Quoting Quiverfull: Women Only Teach Heresy and Crafts in Sunday School?

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Only Teach Heresy and Crafts in Sunday School? August 2, 2017

Stevenandersonby Steven L. Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church – One Problem With Children’s Ministry

Editor’s note: You just cannot win or do anything right in the world of Anderson’s IFB beliefs if you are a woman. What’s so horrible about teaching children with crafts or a song? Who knew crafts could risk your salvation?

In one church, a vacation Bible school teacher whispered to the students that repenting of sin is necessary for salvation. Obviously, this infiltrator knew that what he was saying was different than what the pastor of the church believed and preached, which is why he was being sneaky. Older kids will sometimes catch stuff like that and tell their parents, but what about a four or five year old?

Even if the deviation from the lesson is not intentional, a lot of female teachers with very little discernment will get ideas for crafts and other supplemental materials from Pinterest. Who knows which denomination or Bible version those craft templates might be coming from?

Recently, a Sunday school teacher at a friend’s church handed out a puzzle and had very young children piece together a long-haired “Jesus.” Keep in mind, the official curriculum handout was from an IFB source that would never portray the Lord that way, but the teacher had added something of her own.

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” 1 Timothy 2:12

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  • Bravo Sierra

    How dare Jesus have long hair. This is probably why depictions of Mohammed are not allowed.

  • Tawreos

    It is good for Anderson and so very bad for the rest of us that the bible doesn’t include a passage about not being a raging asshole.

  • Mel

    If all that is required for salvation is to declare that Jesus is your savior, what does it matter if kids think repenting of sins is required? They would still be saved, right? (I’m never entirely clear on the doctrinal differences in salvation requirements for IFB people.)

    So….Jesus kept his hair high and tight? Alrighty, then. He did, however, probably have a decent beard that was not high and tight like Steve’s….so what’s your point, Steve?

    The Bible does have something to say about men who can’t support their own family acting as leaders of congregations.

  • Mel

    Oh, good God. Zsu had a pregnancy bleeding scare that her midwife handled in a way that can only be described Keystone Cops.

    Long story short: Zsu thought she had lost the baby at 16 weeks because the midwife’s associate who came over couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler. No one recommends follow-up with a real medical professional – which would have saved her a few days of heartache since the baby was alive and an ultrasound (or a nurse with a stronger Doppler) would have picked up quickly.

    No one has recommended medical intervention now – in fact, the midwife told her that an ultrasound could worsen conditions that cause second-trimester bleeding. (WTF?!?!?)

    Zsu. GO_TO_A_DOCTOR. It might be nothing. It also might be something really important to treat to prevent losing the pregnancy or giving birth to a preemie.

    If she thinks life is stressful now, try adding a micro-preemie to the mix. She’s already lonely and isolated. Believe me, it can get much worse when you have an infant who can’t go to church for two years or longer due to lung damage…..

  • Nea

    Does his approved version of Jesus have a bowl cut or a crew cut?

  • Nea

    Between thee and me, are we sure she doesn’t hope it will be the Ineffable Will Of God that she lose the pregnancy? She’s desperate to stop having children.

  • Nea

    It kinda does, though. Don’t ostentatiously pray. Don’t be a rules lawyer. Don’t focus on externals only; look at the core. Don’t fuss over someone else’s minor problems while overlooking yours. Don’t be afraid of those you have been taught are untouchable. Blessed are the people you consider beneath you.

    There’s an awful lot of the Bible that boils down to, in the words of Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a dick.” One assumes that Anderson, like Jefferson, took a razor to his to cut out all the bits he didn’t personally agree with.

  • Mel

    I don’t know – but I don’t think she wants to lose a pregnancy that far along. She’d have to go through labor and delivery which is the part that rightfully terrifies her.

    She mentions disdainfully that she’s a ‘geriatric grand multipara’ which is only partially correct. She’s actually an AMA great grand multipara. While most of those women have uncomplicated pregnancies, she is at substantially higher risk of fetal demise, excessive bleeding and need for operative delivery after a miscarriage.

    It’s not a good situation to wait out at home. I dislike Zsu – but I don’t want to see her bleed out at home from second-trimester miscarriage as her terrified children watch helplessly.

  • Tawreos

    Where would be without some good old fashioned cherry picking?

  • pagankitty

    oh those silly women-folk with their pinterests. Obviously a man who wandered around 2000 years ago got his hair cut every two weeks. How could it be otherwise??? There are no more important issues than keeping hippy Jesus and Pinterest projects away from our kids.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Hmm, his example of heresy is a MAN telling children that repenting is necessary.
    But his rant is about how awful it is for WOMEN to teach in Sunday School.

    And Long Haired Jesus! BLASPHEMY!
    Why won’t these women just look at the photos of Jesus before they assume they know what He looks like.

