Got Period? Old Enough For Roy Moore to Marry

Got Period? Old Enough For Roy Moore to Marry November 16, 2017


Trigger warning: The thoughts of Larry Solomon involve sexuality of legal children, the innocence of Roy Moore and ideas about when marriages must take place. All of his views border on approval of pedophilia.

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles has also written extensively on the Judge Roy Moore sexual abuse allegation several times now. What is particularly noteworthy in the articles Larry wrote is his mental and theological gyrations to justify why marrying a fourteen year old is not wrong in his world. He justifies it with claiming the Bibles says if you have your period you are ready for marriage no matter what the age.

He starts off by claiming that Roy Moore did not have sex with any of those young women and if he did indeed date fourteen year old girl then that is Biblical  following that with claims that marriage licenses aren’t for Christians and that fathers must chose and make a match soon for daughters who’ve reached that Biblical ‘first flower of youth’ -real world translation grown breasts and gotten their periods. The exact same things claimed by creepy patriarch Von Ohlman.

This is so triggering, reminding me of a rude saying by one of my first boyfriends ‘Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed’


Mr. Solomon fails to note or realize that in our society that could potentially mean girls as young as 9, 10 or 11 given in marriage. The average age of menarche, or your first period, is around 12 years old, but the onset of puberty can start as young as 8 years old according to medical research. The onset of puberty, which Larry claims is the Biblical standard is different than the onset of menses. He’s confusing puberty with periods, lowering the age into what is clearly childhood.

Does anyone know children between the ages of 8 years old and 12 years old who are emotionally ready and mentally mature enough for marriage?  All the legitimate statistics available online indicate that early marriage is extremely detrimental to every aspect of girls married before they mature or reach their 18th birthday.

Larry also picks up on a blog post by one of Homeschoolers Anonymous founders Nicholas Ducote that spells out all the reasons why child marriage is wrong and proceeds to justify his dismissal of Ducote’s concerns with one Christian strawman bugaboo – Feminism. Here’s why Larry thinks most education, all pursuit of careers and marrying at an older age is wrong – Control, as in first fathers and then husbands must mold and control their child brides into the desired fembot who cooks, cleans, submits, births lot of babies and then homeschools them.


After all, Larry argues, women are just a man’s property after all.  Getting married is being transferred from your father’s control and ownership into the control and ownership of your new husband.

Was_Roy_Moore_violating_Biblical_commands_in_dating_teenage_girls_Biblical_Gender_Roles_-_2017-11-16_09.37.48I thought the word ‘baal’ meant that false God everyone was sacrificing babies and virgins to?

Tracking the theology of these sad sacks of patriarchy through the years I’ve always said that most of them are trying to enforce the fantasy standards of their understanding of the 1950s. But with Larry Solomon it’s not the 1950s he’s trying to recreate, it’s a full century earlier – the 1850s when people in America could legally own other human beings and women have little recourse and almost no rights.

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  • Allison the Great

    I hope his daughter gets a clue and severs ties with his ass as soon as she possibly can. A guy who thinks of females as property is not someone who needs to be in her life. The girl’s mother should made sure she got sole custody with no visitation. This guy is toxic as fuck. I got my period at 11, but I didn’t start developing fully until 14. Until age 14, I was a little girl who was just bleeding every month. That’s not marriage material! I even looked like a little girl, my body didn’t really start developing until 13. Larry’s fucking sick.

  • At least Larry is honest about his misogynistic beliefs, appalling though they are. Women are not allowed to think, they are only allowed to agree with the man in charge, whoever he may be at the moment. You can just imagine him saying to his daughter, “That’s great, sweetie, that you believe this about the Bible, but don’t grow too attached to that idea because your husband is going to come alone and teach you what to really think”.

    My cousin started menstruating at age 9. She was still playing with Barbies. That’s not marriage material.

    I feel so sorry for the girls who grow up in this culture.

  • SAO

    My sister had a curvy figure and had started her periods when she was still in elementary school. A girl in my daughter’s elementary school was the same —- 5’8″ with a woman’s bust and hips. Mentally, they were the same as the other girls in their elementary school classes. There’s a lot of stuff in the bible that we’ve rejected for a good reason, like child sexual abuse.

