Is Josiah Duggar’s Bride Hate Pastor Kevin Swanson’s Daughter?

Is Josiah Duggar’s Bride Hate Pastor Kevin Swanson’s Daughter? March 6, 2018

So I am lurking this morning in a McDonald’s in Liberia, Costa Rica furiously researching who Josiah Duggar’s new fiancee, Lauren Swanson is. It’s a very inconvenient time for Cable Ticas manána which means it could any day in the next week that they come set up my wifi because I’m seriously curious if this is Kevin Swanson’s daughter.

Several readers on here and other sites have asked the same question. It bears asking, as I will explain later.

For you newcomers who may not be familiar with the forceful, disgusting, fundamentalist Christian charm that is Kevin Swanson here’s a short bio of detestable behavior. He hosts an internet radio show that is promotes things like white supremacy in a covert fashion, he calls for the deaths of homosexuals in Uganda and other places, he blames all national tragedies like the Pulse shooting and natural weather disasters on sin, non believers, society, gays and bestiality.  He mentions bestiality more than people in a bestiality chat room regularly and seems obsessed with the bedroom antics of everyone.

If he is the father of Josiah’s future wife it proves some rather disturbing things about what the Duggars believe and practice. Like all of the awful things above and the crazy things he does and says that end up once in a while in the national media. The Bible sure mentions not being unequally yoked so you can assume that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar also believe all the same reprehensible things as Swanson preaches.

Evidence for the possibility?

The Swansons and the Duggars do know one another. He’s interviewed the Duggars on his radio show. They’ve spoken and attended the same homeschooling conferences for years now. It’s not inconceivable that the two patriarchs got together and came up with this pairing. Kevin would gain a very thin veneer of respectability linking up with the Duggars, and the Duggars would have another media outlet to plug their product. Make no mistake, their lifestyle is a product that they have commercialized with the books, speeches and television series.

Because the families have been attending the same conferences for years it’s likely that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson would know each other, and had plenty of opportunities to form an attraction or friendship. This isn’t out of the blue. This was likely plotted out some time before by father Jim Bob.

The photos of the happy couple show them at the beach somewhere in California likely, with mentions of Josiah proposing the same place Lauren’s father proposed to her mother. Kevin Swanson met his wife while he was attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. I would not be surprised if that spot was near there.

The Duggars and Swansons are both well known in the same homeschooling circles.

But for me the biggest sign is how much Lauren Swanson resembles Kevin Swanson.

Screencaps of Lauren and Kevin side by side for comparison:

Maybe it’s just me, but I see a resemblance in the nose, chin and mouth.

If it’s true it cannot be good for the Duggar’s brand once the mainstream media makes the connection themselves and exposes the some of the sicker ideas promoted by Swanson. He has said things like he would smear his body with excrement if one of his children turned out to be gay. The Duggars will be exposed as the hateful homophobes that they are.

Well, what do you think? Possible? Would this be enough to bring down the Duggar’s undeserved ‘good’ public reputation?

As an aside, TLC is on the air here in Costa Rica and it’s called ‘Jill y Jessa’. It’s even more dull dubbed into Spanish.

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  • nnaylime

    No – none of his kids really look like Lauren ( and it also appears on the fundamentalism Wiki that Lauren’s parents are named Dwain and Lana (

  • Tawreos

    “Kevin would gain a very thin veneer of respectability linking up with the Duggars…”

    Nothing says respectable like allowing the (possible) daughter of a man that has built his reputation on hate to marry into a family of pedophile protectors.

  • texassa

    The Duggars posted a photo of them with Lauren’s parents. It can be seen here:

    …perhaps she is a relative of the Swanson you mention.

  • texassa

    In scrolling between this photo and the one you presented, I think it very well could be the same man, many years apart. Thoughts?

  • AFo

    In the eyes of the Duggar fans, they can do no wrong. If Josh being a child molester wasn’t enough to make them jump ship, nothing is.

  • Tawreos

    Most of them look like they are thinking “Take the picture so I can get the hell out of here.”