  • Chiropter

    What did I just read?

    Long haired Jesus is bad? Is that because it makes him look like a hippie, or a woman? He’s always white in Baptist versions, so clearly they value historical accuracy.
    Now I’m imagining male pattern baldness Jesus.

    Also, if your god is so fragile that Pinterest and multiple translations of your own holy book can derail your entire religion, perhaps you should rethink things. That’s not a god worth following.

  • Aloha

    He used the 0.4 setting out his automatic razor. High on the sideburns (those are only for hippies) and shave the neck, please.

    This is all clarified in the 3 chapter long section on the appearance of Jesus in III Peter. He cared quite a bit about his looks.

  • Freodin

    Not quite sure. He used a neutral “the infiltrator” and might just have gone with the standard “he”… even when talking about a woman. It feels like a thing that someone like Anderson would do.

    But I am more surprised about the criticism at all: repenting as a necessity is a heresy? Meaning, you can sin as much as you… do…, never repent, and still be saved? That sounds a lot more heretical to me. But again, it feels like something a guy like Anderson would claim.

    But what do I know…

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    It’s one of those things I think about whenever I hear someone claim that the differences between Christian flavors is minor.
    The basic idea of what Christians need to do to be saved is contraversial:
    Accept Jesus Christ, Confess your sins and do penance, generally do good deeds?
    Just Accept Jesus Christ and Ask forgivness for your sins?
    Just accept Jesus Christ?
    How DARE you suggest that YOU can do anything to be saved, Jesus will save you if he feels like it!

    They can’t even agree on this, and they’ve convinced themselves that these differences are a BIG deal. Teaching the wrong one is Heresy!

  • Nightshade

    Can’t take the kid to church for health reasons? Nah, these people would do it anyway, and trust Gawd to keep him/her safe.

    And what conditions can be worsened by an ultrasound? This is the kind of bullshit you get when you don’t value education.

  • Nightshade

    Honestly can’t say I would blame her if she does feel that way. I really, REALLY dislike Zsu, but still sympathize a little. Her hands are already more than full, and every way for her to lighten the load has been cut off by her own beliefs and Stevie-boy’s command.

  • Mel

    The ultrasound thing is made-up bullshit promoted simply to keep clientele on the midwife’s roster. If Zsu went to an OB for an ultrasound, she might find something that prevented a homebirth and then the midwife is out her 3-5,000 birthing fee.

    Keeping my little guy healthy with his lung damage is a full-time job and we’re lucky because we don’t have any other small children (read: mobile germ factories) to bring new viruses into the house. I do get lonely, though. I can’t take him out to stores, restaurants, malls, museums, the zoo or any other place where there are crowds of people until he’s at least two years old. The flipside is that isolation has kept him from having any respiratory illnesses and a single bout of the stomach flu. He’s just gotten over the stomach flu and that two-week period of time was awful. We had to feed him by NG tube every 90 minutes. For several days, he was so uncomfortable that he wanted to be held by me or my husband for hours at a time. There wasn’t really anything we could do to make him feel better and we just had to ride it out.

    Zsu’s survived a complicated-as-hell pregnancy with Boaz and his twin who passed away from TTTS. No matter how much I dislike her beliefs and her general personality, I don’t want her to experience being a NICU parent and the parent of a medically-complicated child if it could be prevented by seeing a doctor.

    And – for her- being the parent of a medically complicated child would be a special hell. She’s married to Steven Anderson who is less successful at being a human than most of our cows. I have my husband for support – Zsu wouldn’t get any real support from Steven. In fact, I suspect he’s the kind who would sabotage thing that impinged on his wants (like taking a medically fragile infant to church against medical orders) while sticking Zsu with all the resulting work.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    “I don’t want her to experience being a NICU parent and the parent of a medically-complicated child if it could be prevented by seeing a doctor.”

    Nor do I. What you’re saying is so right on the money. When my daughter had ITP we spent many years doing follow up, isolation to let her immune system recover and whatever we could to manage her ongoing immune system issues. I would not wish those three weeks in childrens ICU on my worst enemy. It is hell.

    On another note, I know it is hard being so isolated but it sounds like you’re doing everything right for your little guy!

  • Aloha

    Heretical crafts. There’s a new one.

    Maybe the cut out church had a cross on top instead of a plain steeple? Perhaps the cotton-ball sheep had overly long eyelashes?

    That ol’ Satan! He’s got a finger in everything.

  • AFo

    No outsiders or outside perspectives allowed. We can’t have someone contradicting bossman Steve, since it wounds his fragile ego… Er… usurps his God -ordained authority as a man. Word to the wise Steve, if your church can be brought down by a children’s puzzle, the problem is not the puzzle.

  • paganheart

    Stevie probably thinks Jesus wore his hair just like Stevie does. Talk about creating a god in your own image….