    When creeps use the bible to justify their unjustifiable views, it turns so many people off from their religion. In truth, it’s not the feminists killing Christianity, it’s the people who say a pervert like Moore is perfectly Godly, hanging out in malls, preying on teenage girls, too immature to know how to deal with a creep like him.

  • Jennny

    Obviously i abhor the thought of child marriage, but don’t forget life expectancy was probably 40 years or less in 1850, so for the survival of the human race, females had to reproduce while they were healthy and young – and produce several babies as so many did not survive birth or died before the age of 5. Another fundy saying ‘Ah the good old days…’ NOT

  • Ruthitchka

    I was going to mention life expectancies in Mary and Joseph’s time, too. I doubt many people lived past 40 back then. I think people had to hurry up and get married before they died.

  • AFo

    I feel for Larry’s daughter. He’s probably already looking for potential husbands to “transfer” her to, based on his logic in this rant. Why does no one in this culture acknowledge that mental and emotional maturity exist? Just because a girl is menstruating, doesn’t mean she’s ACTUALLY ready for the commitments of marriage and motherhood. Forcing two children who’ve physically developed enough to reproduce into marriage is how you end up with these absolutely miserable couples who have no communication or conflict resolution skills, and have to do twelve kinds of mental gymnastics to explain why this is all part of “God’s plan.” I’ll be an evil, unmarried feminist a little longer if it means I won’t end up with an asshole like Larry for a husband.

  • Tailored

    It shouldn’t, but it still surprises me that they can use the term “egalitarian” in such a sneering, derogatory way. Egalitarianism is the only way a society should be. Period. Equality is the goal. They are so very, obviously the bad guys of every 80’s and 90’s movie I can remember watching that’s it’s gone beyond funny and into morbid. These people so clearly are arguing that they deserve the right to abuse everyone they want to that I can’t understand why they don’t see the problem with it. I mean, I know on an intellectual level where the mentality comes from but… really guys, you’re the evil bad guys, caricatures of villains even, that always get to be the butt of karma’s joke in those feel good movies of my youth.

  • Annerdr

    Egalitarian is the opposite of authoritarian, and authoritarian puts these lunatics at the top of the heap rather than muddled in with the rest of us.

  • kilda

    I got my period when I was 11. I still played with dolls. This guy is horrifying.

  • Raging Bee

    So this is the THIRD thread where you’ve trotted out that desperate “you do it too” phony equivalency argument. I asked you on both of the other threads how old Franken’s victim was, and you dodged the issue.

    Every time you try to name a Democrat who supposedly gets a free pass from us, you only remind us how much worse the Republicans are. That’s a truth you’ll never be able to flail around. Give it up and go to bed, emo kid.

  • Those are some terrible attitudes – scary!

  • Raging Bee

    One day the atheist community will face their fears and actually criticize a Democrat for doing something stupid

    You’re new here, aren’t you?

  • Raging Bee

    Actually, those average-life-expectancy numbers are skewed by the high infant-mortality rates. If you take infant mortality out of the equation, adult life expectancy was much higher than 40.

  • Chiropter

    One reason for the high mortality rates was women dying in childbirth though. Teen pregnancies have killed mothers and babies at higher-than-average rates for much of recorded history.

  • Nick G

    I’m an atheist. Franken should resign. Now fuck off, you despicable apologist for child sexual abuse.

    Edited to add. Chuck Schumer has called for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the incidents involving Franken. Kirsten Gillibrand has called the incidents “disturbing” and called for them to be investigated. Franken himself has now issued a fuller apology, saying “there’s no excuse” for his behaviour. So the claim that Democrats never critices a Democrat accused of sexually predatory behaviour is revealed as a brazen lie.

  • Chiropter

    Ok I know I’m feeding the troll… but are you honestly going to argue that no one is allowed to call out the sexual harrassment of a child because it might be done inconsistently?
    Really? And you think you’ve got the moral high ground for that?

  • Nick G

    Archeology makes clear that many people have been living well past 40 for millennia. Death rates were higher at all ages, but the really big differences were in infant and maternal mortality.

  • Chiropter

    I got married at 22, and looking back, that was pretty young.
    Larry thinks I should have married at 10 years old. Still in elementary school.
    What kind of sick bastard wants to marry a ten-year-old child?

  • Raging Bee

    One day an atheist blogger will get upset with a sexual predator politician that is a Democrat.

    Donald Trump used to pretend to be a Democrat. We got upset with him, and DUMPED HIM, a LONG time ago. And now you’re covering for him. Are you a Democrat?