  • lady_black

    For me, it isn’t so much that Josh is a child molester. It’s that they sacrificed their daughter’s needs on the altar of protecting Golden Boy, refused to get any real counseling for him, and protected him from the consequences of his bad behavior. I have NO RESPECT for parents who do that. They did their son no favor by doing so, and they ruined the lives of their daughters emotionally.

  • heleninedinburgh

    “Swanson […] has said things like he would smear his body with excrement if one of his children turned out to be gay.”
    I mean, I know why he said it (ie that he’s a screeching homophobe), but I just don’t see the point of smearing your body with excrement in particular. What good is smearing your body with excrement actually going to do? Is it some kind of primitive aversion therapy, to see a man with shit all over him? (And even then it wouldn’t work on girls.) Or is it just blackmail (“if you don’t retract that statement I’ll cover myself in manure and dance naked up and down the street outside the school gates”)? I just can’t even. Maybe he has a faeces fetish and would need to roll in shit to cheer himself up?

  • Tawreos

    The closest I can think of is covering oneself in sack cloth and ashes which was a way to show atonement for the supposed “sin”. He may think that taking it one step further to excrement is a way to really show atonement. Or he may just be a copraphile and is trying to find like minded individuals in the audience.

  • Xander Hampshire

    My interpretation is that he’d consider himself so unclean for having fathered a gay child and having been around them that smearing shit over himself would make him feel clean

  • heleninedinburgh

    That’s completely insane.
    … Not that that’s a barrier for him, obviously.

  • Raging Bee

    If you have to do even this much investigation to find this sort of thing out, that strongly implies they’re hiding something.

  • TLC

    Oh, interesting. As of 5:34 pm Central time on 3/6/18, the first link says Page doesn’t exist. The second link leads to here:

    Second link says she is the daughter of Dwain and Lana Swanson.

  • Ruthitchka

    I’d be willing to pay $50 for a ticket to see Kevin Swanson smear poop all over himself…just sayin’. Actually, just kidding. I’m not sure what’s grosser, him or the poop.

  • Ruthitchka

    You have a point there. Swanson might feel he and his reproductive, um, material, were to blame.

    I always felt that a lot of my ex-in-laws believed I somehow caused my son to be gay–not sure if they thought it was because of me “growing” him to be gay in my womb or the terrible influence of me, the working mom, who may have emasculated all the males in my vicinity somehow.

  • Mel

    The only thing I disagree with is that I doubt the Duggars were trying to protect Josh; based on the redacted police reports, JB and M read as two of the most lazy, negligent parents I’ve ever seen. Getting help for Josh – even in ATI land – would require work. The one that blew my mind was when they left Josh home alone with the little kids so that the both the parents could tag along with the older kids on an dinner outing with Michelle’s parents. I’ve known plenty of parents who have dealt with issues much more severe – and more inconvenient – than “Kid 1 cannot be alone with the younger kids ever”.

  • Mel

    Him. He’s much grosser than any human excrement.

  • Mel

    And here’s a pic of Kevin Swanson with his kids in 2015. The middle daughter is the closest in features….and still doesn’t look like the same girl.

  • AFo

    Getting help for Josh would also require them to admit that the QF lifestyle does not eradicate all “sexual sin.” According to adherents, if you follow all the rules, you’ll always be sexually pure, and only outsider heathens have to deal with things like an older brother molesting his sisters. I think for them to admit that not only did their lifestyle not prevent this from happening, but may have actually partially caused it, would be too much.

  • lady_black

    Jim Blob and his brood mare are incredibly irresponsible. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have 19 children!
    But don’t believe for ONE MINUTE that they didn’t make a conscious choice of Joshie the Golden Boy over their daughters, for whom they see no possible future aside from being brood mares to their own husbands.
    None of them will ever be educated. None of them will ever be self-sufficient. None will have a career, even if they manage not to be sold into bondage, until Jim Blob and his brood mare have shuffled off this mortal coil. And even then, it’s going to take a metric ton of determination and outside support to accomplish.
    I don’t know who to feel sorrier for. Their sons or their daughters. I think my heart just bleeds for all of them, to have been born to such crappy parents.