  • paganheart

    Okay Stevie, if it is so very, very bad for women to teach Sunday school classes to children, I am sure you can use your god-given powers of persuasion to get the men of your congregation to step up and do their god-ordained duty as Sunday school teachers. Go ahead….I’m waiting….

  • Kathi

    “Who knows which denomination or Bible version those craft templates might be coming from?”

    Wow, I had no idea that crafts were based off of denominational or Bible translation influences! Pinterest must be of Satan because it so easily fools us weak minded women.

  • bekabot

    Obviously a man who wandered around 2000 years ago got his hair cut every two weeks.

    Oftener. He and Giuseppe the Exiled Barber of Galilee were very close pals.

    (It’s a little-known fact that The Lord was not only in the habit of getting His hair cut regularly but that He also sported a Roman shave. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s true…and if you’re skeptical, just look around for an official curriculum handout from an IFB source and it’ll straighten you right out. You heard it here.)

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Just think if the crafts had involved making a Jesus that looked like the middle eastern man he would have been.

  • Nightshade

    Sad, but I think you’re right on all counts. I can only imagine the non-support and pressure Zsu would get from Mr. Pissing Preacher to take the baby to church no matter what the doctor says, to totally ignore any instinct to protect her child and instead follow her almighty penis-bearer’s orders, and of course she would have to keep up her other slave duties. I doubt that HE would lower himself to help out much!

  • Allison the Great

    Women only teach heresy, huh? Well the Pissing Preacher only whines about nit-picky shit that doesn’t matter when he “teaches”. And don’t most paintings depict Jesus as long haired?

    Well if he doesn’t like those paintings he’s sure as shit not going to like this
    PS – Eat a dick, Steve


  • Allison the Great

    Male pattern baldness Jesus

    Yesssssss. I pictured that and I almost sprayed my laptop with Monster. What about a redneck mullet Jesus? Mohawk Jesus? OOOH! Pink haired Jesus! That would make the Pissing Preacher’s head explode! Someone needs to put instructions to make a pink haired Jesus chia pet (the plants would be pink flowers) or Troll Doll on Pinterest.

  • Allison the Great

    He has a buzz cut, thank you very much. Because manliness.

  • Allison the Great

    And then they try to claim that everything you mentioned above, plus all the psychotic things that Yahweh has done is the basis of morality. I’m wondering, How the fuck do they get “morality” from any of that? None of that shit leads to being a good person!

  • Allison the Great

    She’s married to Steven Anderson who is less successful at being a human than most of our cows.

    That is the most accurate description of the Pissing Preacher (and let’s be honest, pretty much everyone else that is featured on NLQ) that I’ve ever seen.

  • Allison the Great

    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Poor woman.

  • JetGirl

    Pinterest? Please. We all know the real hellmouth is Etsy.

  • Mel

    Cows try to protect and comfort their cow buddies.

    Some cows will attempt to comfort humans who are upset by licking them, try to calm them by making the noises that mother cows make to their calves or lean against them which is the cow version of a hug.

    I’ve seen none of these behaviors from Steven Anderson or the vast majority of bloggers featured here which is disheartening.

  • AuntKaylea

    I want to know how he can tell a Jonah and the whale drawing from the KJV-only curriculum from a Jonah and the whale drawing based on the NIV/found on Pinterest?

  • AuntKaylea

    Seriously! An Ultrasound is the least likely to cause any damage of any test out there.

  • AuntKaylea

    If women only teach heresy, then why are they supposed to home school? Logically, wouldn’t that amount to an entire generation of children raised to believe heresy?

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    But the denomination! The Bible version! You’d better watch out or, next thing you know, your children could be making NON-KJV POPSICLE STICK NOAH’S ARKS!!!”

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Slightly OT but one time, when I was walking around a beautiful old church while traveling through England, I ran into the results of what had clearly been a Sunday school drawing project. The kiddos had had to pick a scene from the creation story to draw and their pictures were up on the walls. One creative child had drawn Adam and Eve being driven out of Eden by the angel. Eve had a word bubble coming out of her mouth that sensibly said “Yikes! Run!” LOL!

    I thought it was hilarious and cute. Though I some how feel like Steve here would disagree.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Ugh, don’t know if I can read the blog post when just reading your capsule description stressed me out…

  • Allison the Great

    I know. They never make sense. Women are the weaker vessel, easily deceived, but they are the ones raising the children for the most part. None of this shit makes sense.

  • Allison the Great

    That is a good point. It’s amazing how many people with serious personality disorders (the ones where the person who has said personality disorder is devoid of empathy) are drawn to religious fundamentalism.

  • Friend

    Home-schooling mamas are also not supposed to have a college education. Somehow I cannot see this yielding good results after two or three generations.

