Encouraging Your Husband: Shut Your Mouth Silly Woman!

Encouraging Your Husband: Shut Your Mouth Silly Woman! October 20, 2017

EncouragingWe are continuing on in Nancy Campbell’s book ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’ and today’s bit is another bout in silencing women. Today’s author claims you should just keep your mouth shut lest you damage that frail and fragile male ego. There are other and better ways to approach this than being closed mouth. You could actually, I don’t know, say something encouraging to him.

While packing for a move I have turned up are books, terrible idiotic books filled with toxic advice. One of those books is by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’. I think I ended up with this book in the aftermath of leaving my old church, given to me by one of my former friends that thought it would ‘help’ my marriage since in her eyes my husband leaving our old church meant that I wasn’t doing my job of wife well enough. Reading through this book now I cannot help but laugh at some of the suggestions. The book is entirely written by commenters and comments from Nancy Campbell’s website.

Keep My Mouth Shut

For as long as I’ve known my husband, he has battled low self-esteem. The greatest way I encourage him is to keep my mouth shut at ‘critical’ times. It’s so easy to say, ‘I told you so! You should have listened to me!’ when he makes a mistake, big or small.  I still have bouts of opening my mouth and then biting my tongue before saying too much. It’s a constant, daily battle to keep the doors of my mouth under tight control.

I try to give my opinion only when my husband asks for it. When he doesn’t, it is hard to watch my husband make mistakes, especially with our finances.

If there was ever a time to speak up it seems to me it would be right before your spouse drives off a financial cliff.

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Listen But Don’t You Dare Speak!

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