  • Kathi

    He was talking in reference to if his son were to marry another man, he would sit outside the church covered in excrement to lament the wedding. He is classy.

  • Allison the Great

    Especially the dogs.

  • paganheart

    A niece or a cousin, perhaps…stilll too close a relative to a reprehensible man with horrible beliefs.

  • Carstonio

    I used to joke that the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship was Disney’s teenybop star breeding experiment. The Duggar and Swanson pairing looks like a fundamentalist breeding experiment.

  • Carstonio

    “He has said things like he would smear his body with excrement if one of his children turned out to be gay.” Would it be cruel to trick him into thinking that, just to see if he would do it?

    It’s possible that the Duggars don’t share all the hateful beliefs of the Swansons, but the odds are way against it. Fundamentalism is a holdover from antebellum slavery and still reflects the slaveowners’ fear of anything that might threaten their wealth and power. Jim Bob Duggar and Kevin Swanson treat their families as personal fifedoms.

  • Carstonio

    It’s somewhat disappointing to read that he was talking about cow’s mature, not his own shit.

  • Carstonio

    The irony is that if he fulfilled his vow to do that outside his kid’s hypothetical gay wedding, people on the street would just be laughing and shaking his heads. No one made you do that to yourself, dude.

  • heleninedinburgh

    I was going to say he’d be arrested for indecent exposure, but the link says he’d ‘do sackcloth and ashes’ underneath the shit. Chicken. It would be awkward, though. It’s a happy day, a celebration of love and commitment and friendship, and people would want to commemorate it, and the one thing you don’t want in your wedding photo is a wailing man covered in shit.

  • heleninedinburgh

    There are some gritted-looking teeth in that photo.

  • Elaine M

    I don’t think she is Kevin Swanson’s daughter. Here is a link for a pic of the Swanson family.

  • Carstonio

    His lawyer might be forced to argue that he was engaging in performance art.

  • Nea

    They were well on their way to that even without ignoring incestuous molestation. Remember the story of one girl being bullied by another, and when she appealed for help her parents told her to sacrifice a prized possession to the bully? Or Michelle handing off 6-month-olds to an underaged sister-mom? They hate kids and don’t want to deal with them. They just love the fame they get for whoring out the family.

  • texassa

    Nice find. Agreed.

  • SAO

    Any gay kid of Swanson would have cut ties with dear old dad long before he got married

  • SAO

    Michelle, who was pregnant, nursing or recovering at the time, plus had a houseful of small kids and not many kids old enough to take over all the work was probably exhausted. JB thought parenting is women’s work. Another result of the toxicity of their ideology.

    Besides, Josh repented, right? Problem solved.

  • Annerdr

    Sounds like what some people might think, not realizing that absolutely no parent has or should have any control over the sex lives of their children. You can make suggestions (“use condoms!”) but you aren’t there to enforce behavior. Fingers crossed, hoping your son finds a truly good young man to marry, and they have a long and happy life together.

  • Annerdr

    And he was talking cow manure, so definitely Kevin Swanson is worse.

  • Almost a chimp

    Michelle, who was pregnant, nursing or recovering at the time,

    That made me laugh. Talk about covering the bases.

  • Almost a chimp

    Any gay sensible kid of Swanson would have cut ties with dear old dad long before he got married


  • Falconlights

    Sounds like a match made in hell.

  • Ruthitchka

    My gay son is 31 and happily married, plus I no longer see the particular in-laws that I mentioned. So…at least a couple of things are going well in my family!

  • bubbles24601

    I just want to know what covering himself with poop if his kid is gay is supposed to accomplish.

  • bubbles24601

    That was my thought!

