Working Women Are Submissive to a Boss Instead of a Husband?

Working Women Are Submissive to a Boss Instead of a Husband? February 2, 2018

One of our regular readers Karen was kind enough to point out a blog we’ve not examined before, Blessed Homemaking, which every post seems to be a constant refrain of ‘Stay home cleaning the house and cooking’. Which is fine if that’s what you and your husband agree on. It’s not so fine when you insist that everyone else in this world must do that as well.

I am unable to tell which of the Ladies Against Feminism and Lydia Sherman groupies owns this blog but it’s pretty clear that whoever it is also thinks that feminism is something created and used by, *gasp* communists to destroy society. Are we back into the 1950s where everyone still believes that there is a lurking Red Menace? Communism has come and gone with only Cuba, China, Laos and Vietnam left even slightly clinging to the idea. Even Albania has overthrown Communism. There are a long list of Post-Communism states now as it clearly does not work in practice only in theory. I would venture to say it’s not a threat now.

That does not stop our merry blogger from claiming the Red Threat as feminism.

First, this is not even the original words of the blogger but those taken from a political blog and copied by Ladies Against Feminism written by Antonia Cunningham back in 2003. But the interesting bit is that Antonia herself works, and I’m pretty sure at least one of her bosses must be male.

Working for a male boss is distinctly different than being married, no matter how they spin this. You really do not have to obey everything a boss or a husband says, especially if it harms you. But you’ll not be living in emotional or physical intimacy with someone employing you. It’s just not the same thing, it is not even close.

Only someone that has never worked outside of the home, never had to adult, and fears anything not a childish isolation would think this.

Again, like so much of Quiverfull womanhood this is just reduced down to more fear-mongering and a desire to keep women in bondage and immature. It seems those wimpy whining Patriarchs require women so fearful that they must continually shout out how feminine they are. Sounds to me like people unsure of their selves and their roles.

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