  • Friend

    Some churches believe there should be no depiction of Jesus at all–something about idolatry. And some churches have a “hair code” for men, requiring that manly hair never touch the collar–something about femininity. So maybe this is a double whammy we were supposed to regonize, without needing an explanation from this “pastor.”

  • Friend

    Perhaps Hobby Lobby has different aisles for different denominations and Bible versions.

  • Anonyme

    Somewhat off-topic:
    My dad sent me and my sisters a link to a video on YouTube about how Catholic girls and women should dress for church. Most of it was harmless (dress appropriately for the time and place) but I lost it at “shoulders are a no-no” (directly quoting here). Scandalous, scandalous, shoulders.

  • Friend

    One managawd is telling women not to wear shoulder harnesses in the car because they show the outlines of the female bazoom. He is also against cross-body bags.

  • Jennny

    As someone commented in a discussion about long hair and facial hair on men -on this blog possibly – ‘so god created Adam and then a razor and then he created Eve’!

  • Ruthitchka

    Wait, Jesus had short hair? All my Greek Orthodox icons are wrong? Oh noes!!!

  • zizania

    My brother and I were sent to Sunday school for about a year with the neighbour kids when I was about six. Frankly, the only think I can remember about the classes was an oil lamp that the teacher had made out of Plasticine.

  • Ruthitchka


  • Ruthitchka

    Like THAT’S gonna happen. Actually, my sons had a tag-team of male Sunday-School teachers (Protestant) in the 6th grade, so I guess it COULD happen. Just not in Steve A’s Church, because Sunday School teachin’ is wimmin’s work.

  • Lily Erickson

    “Jesus is against crafts” is a scathingly hot take, considering the dude was a carpenter.

  • Anders Ryndel

    In the words of Republican Jesus: LaLaLaLaLaLaLa – Can’t hear you! – LaLaLaLaLaLaLa

  • B.A.

    The ones with narcissistic personality disorder are especially drawn to it ,i.e.Franklin Graham,Falwell Jr.,Gothard,etc.

  • Mel

    It’s his own…..personal…….Jesus….. *rocks out to the song*

  • Aimee Shulman

    So Anderson doesn’t think it’s necessary to repent of one’s sins? Well, I suppose a man who evidently thinks that he personally does not sin wouldn’t see the point. If he ever read any part of the Bible other than the passages that he thinks give him carte blanche to be a vicious, cruel dictator to his family and a domineering jackass to everyone else, he might encounter a few of the many passages where it says things like “repent and believe and you shall be saved,” but that would require him to consider the fact that there’s more to the Bible than an excuse to be a vicious, cruel dictator to one’s family and a domineering jackass to everyone else, and he might have to face the fact that humility and compassion are generally presented as POSITIVE traits for a church leader. Which might cause him to have a stroke from the sheer cognitive dissonance.

  • paganheart

    … aaaaannnnd now I’m going to have an earworm all night.

  • pagankitty

    Careful. We can’t have Jesus being too close to other men or caring too much about his looks. That would make him seem like a stereotypical gay. And the gayz are bad.

    Jesus clearly had the same hair style and cut it with the same frequency as Stevie-boy himself. It’s the only holy way. It is known.

  • lady_black

    Try that around here (not wearing your entire seatbelt) and you’re sucking around for a ticket. Passenger OR driver, and the ticket goes to the driver for allowing it.
    Personally, I have much better things to do with my money than pay fines.

  • bekabot

    There’s already a nffubyr ohqql Jesus; they’ve already got that one handled.

    I’d like to add that dissensions of exactly this kind were the reason Puritans, like Muslims, were opposed to any representation of Divinity. Not only was it too Catholic, it held to the potential to turn problematic in too many other ways. They saw the curve coming before it arrived.

  • Melody

    He has a special radar especially for that…. because it is sooooo important not to use the wrong materials.

  • Melody

    Those Celtic crosses are demonic, don’t you know? I actually heard that sometime….

  • Melody

    Tourists are not always allowed in Catholic churches if they wear shorts or skirts that are too short or if they are revealing their shoulders. Some church websites do warn for this, but most just assume you know…

  • Friend

    Spoilsport. That there is a dandy First Amendment case for the Supreme Court! Just tell the nice officer that your religion requires you as a woman not to wear a safety belt, and that God’s laws overrule dumb old state laws. I’m sure some righteous law firm will represent you pro bono.

  • lady_black

    LOL. WRONG!! Laws do not come in pink for girls and blue for boys. They are black and white and for everyone.
    But, it will probably give the judge something to laugh at later on at the bar.

  • Evelyn

    Yeah, that was a weird one. I’ve never run into a Christian denomination that doesn’t believe that some level of repentance, at least for the moment of praying the sinners’ prayer, is necessary for salvation.

  • Mimc

    That’s right women can only teach math, science, social studies, literature, and composition to eight levels at once all day while caring for a baby. They can’t possible teach Bible classes once a week. /s