  • jennabobenna

    This is Lauren’s dad:

    And his ministry:

    Going down the rabbit hole now to see what’s up…

  • Mel

    Google Images is my friend 🙂

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I think that Jana is stuck with her parents’ maid and childcare provider *because* of their Josh-is-a-molester problem – their community likely believes she is an unsuitable match on purity grounds given the fact she is the oldest girl unmarried while the two trotted out on Fox were married off quickly (getting out of that home being a good thing and all but the timing seems suspect to me) and we know how important purity is to these people followed by women having as many babies as possible. She seems to want to find a partner to marry but for JB to take this long is odd and must be caused by rather idiotic reasons like blaming her for Josh’s actions and pronouncing her as forever tainted who must stay where she can do JB and Michelle’s jobs with the house and the younger kids as punishment. I feel badly for the daughters and sons (even josh, who could have gotten real help and should have been raised with a healthier mindset towards all things sexual, but instead he had those two as parents and has been steeped in a toxic culture with awful ideas about sex) – but most of all the daughters because they never had a chance to do more than wait at home for the day they get married off and go to just another home which they must remain at to birth and raise kids. The boys get to leave more often and enjoy greater freedom plus control of their future bride and kids. How many talents could these girls done amazing things with if they’d been allowed to believe there is more to life than a husband and kids, what has the world lost because they aren’t able to get out and discover their skill set beyond this small world lifestyle dictated by their parents?

    They marry off as quick as they can once of legal age, to the person approved and/or selected by JB with possible input from whoever’s dad. Except for Jana of course. It has to be miserable to still share a bedroom with your younger sisters and watch as they reach legal age then marry off one after the other while you sew all the bridesmaid dresses. I hope JB and Michelle will promptly die after all the kids reach 18 so Jana doesn’t get stuck changing their diapers, feeding them, and playing nurse to either one of them. Heck maybe they could disappear now so that wolves can raise the kids still at home. Why keep such useless people around when it’s Jana who is taking care of the kids, time to go ahead and launch JB and Michelle into space in a Tesla.

  • Anonyme

    Rewriting a comment I made earlier because I posted it before I finished it…

    It’s always been about Josh. Jim Bob and Michelle dragged two of the victimized daughters to an interview with Megyn Kelly, when she was still on FOX. I only watched a few minutes before I had to change the channel out of pure rage. Both girls looked extremely uncomfortable and one was near tears, but under JB & M’s watchful eyes they had to trot out lines that OF COURSE they forgive Josh. JB and Michelle also said somewhere else that the aftermath of JOSH MOLESTING HIS OWN SISTERS actually brought the family closer together because families are tested through hardship.
    In other words, Josh never faced any consequences except for public backlash and it was the victims who were pressured to forgive Josh…the golden boy.

  • Anonyme

    I feel sorry that their sons were taught that men are better than women and don’t need to be held responsible for molesting or cheating. Those boys grew up with a skewed vision of women.
    But it’s the girls/women who get the shame and blame and are charged with the responsibility of making sure men don’t “stumble”. I think Anna Duggar really wanted out after Josh cheated (multiple times!) but felt the pressure from family to forgive as well as being taught that it must have been her fault for not “putting out” often enough or well enough.

  • Mel

    I couldn’t watch the interview either – but mainly because the parental Duggars creep me out. Instead, I pulled transcripts of both JB/M and Jill/Jessa’s interviews. Then I pulled the redacted police reports.

    Bluntly, in the TV interview, JB/M tossed Josh under the bus in an attempt to save the TV show. JB/M told an entire series of lies about the timing of when they knew about molestations, where the molestations took place, if the victims remembered the attacks, and the ways they kept the other kids ‘safe’. None of these lies make Josh look less culpable – in fact, they make him look like a super-psychopath who was preying on women in spite of the Duggars using every tool available to them. No, the emphasis was on making JB/M look like they did everything they could possibly do – instead of admitting that they did a shitty job of handling the situation.

    The story in the police reports completely different. Josh told his parents about the first two attacks in March of 2002. The Duggar parents allowed a young woman who was unaware of Josh’s first two attacks to stay in the house overnight which lead to the third attack in May 2002. The last known attack happened when his parents and siblings who were old enough to tell on him if something happened were out at dinner and Josh was left alone with the younger kids before March 2003. The attacks happened in public places of the house like the living room or laundry room – not the bedrooms that JB/M/Ji/Je swear left-and-right were secured. No one besides JB/M knew of these rules around ‘safety’ like “don’t play hide-and-seek” or “don’t let little kids sit on men’s laps”. The Duggar kids were extremely unaware of the names of human genitalia or even the terms “breast” or “chest” – which makes a lie over the Duggar’s claims to have discussed good touches and bad touches well enough for the kids to report abuse.

