Vaccines Cause Cancer in Children and Other Medical Myths Pushed by Lori Alexander

Vaccines Cause Cancer in Children and Other Medical Myths Pushed by Lori Alexander November 13, 2017

Lori Alexanders Brainby Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Cancer Rising Among Children

This is one of the special hobby horses in Quiverfull – claim a spectrum of medical conditions is on the rise without any backing legitimate scientific studies, make more claims that doctors and the medical field are either causing the conditions or making them worse, and that only some obscure food, or supplement, or prayer, or renunciation of certain sins will do.

These ideas pop up in Quiverfull depending on who is selling what supplements or essential oils or special bread making or wheat grinding apparatus. Some will try to profit directly from their claims, but they all clamor that only their ideas are right and do exactly zero research to back their claims. It’s pretty obvious Lori did no research on the man she is citing here.

First Lori starts off by claiming that there weren’t childhood cancers in the past and that these cancers are caused by vaccines. No, there were childhood cancers in the past, it’s just that kids died and died quickly because there were much less effective treatment options available 50 years ago during Lori’s childhood.

Her claims:

Screenshot-2017-11-12 Cancer Rising Among ChildrenMendelsohn lied on the jacket of the book about his experience. He was only an active pediatrician for 11 years, not the claimed 30 when the book was published. While Mendelsohn did advocate some beneficial things, such as patients having the right to know the side effects of their medications and that women should be treated more respectfully by doctors he also promoted ideas that can only be described as quackery. He said that hospitals were so loosely run as to be akin to murder and he did not believe in essential health services like breast exams or pap smears to screen for cancer. The American Association of Pediatricians called him publicly ‘irresponsible.Lori follows up this with claims about diet and how diabetes is bankrupting our nation when we could all just be following her dietary advice and not have diabetes.Screenshot-2017-11-12 Cancer Rising Among Children(1)How she made the twister-like super non-sequetar leap from vaccinations to diabetes only makes sense to Lori. I had to scratch my head, say ‘huh?’ and reread this passage again before Lori launched into another eating right screed right down to claiming that if you were baking and eating the right kind of bread there would be no gluten intolerance in anyone.When did all these Quiverfull types get their medical degrees and why do they think it’s perfectly fine to give out medical advice without a license?Diet is important. Knowing the side effects, the real legitimate side effects of medicine and vaccines is important. Giving out untested medical advice is irresponsible.

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