Ken Alexander Defends Lori’s Hateful Blog Posts Again

Ken Alexander Defends Lori’s Hateful Blog Posts Again October 4, 2017

KenAlexanderFrom the comments of The Transformed Wife on Facebook where Lori claims that daughters should never have to pick a career. More and more of the posts on Lori’s sites seems to be defenses against anyone that even slightly disagrees with her and she always terms this pushback as “vile and nasty comments” even when the commenter is respectful.

Vicky: “I am a college educated (BSN, and an MBA, currently working on my PHD) female, wife, and mother! Telling young girls, that they are better off, not going to college, and just getting married and having children is WRONG! I have two girls, which both have gone or going to college, one is married and works in her degree field, with no children; doesn’t want children and the other, doesn’t want to consider marriage until, she is capable of standing on her own two feet. So, what you’re saying is that I have raised my daughters, incorrectly?”

Ken Alexander: “Vicki, I am all about choice. Did you show your daughters a choice to not become a career woman and explain the sacrifices they are making when they choose to pursue a career? Everyone has a choice how they want to live their life, and you and your daughters have chosen your path. It’s your life to live so live it as you think best… but also don’t believe for an instant that many career women and their families would not have been better served by focusing on the relationships that give the most lasting value in life.

Jesus said, ‘For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?’ (Mark 8:36). I think He would also say for today’s world, ‘What does it profit a woman to have a career, and the money and ego that goes with it, to lose out on the best life has to offer in family and marriage?’ You have taught your daughters the world’s way of doing things, but this world will pass by quickly and in the end, we all have to own how we have lived.

So let’s be sure that our daughters know that they do not have to choose a career, but can throw themselves into marriage and family, often living happier and more fulfilling lives without the debt of college and grad school. Let’s let God and His Word help them make this important decision. Our children are our greatest treasures, are they not?”

Kenndra: “Out of curiosity (again), are we going to pretend that women like Esther or Ruth did not exist in the Bible? Or are we only talking about the parts that fit this narrative?”

Ken Alexander: “Are not Esther and Ruth perfect examples of godly women who married and were well provided for by God and their husbands? They are a far better example of what is taught in this post than anything to do with being career women.”

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