Announcement and Awful Reaction by Nicole Naugler Fan to Turpin Abuse

Announcement and Awful Reaction by Nicole Naugler Fan to Turpin Abuse January 18, 2018

So it seems there will be possibly not as many posts for the next six days as I must return to the United States for a family funeral. I’ll try to update on the road but do not be entirely surprised if the posting becomes more erratic.

Today has been another day of more reveals in the story of the Turpin family. Louise Turpin’s sister has come forward to make allegations that when she lived with Louise and her husband that Mr. Turpin would watch her shower. That she only recently realized how wrong that was. No way of knowing if this is true or the headline grabbing behavior of another relative.

Other information has come out about the family’s bankruptcies, obsession with Disney to the point of having a yearly pass for every member of the family and those Vegas vacations. I wonder how the family afforded the passes because the annual passes run from $619 to $1,049 per person, making it anywhere from $8,666 (hee, that number!) to $14,686 for everyone combined without including the baby. Seems a strange major expense in a family that skimps on feeding the children.  I guess that’s how they afford those Elvis wedding reenactments, that and Daddy’s bowl cuts.

This is actually not that uncommon of a way to handle money in Quiverfull families. Many times Daddy gets his toys (like that Mustang) and choice of food/entertainment, Mama gets what Daddy allows, and the kids get whatever dregs are left over. Credit card bills mount up, bankruptcy happens and the entire cycle starts again. Or you do like the Duggars and buy used and save the difference just so Daddy can save a few pennies. Evangelical Quiverfull families are notorious for poor money handling skills, which they pass on to their children, dooming them to even more poverty.

I do wonder why the Turpin parents, David and Louise aren’t looking as thin and food deprived as the children, and if Jill Rodriguez and family in West Virginia know the Turpins.

In a stranger take on the entire awful messy situation that the Turpins are in  Kentucky homeschooling/unschooling mom who had her kids taken for unsafe living conditions Nicole Naugler started posting about them on her Facebook page with her pal saying that the Turpins were not getting the same treatment as Naugler did. I don’t know, it looks pretty even from here, in fact I might say that the Turpins have eaten up more column ink in the newspapers than the Nauglers did. Very interesting when people in cracked glass houses toss them at others.

Screencaps of Nicole’s Facebook page:



Nicole has said nothing, but you can almost feel the martyrbating from here. Why do you think Nicole is sharing about another set of neglectful parents like this?

Have a great week folks and I’ll see you on the other side!

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