Only Blog For Jesus You Selfish Women!

Only Blog For Jesus You Selfish Women! January 24, 2018

Lori Alexanders Brain

Now The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander is trying to tell other female Christian bloggers what to do. This, like much of Lori’s own blog, is all about her controlling others with some of her martyrdom claims mixed in. Evangelical’s own agony aunt seems to be vying to be a Jesus Miss Manners.

Lori starts by complaining that other Christian bloggers talk about decorating their homes or making meals but not about Jesus.


Lori Alexander puts Christian in quotation marks as if she does not think that those others are Christians. She’s bemoaning the lack of Christ, but see here’s the thing. I’m not seeing much in The Transformed Wife that points anyone to Jesus either. I see a great deal of ordering others to do things a certain way or risk hell. Where’s the love, kindness, mercy and respect that Christ modeled anywhere on her blog? I’m not seeing it, I’m just seeing a lot of Old Testament judgment and wrath.

It might be different if Ms. Alexander’s advice was helpful, but per usual there’s nothing of value here.


Yes she’s talking about rejecting Jesus, but I’m not seeing anything here to suggest that Lori is following anything more than her own legalistic ideas. That has to be a frightening, repressive and sad way to live.

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