White Privilege Is Good?

White Privilege Is Good? March 29, 2018

I know it’s almost the full moon, and that the moon affects deeply the most lunatic among us, but seriously, TWO posts smacking of racism almost simultaneously posted by Evangelical cultural enforcers speaks of either collusion, insanity or just hive mind. Lori Alexander said that black Americans had a ‘victim mentality’ and now Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog seems to be saying that White Privilege is good. What. The. Heck?!? One group holding special status over everyone else merely due to the level of melanin in their skin is pretty silly, and I don’t recall any Biblical verses to support it.

We know that Doug has links to white supremacy groups and with Chalcedon among others. This is a man that sees no inherent problems with tossing rocks at anyone even slightly different than him. I wonder if he ever thought about the fact that Jesus was Jewish in the Middle East, not white bread Anglo-Saxon American? How can he do the mental Twister needed to crow about White Privilege, yet claim to be following a non-Aryan messiah at the same time? I’m curious.

Take a look for yourself:

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure Jethro Bodine was eating corn flakes or Wheaties in those old ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ shows. If you were to go with a cooked cereal it would have been grits. Please, Doug, don’t cite something to prove your point when you have only a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject. You claiming that Bodine, a Southerner, is eating Cream of Wheat is like you claiming that White Privilege isn’t a problem. It just makes you look foolish and uninformed. Who eats room temperature any cooked cereal anyhow.

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  • persephone

    It just amazes me how Doug can open his mouth and spill out so much garbage. Every sentence is full of rot. His brain is like a honey wagon.

    Sure, use your white privilege, but use it the way Jesus would have: to help those who don’t have it.

  • Anonyme

    I admire anyone who managed to read Doug’s blather. My eyes glazed over after the first paragraph because it sounds so dumb.

  • AFo

    I have such a hard time even understanding anything he writes. I think he must subconsciously know that what he has to say is completely idiotic, so he throws in lots of long words to make it sound Deep and Important.

  • Mel

    To quote my husband: “Being a white, straight, Christian, able man in the US is great. Everyone should be treated like we are.”

    That’s all people are asking for – for everyone to have the same level of deference, safety and respect that is given white men.

  • IM

    I expect a man like him to like white privilege, it benefits him. He’s a selfish man that wants respect. However, he wants praise without being a respectable person.

    Typical of men in the Quiverfull movement.

  • smrnda

    If I wanted to hear a critique of how white people handle the idea of white privilege, I think I’d read something written by someone who was… not white.

  • Jennny

    Agree, fundy leaders seem to be living in an age that’s gone – one where teachers, doctors, police, pastors and just some plain adults were naturally respected and could never be questioned. Which is why of course, those who abused their charges, felt safe because their victims had no way of complaining. At some point in the last few decades, we’ve changed all that, respect now has to be earned. Doug is still living in the past where a pastor only had to open his mouth and his sheeple fell at his feet and drank in every word as near biblical. Now we can call him out on the gobbledegook he writes and we can rightly laugh at his stupidity instead.

  • Saraquill

    The stopped clock hit one something correct with “Japanese privilege in Tokyo.” Korean-Japanese, also known as Zainichi, have faced decades of ridiculous marginalization. It’s rare for media like movies and comics to even acknowledge they exist.

  • bekabot

    1. “It’s as white as King Uzziah’s forehead.

    Okay, sure King Uzziah’s forehead was white, ‘Cuz Reasons, but wasn’t the rest of him kinda brown?


    (Four out of five former consumers of chromo illustrations think so.)

    2. “It’s as white as a Jethro Bodine-sized bowl of room-temperature Cream of Wheat.

    You mean the same Cream of Wheat which still has a black guy on the front of the box?


  • Karen the rock whisperer

    He does make one good point, though I suspect he would disagree with my reason for saying so. Feeling guilty about white privilege is a waste of energy, energy better spent on fixing the problem. And of course the first step to doing so is listening to/reading what marginalized people have to say about the subject. I wonder how much of that he’s done.

  • zizania

    My goodness, I haven’t heard the term “honey wagon” since I left the Northwest Territories. Nostalgia attack!

  • A. Noyd

    I still have white privilege even when I’m in “downtown Tokyo.” (Wherever that is. Tokyo has approximately one “downtown” per major train station.) I have plenty of friends of color who are, like me, foreigners living in Japan, and their experiences—whether they’re Latino, black, or even Japanese-American—are all markedly different from mine. There is definitely a much higher tolerance of white foreigners than any other race, and it can even stray into glorification of whiteness at times.

    But Japan is not nearly so racially or ethnically diverse as America; most people who look “other” really are “other” in some way. It doesn’t compare to America where whiteness is only default and privileged by merit of how whites conquered and subjugated everyone else throughout history to get in that position and where people of color are othered and denied their due in their own country.

