Beating Your Wife is Good According to Larry Solomon

Beating Your Wife is Good According to Larry Solomon April 6, 2018

I haven’t been keeping much of an eye on Biblical Gender Roles Larry Solomon since Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been chewing the Biblical scenery. So when I posted yesterday’s bit on his horrid ideas of overthrowing the government so him and his pals could literally own women I scrolled back after and ended up in the worst idea he’s promoted yet, that you must not only stay with an abuser, but that a man physically punishing his wife is a desirable thing. I can just seen some out there extrapolating all his bad ideas into the idea that beating your wife is good.

First he claims that the federal government’s definition of spousal abuse is wrong. Why? His reasoning seems to be because it is the government doing the defining instead of each married man. Here’s some of that.

No, any type of abuse going either way is wrong, financial, sexual, verbal or physical in marriage. God did not give husbands the rights to mete out violent punishment of any type. Larry should be happy he’s not married to me as I told my husband before we married that if he ever struck me he better kill me dead in that first blow because when I got up off the floor I would be picking up a rather large cast iron frying pan to flatten his skull with before leaving for good. No one, I repeat, no one has the right to harm you in marriage, least of all under the guise of some demented punishment.

Whenever I hear one of these self titled Good Patriarchs try to justify violence in the name of God I hear this quote from Oprah Winfrey’s character Sofia in “The Color Purple” – “You oughta bash Mister’s head in and think about heaven later.”

I am not a violent person. I would never advise someone else to violence, but these patriarchs make me break that!

Please, please, please, if you are a woman stuck in a marriage with one of these guys that thinks the Bible gives them the right to harm you, please leave. It will only escalate as time passes. You are worth infinitely more than that!

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  • Saraquill

    Once more, he proves he’s better off locked in a hole where he can’t bother others.

  • SAO

    There’s a long history of using the bible to justify the unjustifiable. The bible’s failure to forbid slavery was “proof” God approved of enslaving your fellow human. The bible was used to justify the conquest and colonization of non-European lands by Europeans. It’s long been used to justify discrimination against women and spanking of children. Now, Larry’s using it to justify beating wives and children.

    If there is a God, I’m confident that He knows where they belong — rotting in hell for all eternity.

  • Tawreos

    Every time you think they can’t get any worse one of them asks you to hold his bible while he proves you wrong.

  • gimpi1

    Mr.Solomon’s evil rants are always a great reminder that we’re fortunate to live in a secular state.
    To Mr. Solomon; I would remind you that religious freedom is not absolute. You don’t have the right to practice human sacrifice. You don’t have the right to punish ‘unbelievers.’ You don’t have the right to keep people from leaving your church or punish them for doing so. And, you most definitely don’t have the right to commit assault upon anyone. Your relationship to your victims and your beliefs about your divinely sanctioned rights are of no interest to the law.

    Whew… now I can take off my “grown-up” hat and speak frankly: Larry is sickening. He makes me want to vomit and then shower for an hour. He should be required to wear a sign around his neck warning everyone just how toxic his beliefs are and the danger he represent to anyone foolish enough to get close to him. Burrr… ick. I’m off to the shower.

  • Maura Hart

    christian foreplay

  • Maura Hart

    cannot imagine how desparate a woman must be to not leave this religion as soon as she turns 18. how could she possible date or marry a man tha believes this bullshit? it’s criminal and tragic. this indoctrination puts the kremlin to shame

  • Aloha

    Yeah, I just had to punish my husband … I withheld sex for a full week.
    Oh! That doesn’t count?

  • AFo

    I wonder how Larry would feel if his wife decided he needed to be “punished.”

  • These guys seriously promote disciplining their wives????? That is effed up. So the wife is lesser in the hierarchy, must obey the husband, is required to do all household chores, and have sex at beck and call, plus subject to physical punishment? Sounds exactly like slavery. USA abolished slavery in the 1860s someone send this Asshole to history class.

  • MadScientist1023

    As shocking as the justification of physical abuse is, let’s not skate past the idea that husbands are entitled to some form of discipline over their wives is even more appalling. Being a man does not mean you get so set rules for another adult, expect them to be followed, and mete out discipline when they aren’t.