    If JB/M had gotten Josh prompt psychological treatment when he confessed the first time, he would have had a very good shot at never offending again. The recidivism rate for young male teenagers who receive treatment is under 8%.

    Instead, the parents fiddled while their entire family was falling apart. When they were finally called on it, they minimized the effects of the abuse on the victims and pretended that they totally stopped the abuse as soon as they knew Josh had done it. It’s all bullshit – and it’s all about JB/M looking good.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    Attract flies. Maybe he is a fisher of men and need bait.

  • Timothy Baldridge

    No, completely different Swanson. I’ve known them for several years (let’s just say it was a different time in my life, and I got out of their circles when I could). But a quick google search is easy enough to see:

    His daughters a quite a bit younger than the woman in this article, and the ethnicity composition is also off (his wife is of some asian descent and it shows up quite clearly in the kids).

    You made me do a double-take, but no…no connection…

  • SAO

    It happened in 2002-2003. In 2002, Michelle had a newborn, a 1 year old, a 2 year old, twin 4 year olds and a 5 year old at the time. Jana was 12, Jill and Jessa 11 and 10. Josh was her only teen. Not many of us would think that tweens are up to significant care for babies and toddlers. She was pregnant again in 2003. So, yeah, I think she was too overwhelmed to deal with Josh. Of course, a CPM wife never complains and she certainly never suggests that God has given her more “blessings” than she can handle. So, she just lets things slide, hopes God will take care of it and then denies, denies, denies, while showing a joyously smiling countenance for God.

  • SAO

    I think they were just too overwhelmed dealing with the day-to-day running of a household of kids that the couldn’t cope. They had 14-15 kids, only one was a teen (and he was the problem). They had 6 kids under 5. That meant Michelle was relying on tweens to assist her with the babies and toddlers while also homeschooling them.

    But if JB or Michelle had admitted that there was a problem, they might have lost the TV show which was their only route out of poverty and squalor. Further, understanding what Josh did meant questioning their whole lifestyle, but they were in very deep.

    The only way to cope was to deny. So they did.

  • Saraquill

    I’m surprised the Duggar parents approve of one of their kids marrying an “ethnic” person.

  • NLQ Readers to the rescue! Ha!

    If it had been a Duggar match with the K-Swizzles, it couldn’t happen to two nicer bunches. They’d speed up their arrival at the logical conclusions of the fantasy of their black and white world.

  • Mel

    On some website discussing the Duggars, someone posited that Jana’s staying single to protect her younger sisters still at home from being preyed on by Josh. She’s always been in charge of raising most of her younger siblings and seems to take the job seriously. She also saw how completely useless her parents were at protecting her sisters and a family friend after they knew Josh was molesting people. Jana was also sent off one (or more) times to ATI’s “Journey To The Heart” which has a theme of forgiving people who have harmed others – or else bad things will happen to you.

    She might have the dubious honor of being the most clear-eyed member of the family – and she’s doing what she can to limit the damage to her kids.

  • Chris DeVries

    Ooh, Liberia. Hot, humid, dusty city, if I recall correctly. But it’s not far from Rincon de la Vieja national park/volcano. Check it out, if you haven’t already. There’s a great waterfall and lagoon you can swim in along one hiking trail, and the summit area is the abode of jaguars (or so the park employees claimed in their denial of permission to camp at the summit…so concerned for our safety, the Costa Rican authorities are!).

  • Jo

    Does anyone know what has happened to the Facebook page “Lori Alexander Undeleted” Has it run into trouble?

  • heleninedinburgh

    “In 2002, Michelle had a newborn, a 1 year old, a 2 year old, twin 4 year olds and a 5 year old at the time. Jana was 12, Jill and Jessa 11 and 10.”
    Jesus-buggery-fuck. I mean – I know about these people in theory, but even so, being reminded of what it is in practice makes me shake my head. That’s… that’s 16th century.

