Quoting Quiverfull: Christians Aren’t Homophobes Because They Aren’t Phobic of ‘The Gay’?

Quoting Quiverfull: Christians Aren’t Homophobes Because They Aren’t Phobic of ‘The Gay’? September 15, 2017

WordSaladby Doug Wilson from Blog and Mablog – Self-Loathing and Desire

Editor’s note: Doug continues on with his disgusting faux-letter counseling of a fictional homosexual Christian man. This isn’t getting any better as he goes on. Doug’s still in the word salad zone. Talk about projection.

The conservative Christian world is frequently accused of “homophobia,” and there are two reasons for this—and sometimes the two reasons are jumbled up together. The first is that an accusation, known to be false, is being used as a political cudgel. A phobia is an irrational fear, attended with things like panic attacks—fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, and so on. I have lived in these conservative Christian circles my entire life and I have never met anyone who reacts to homosexuals the way someone with a genuine phobia might. The closest reaction to it—still a long way off—would be a reaction of distaste or disgust. But bleccch is not the same thing as eeeekkkk. The reason for using this kind of a cudgel is obvious, is it not? The best defense is a good offense, and this tactic enables the homosexual to say something like, “Not only is there nothing wrong with me, there is obviously something wrong with you.” The tactic has therefore been politically useful.

But the tactic has an obvious appeal to homosexuals for a second reason, and that reason can be filed under projection. One of the most common elements of the homosexual experience is that of self-loathing, and this tactic enables homosexuals to try to locate the source of that loathing in the loathing or phobias of others. Thus the suicide rate among homosexual teens is attributed to the straights—to bullying, or lack of affirmation, to non-acceptance, to widespread phobia, and so on. Now I am not saying that there is no such thing as gay-bashing (you and I both know better), but it should also be obvious that if there is any attitude that knows how to project, it is the attitude of self-loathing. Someone in this condition can go to a football game, and be up in the nose bleeds, but every time the team goes into the huddle, he thinks they are talking about him.

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