    The only thing I, as a white person, don’t get in Japan is others seeing me as a “default person.” My race marks me as “other”—which, as a white American, I am. And that can sometimes lead to discrimination, sure. But when I’m treated differently, I’m usually being heaped with the lavish hospitality offered to “guests.”* I’ve even had people assume I’m some sort of celebrity.

    The people who really get the short end of the stick in Japan are Japanese nationals who are perpetually assumed to be foreigners because of their looks or ethnic heritage, as well as various groups of non-nationals who aren’t esteemed enough to be considered “guests,” such as migrant laborers and non-naturalized immigrants of color whose jobs lack a certain level of prestige.

    Furthermore, Japanese society is not hierarchical in the same way as American culture. Their hierarchies are complicated by a complex intermeshing of in-groups, out-groups, anticipation of others’ needs, and hospitality. This makes defining something like “Japanese privilege” no simple task. In my own experience, the more accepted you are as a member of an in-group, the less you benefit from the hospitality and leniency offered to “guests” and other “outsiders,” and the more you’re expected to do your part to maintain group cohesion. The latter can be a rather large burden.

    TL/DR: Doug’s analogy is terrible because inclusion in Japan comes with as many obligations as privileges while exclusion can come with significant benefits as well as drawbacks, and race factors into that. So it’s not a simple matter of Japanese people getting treated better in Japan for being Japanese.

    * A “guest” here being any “outsider” whose presence is temporary but who is esteemed during their stay. It’s a situational designation that applies to Japanese people, not only foreigners.

  • heleninedinburgh

    I’m really sorry to derail the discussion like this and I know it sounds really bad to change the subject. I’m only doing it on this page because it’s the newest one and it’s most likely that people will read it.
    Something I’ve noticed is that the disqus discussions under archived articles always disappear. Is this a mistake or are you doing it on purpose? I only ask because the discussions are often just as informative as the articles (e.g. I learned a lot from an article about AAVE linked in a disqus reply) and it’s useful to be able to refer back to them.
    Again, sorry to go OT; I wouldn’t if I weren’t really learning from the discussions and didn’t think them important.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    ROTFLMAO! I haven’t seen Cream of WheAt in so long I forgot about their logo. How is it that this is still a thing

  • SAO

    Of course Wilson likes white privilege. In general, he thinks he deserves good treatment and people who are not white and at least middle-class have to earn theirs — constantly.

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to ask something. When my imposter showed up here a few months ago, were you able to trace his IP? You said on Jerks for Jesus that he came from Brooklyn. I am working with the police to stop this individual, and they said it would help if I could provide them an IP address.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Yes I have lots addresses. He has posed as a lot of different people. I am currently awaiting connection of the internet at my new house. Shoot me an email at Suzanne.calulu@gmail.com and I will get down to the Internet cafe on Monday or Tuesday and provide all the IP addies

  • Alan Sands

    I 100% agree with this quote from your husband. Which is why some of the language and conversation around the term “white privilege” is a bit confusing. Some people equate white privilege with racism and speak of the need to “eradicate” it.
    But as you yourself said, people are just asking for the SAME level of respect. Meaning, those perceived to not have it want to be brought UP to the level (real or perceived) of white men. Not neccesarily to bring White men DOWN. So why would we want to eradicate something that we should actually be trying to expand?
    Thats all I took Mr. Wilson’s piece to mean. Many commenters here seem to be attributing sentiments that I did not see neither explicitly or implicitly.
    I admit Ive never read any other articles by him so maybe there is something to those criticisms. But either way, taking his article at face value, I fail to find anything contraversial about the idea that abuse of privilege is bad, but the existence of it in and of itself is not neccesarily so. Some seem to be more worried about who has it while we should be worried about who doesnt and how it can be extended to them.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    He has hard links to white supremacy groups and when he posts these more subtle writing on race know that he thinks brown people should be slaves to whites.

  • texassa

    White people are American the way Japanese people are Japanese. Good logic, bro. Good logic.

  • Alan Sands

    Speaking of Hard Links I’d like to see one posted here to back up this claim. But whatever the result I still stand by my post.

  • Aimee Shulman

    I’m not going to put an actual link here because this isn’t my blog, but google “Southern Slavery As It Was,” an appalling piece co-written by Wilson and one Steve Wilkins who iirc belongs to a Neo-Confederate society. It’s an active defense of antebellum slaveholding culture, full of blatant lies and historical inaccuracies, and insisting that slavery was just great for everyone concerned and that the antebellum South was one of the best, most “Christian” and morally admirable cultures to ever exist. (Fun fact: parts of SSAIW were plagiarized from an actual Confederate slavery apologist who took part in the Civil War.) Read that essay, and then consider that the one discussed in this post was written by a man who has openly stated that slavery was beneficial for black people and that it should have been permitted to continue.