading to Children Sinful Plot of the Devil? June 2, 2017
Screen cap from an AP video on the Drag Queen Reading program starting Miss Mess
Screen cap from an AP video on the Drag Queen Reading program starting Miss Mess

Written by Laurie Higgins from The Illinois Family Institute found on Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog

Editor’s note: Another cause of Christian Evangelicals focusing on very minor things that are none of their business while ignoring all the things Jesus said they should do, like feeding people, taking care of widows and children, visiting people in prison, the list goes on and on. Just like this rant about the sexuality of worms and people.

Pray for our nation’s little ones. If they manage to survive the womb and are lucky enough to have both a mommy and a daddy, they may end up at their local library or bookstore for story time with drag queens. I kid you not. A widely circulated Associate Press (AP) news video exposes the repugnant spectacle.

To the occasional titters of foolish mothers, glittery drag queen Lil Miss Hot Mess (henceforth referred to as Mr. Mess) read the picture book Worm Loves Worm, illustrated by homosexual children’s book author and illustrator Mike Curato who dedicates the book to his faux-husband Dan with these words, “To the worm of my dreams.”

Laurie goes on to explain that using worms to illustrate homosexuality is just wrong, wrong and wrong and a backdoor way to normalizing all sexuality that is not whatever she considers ‘Normal’. I am guessing that she does not realize that earth worms are not ‘male’ or ‘female’ – they are both ‘male and female’. Worms are  hermaphrodites! Sort of destroys her lengthy argument about gay worms destroying the children’s minds.

And this brings me back to the morally challenged child-man Mr. Mess. During the recent Drag Queen Story Hour, he not only exposed children to deviant ideas but led them in a perverse performance of the Hokey Pokey in which he sang, “The hips on the drag queen go swish, swish, swish…swish, swish swish…swish, swish, swish,” all to the delight of mothers and fathers.

Who needs discernment when you’ve got energy and fun.

At the conclusion of the video, AP reporter Ted Schaffrey makes an embarrassing attempt to redeem the irredeemable by painting the tawdry propagandistic (sic) event with a patina of pedagogy, pronouncing solemnly, “Engaging young hearts and minds through sights and sounds.”

I would change “engaging” to “manipulating.”

There is a simple way to ‘solve’ this problem of thinking your children might be corrupted by Miss Mess and a book about sexual worms being read to them in a public library. Don’t attend.

Here’s the video she is upset about:

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