  • SAO

    In the 16th century, half the kids would have died in childhood. My great-grandmother gave birth to 14 children in the 1800s. 7 survived past early childhood. Some of the names of the first kids were recycled.

    As a side point, most of the survivors lived long lives. My grandmother was 97 when she died. When you average 7 death before age 5 and 7 deaths between 70 and 100 years old, you get a life expectancy of around 40, but that doesn’t represent the typical person of that age.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Strange. I cannot find it ether. Wonder if someone received a cease and desist.

  • heleninedinburgh

    I know it was a ‘have as many as possible so that some might survive’ thing, but I don’t think some of these QF people do. I didn’t know the survivors tended to be so long-lived, though.
    Your point about recycling names is – striking, I don’t know why; maybe it’s because it seems so alien.

  • SAO

    I think people had lots of kids because they had no birth control. My mother, who got married in 1957 commented that the idea of family planning didn’t exist when she was married. You got married and kids came along. 10 years later, she was using BC.

    If you add in the attitude that wives were expected to have sex with their husbands, there was no concept of choosing your family size. Family planning is a very recent concept.

    For centuries, people used orphanages to dispose of babies they couldn’t afford to keep. The rate of child abandonment was staggering. Abortions were dangerous and birth control nonexistent.

    My grandmother’s family was long lived, but if a child in the 1800s made it to adulthood, then for women surviving childbirth was the trick and for men, surviving war or work-related accidents. After that, many lived long lives.

  • Elisa Roger

    I know it was a ‘have as many as possible so that some might survive’ thing, but I don’t think some of these QF people do. I didn’t know the survivors tended to be so long-lived, though.Your point about recycling names is – striking, I don’t know why; maybe it’s because it seems so alien.

  • Lana

    here is a picture of Lauren and her family. It’s not Kevin Swanson’s family. Swanson is a fairly common last name.

  • Val

    I tried to do a little research and it looks like Lauren’s parents are Dwain and Lana Swanson.

  • Banrion

    Poverty is not and has not been a problem for the Duggar’s, even before the TV show he was a in real estate and then a full time politician getting paid just fine. They didn’t need the TV show for $$ they wanted the TV show to try to spread their
    dominionist religion and lifestyle.

  • florian

    Him. He’s much grosser than any human excrement.

  • persephone

    You obviously weren’t watching. They were living in a tiny 3-bedroom rental house, from which they were being evicted because the owners had sold it. They had a commuter bus that kept breaking down, and was the only vehicle large enough to hold all of them. They regularly called on their parents for help. He only served one term in government. Per Wikipedia, the legislators, at this time, not ten years ago, make $39,400 per year, plus a $153 per diem, plus they had medical insurance during this time. They owned one used car lot. That’s it. They owned the property for the new house, which, considering where they live, is really cheap, and had some of the materials for building the house. They were stuck. They got lucky when the producers were looking for a new reality TV family that was weird enough to get a lot of views. They only got a special, but people got hooked, so a couple more specials, then the series. That’s when they finally got to build the house.

  • Betty Miliano

    I always suspected that Jana might be gay..if so, her parents probably insisted she must live a celibate life..and bonus, they get an unpaid babysitter, maid and caretaker for their old age..If they sent her to a ‘pray away the gay’ place someone might find out and that would damage the brand,..Just a thought, but with 19 children, statistically, (at least) one of them is gay

  • B.E. Miller


    Why do I want to send her a Taser now? No, seriously, maybe we could do a GoFundMe and send her a Taser, to assist her in protecting her siblings from Josh.

  • Mel

    I suspect Jana doesn’t need a taser. People who are looking for victims pick the easy prey. Josh picked girls to molest who were either asleep or too young to understand what was going on. To protect her sisters, Jana “simply” needs to keep all the girls in the girls bedroom when they are asleep and to offer to stay home whenever Josh was going to be home with the younger girls.

    And that encapsulates why JB and M are the worst parents ever; they were too damn lazy to figure that out and protect their daughters along with being too proud to get help for their son – who I worry was victimized himself and has never had anywhere to get the help he clearly needs.

  • I believe God made Ezekiel do this at one point for some reason or other. That’s probably what this is a reference to.