  • Raging Bee

    The kind of loser who thinks (rightly or not) that he can’t get himself a pretty young girl to fuck by any other means?

  • bekabot

    Well, whaddaya know: the standards of the Prophets and the mall cops differ. Hand the mall cops a copy of the Bible and get them to read it and watch the world change: next time they’ll know better than to ban a perfectly righteous dude from the mall just for chasing teenage girls the way the Good Book says he oughta. (Don’t roll your eyes at me, Missy. Don’t you know it’s there in black and white?)

    {Alabama mall cop trails cute 15-year-old on her way from the Food Court into Old Navy}

    “…now what do you mean when you say this pore man’s been persecutin’ you when yore in the flower of yore age? How can he do that when yore in the flower of yore age?…’cuz the Bible says he can’t. The Bible says yore fair game, and he’s got a total right to court you…though ackshully he oughta be courtin’ yore Dad, but that’s another story. Tell me the truth now, aren’t you in the flower of yore age?…’cuz you know yore wearin’ lipstick and I would never let my daughter wear that before she was in the flower of her age. Besides, I noticed you were takin’ an awful long time in the bathroom there when I was waitin’ outside the door.”

    Etc., etc.

    Even if this is Larry Solomon’s dream world, the rest of us shouldn’t be obligated to have to explain and explain and explain and explain why we don’t want to have to live in it; but somehow, mysteriously, we are. (Obligated, I mean).

  • zizania

    I had my period and a noticeable bust by the time I was 11. Intellectually and emotionally, I was still very much a child. In fact, I was so embarrassed by my new breasts that I wore a jacket no matter what the temperature for a couple of years.

  • bekabot

    I’m not appointing myself as Al Franken’s guardian, Cornell; and in return, Al Franken has most considerately not appointed himself as mine. Same goes for Chuck Schumer.

    (Although I have the feeling you don’t understand exchanges of this kind and their importance to society, I’m putting this thought out there for the benefit of those who do.)

  • Allison the Great

    When I started getting noticeable breasts I was quite embarrassed by mine too. They just wouldn’t stop getting bigger. One time I had a female teacher make a comment to the other girls in the play I was in “we’re not blessed like Ally Girl over here”. I was mortified, and I never said anything because at the time, I liked that teacher.

  • Raging Bee

    I may be wrong about this, but I get a feeling this guy won’t be nearly so callous with his own daughter. He PROBABLY won’t be obsessing on his own daughter like he clearly is on other girls. Hypocrisy to the rescue!

  • RetroPam

    OK, I’m feeding it too, but here’s the difference in responses that reveals the differences in character.

    Al Franken apologizes like an adult:

    Roy Moore cries “fake news” like a kid.

    Meanwhile, didja notice how Roy Moore’s attorney tried to deflect to Islam by charging that Muslims in the Middle East do the same thing? I bet his attorney didn’t mean to imply “look at all that we have in common with theocratic Islam,” but he did…

    Feeling the Matthew 7 burn yet? 😉 Moore is one of the most vicious, judgmental slanderers on the planet, saying the vilest things about the LGBT community, yet wasn’t expecting to be judged by his own petard: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

  • bekabot

    Write your own darned articles, Cornell; don’t be so darned lazy.

  • bekabot

    Yes, and all of us absolutely, totally trust you to make up for any little laxities on our part. You seem to have the energy to spare.

  • bekabot

    I don’t have a double standard. I have a single standard, which I’ve just shared with you.

  • bekabot

    Roy Moore said he was God’s anointed and let it be known that his actions, whatever they might be, had God’s stamp of approval. (His family are still at it on his behalf.) Al Franken has stricken no comparable pose and has never arrogated the right to dispose of anyone else’s life at a distance. There is the difference — understand it or not as you please. But be apprised that I do understand it and that I understand it very well. Thanks for your time.

  • bekabot

    I am not a lazybones who tries to make his enemies into his sock puppets. We’re even.

    (I admit that I’m lazy, all right, but I’m lazy in a different way.)

  • bekabot

    You guys might have taken a hint from the habit we Democrats had of edging uneasily past Trump, but you didn’t, and History’s recorded the result. Sad!!

  • Jennny

    I take your point, but I’m thinking of this part of N.Wales where almost all the men worked in slate mines S Walians mined coal and both got silicosis in their 30s and died in their 40s. My village cemetery is full of their 19thC graves and as you walk throught he decades, longevity increases till today’s headstones celebrate the lives of 90 yr olds – and there are almost no child graves thankfully now. New generations had to be born to support ailing miners coughing their lungs up and their soon to be widowed families.

  • Chiropter

    … Alcon got arrested. Someone did something about it. His actions were not acceptable, but they’ve been legally addressed.

    Al Frankin’s thing came out, what, a few hours ago? I’ve already seen several condemnations in the comments. He also apologized, although that may be deemed insufficient.

    I haven’t heard about your third guy, fair point there.

    Roy Moore, who has presented himself as God’s gift to the world, refuses to back down or admit anything despite the ever-growing tide of credible witnesses. No one is stopping a man who should be stopped.
    There’s a difference.

  • bekabot

    No, because even if Democrats sacrifice babies to Baal, the way guys like you claim we do, we still have brains enough to back away when a human loogie like Donald Trump humps himself into view. (Human loogies are a sticky business.) But, like I said, that’s a hint you would not take, so it’s all snot under the bridge. Oh well.

  • bekabot

    1. When Franken claims the high ground, he claims the high ground in a secular sense: he doesn’t pretend to be working for God (which means that when he squeezes a woman’s behind he’s not claiming by implication to be doing it on the Almighty’s behalf…unlike Roy Moore).

    2. I’d rather have my picture in the papers than my signature on a document, if you know what I mean. Signatures on documents are characteristic of certain Deals.

    3. Sure I realize that Congress passes laws, because the Constitution grants them the authority to do that. Roy Moore attempted to pass laws without even a judgeship to his name, because he couldn’t keep his gnarly ass on the bench.

    4. How have I downplayed Al Franken? I’m not a fan of some of his actions, but I’m even less a fan of people who do similar things or even worse ones and then pretend to have been acting ad majorem Dei gloriam the whole time. (You see what I mean, folks, about being made to explain over and over and over again.)

  • bekabot

    And what a favor you’ve done us, Cornell: no doubt we’ll be forever in your debt.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Now you guys are scaring me! I have been out and about trying to chase down a Butterball turkey in Tamarindo (they sell them at the Auto Mercado anyone else living in Costa Rica) and I’ve missed the news.

    The whole thing with accusations of famous men is almost overwhelming even as this type of behavior seriously needs to end immediately. Where do we draw the line?

    Very triggering for me personally because I have seen the harassment first hand by another famous comedian almost twenty years ago. I hesitate to name him because he’s married with a pile of kids and there’s no indication that he kept doing it. Very confusing times we’re living in.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Cornell. this is the only warning you will get. We do not attack each other here, just ideas. Please read our comment policy before posting again.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Thank you for contributing to and you are banned for violating our comment policy which you clearly did not read.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Just caught up with the allegations and as a former USO employee I think Franken needs to step down.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I am not living in the USA and the only one featured on CNN international is Moore. ALL of those guys need to step down, but you are not welcome here for behaving so rudely and calling other posters derogatory names.

  • bekabot

    Whereas as you’re obviously bold and unafraid even to criticize Democrats don’t molest women who are sleeping (though the “sleeping” part of this seems to be important to you for some reason). Which is why I advise and encourage you to go at it and to criticize away…somewhere else.

    Each to their trade, that’s my philosophy.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    What makes you assume I am an atheist. Try again

  • Aloha

    “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.”
    How about “Old enough to bleed, old enough to have your decisions respected.”
    Hmmm, I need something with more rhythm and rhyme.

  • megaforte84

    And early childhood. Those illnesses most people caught once early on that we now vaccinate against killed. My great-grandmother was ‘lucky’ enough to only lose one child in a local diphtheria outbreak because she was only pregnant with her second at the time. Other families weren’t so ‘lucky’, the local cemeteries are full of lamb-topped headstones from that timeframe. As it was, the aftermath is STILL affecting relationships in the family nearly a century later.

  • Lucy

    Either he is or isn’t listening, because Democrats and atheists criticize people on their own side for doing stupid things all the time.

    Oh wait, right-wingers make fun of us for that, too, when they say “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line”. A statement that is certainly at least half true, because Republicans falling into line and leaving their critical thinking skills at the door is part of the reason the Cheeto got elected. But still, they intend to mock us with that. Never mind that they don’t really understand a lot of left-leaning viewpoints much or at all, really, given the sheer amount of straw positions that the right wing attributes to the left.

  • Saraquill

    The turd can’t even get a full sentence from the Bible to back up his alleged Christian belief.

  • Saraquill

    Now now, assholes serve useful biological functions. Larry does nothing positive.

  • Allison the Great

    He’s written articles where he talked about wishing he could have married off his own daughter when she was in her teens. Quotes from those articles have been posted on this blog.

  • B.A.

    My grandmother lost an aunt to the flu outbreak in 1918. Grandma was 10;her aunt was in her 20s.

  • B.A.

    I blocked him on the Friendly Atheist too.

  • bekabot

    Fine with me; couldn’t happen to a more…persistent…guy.

  • Kay Pea

    Actually, people in biblical times wouldn’t have seen childhood in the way we are accustomed to viewing it. Our modern concepts of childhood are less than 200 years old. Many things changed during the industrial revolution and subsequent push for public education. The shift between childhood and adulthood really didn’t exist way back when, so stating that puberty is the event that declares maturation has no biblical meaning. These creeps are comparing apples to rutabagas.

  • One of my childhood friends, too. We didn’t even think of boys at that time. We did receive sex education at school, but it was not anything that seemed to be related to our lives at that time. We studied, we passed tests and that was it. I am trying to imagine my friend and myself as child brides with a lot of theoretical information and no real clue. The thought is horrifying.

  • SAO

    Yes, if you survived infant diseases, the next risks were occupational hazards for men and childbirth for women. It’s worth noting that pregnancies are much higher risk for teens, particularly teens who haven’t reached full adulthood. Girls usually start their periods 3 years before they have completed their growth.

  • Melody

    There’s a reason why they’d like Biblical values and so on back…. It means they get to get away with anything, from child marriage, to marital rape to beating their children – or even having multiple wives and/or slaves… If it wasn’t forbidden by the law, they might even go there.

  • Beth Rose Gamble

    I was growing breast buds at 9. By the time I started my period, they were full C cup. I was ELEVEN.

    I hate that this man has children.

  • Allyson Smith

    Oh, don’t worry. Larry’s having a meltdown at his blog because someone pointed out that girls frequently get their periods before the age of 12. He’s claiming libel and insisting that he does NOT think that “women” should get married at the age of 10. He wants everyone to know that your father has to wait a whole two years after age ten to marry you off.

  • lady_black

    I’m an atheist. The natural result of actually studying the Bible. I would like to have heard what he/she had to say about atheists. That’s usually funny, listening to people who have no clue describe atheism.

  • lady_black

    Oh, THAT idiot? Yeah, Cornell has no clue.

  • kilda

    oh, well then, that’s fine. So he’s just saying that girls can be married off at 12 if they’re menstruating. Glad he cleared that up, we thought he was being extreme or something.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    He’s also sharing his own stories of sexual harassment that harmed him and doubling down on the Pence rule in a far more disturbing piece right before it

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I’ve posted all of it over at and it is just not that interesting

  • lady_black

    LOL. I saw in other comments who the poster is. You’re right. He’s a troll, who’s been disrupting multiple threads with whataboutism concerning Roy Moore.

  • texassa

    This is the logic used by people who want to justify whatever they choose through faith. On one hand, we are to suppress our biological desires for things like lust, gluttony, sloth, anger, selfishness, etc. Yet on the other hand, biology is used to explain why pubescent children are ready for marriage. Which is it? Do we worship human biology, or do we not? Or do we simply pick and choose the scenarios in which our own views are supported?

  • texassa

    I have read scientific suggestions that girls are sexually developing earlier in recent decades due to hormones and such in our foods.

  • texassa

    I completely agree. I am very conflicted by Christianity, faith, and even God, for reasons such as these. Religion is supposed to be something beautiful and pure that comforts people and helps guide them to live meaningful lives and be good to each other. Yet too often it is intentionally misused to support evil, to excuse hateful and selfish behavior, and for purposes completely contrary to what I believe it represents. I have turned from religion for many years, but seeing people pervert Christianity in this way still hurts me. They have taken over what I believe was meant to be a beautiful religion and spoiled it.

  • B.E. Miller

    Also, hasn’t Franken called for an investigation on himself? One doesn’t see Moore making such a statement.