    Of course, as far as giving out spankings within a marriage, I say all is fair until someone uses their safe word.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    If there is a god, it is responsible for allowing such ambiguity about “his word” that has lead to so much pain and misery. A god that “loves” people would know better than to trust humans to decipher something that is not clear and factual. God did this on purpose. Not a nice god.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    1 Corinthians 11:9 (CJB) and indeed man was not created for the sake of the woman but woman for the sake of the man.

    Its cleary written. Clearly.

  • Carstonio

    Solomon ignores the obvious question – what about consensual spanking?

  • kilda

    well, THAT sure sounds pro-life.

  • texassa

    These people are no different than common internet trolls. They get off on the attention they receive from making outlandish claims such as these. As time goes on, their comments must become more outlandish to feed their growing desire for attention and to stand out from the past ridiculousness they’ve shared. This guy isn’t a criminal for writing this, nor is he a profit, and – honestly – I don’t think he really even believes all of what he espouses. He is simply a tiny man with an addiction to the attention he gets from behaving in this way. Perhaps he needs a spanking of his own.

  • texassa

    Oh, but it does. Because Bible. And if the government tries to tell you you can’t abuse someone, that’s religious persecution.

  • texassa

    Most of these girls and women wouldn’t imagine leaving their faith; they’ve been indoctrinated since birth to believe their salvation and favor with god depends on them embracing it. Religion, fear, and family pressure are very powerful tools.

  • texassa

    Thank goodness I made decisions in my life to become a self-sufficient adult and will never depend on a man or anyone else for my livelihood. It’s no mystery why these people also keep their daughters from becoming properly educated or skilled.

  • texassa

    Where can I vote for Doug Wilson and his kind to receive the death penalty as punishment for being so stupid?

  • Anonyme

    Minus the consent on the wife’s part.

  • Ruthitchka

    This man is dangerous to society.

  • Anonyme

    Consensual means the woman wants and enjoys sex/BDSM play. We can’t have women thinking they have bodily autonomy and can enjoy sex or society patriarchy will be destroyed !

  • The Student

    I get that he has kinks (biting, kicking and hair pulling done in “love”), but he really needs to learn that it’s his partner’s lack of consent that turns a kinky situation into an abusive one.
    How do people like him not get this concept?

  • KarenOfRocks

    Two problems. One is that civilized people don’t hit one another (unless they’re both consenting adults and enjoy that sort of thing). The second is that civilized people don’t abuse others, whether those others are spouses, children, employees, those receiving attention from LEOs, whatever. You can always create a hypothetical that requires a violation of these general rules–throwing someone off their feet to save them from being shot is a classic–but in the main,they’re good guidelines.

    The US has more than its share of uncivilized people. I’m related to a lot of them, alas.

  • B.A.

    Unfortunately. Sad but true.

  • B.A.

    A tiny man with a tiny you-know-what.

  • B.A.

    Please let me know when you find out.

  • MaraT

    Clearly written….by whom?
    Choose your belief system and leave others to choose theirs.
    And there it is. Clearly written. Clearly.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    Clearly written by whomever wrote the bible. I am not religious. You can choose whatever you want to choose. and there it is there.

  • Jo

    NONE of the bible verses he quotes have anything to do with a husband beating a wife and isn’t Deuteronomy in the OT so we no longer go about beating people up. Using the argument, we should be able to beat up anyone that is wicked.

    “If there is a dispute between men, and they come to court, that the judges may judge them, and they justify the righteous and condemn the wicked, 2 then it shall be, if the wicked man deserves to be beaten, that the judge will cause him to lie down and be beaten in his presence, according to his guilt, with a certain number of blows. 3 Forty blows he may give him and no more, lest he should exceed this and beat him with many blows above these, and your brother be humiliated in your sight.

  • Zeldacat

    I’m trying to imagine how one of my great-grandmothers, born in 1902, would have reacted to this stuff. It would not have been pretty. She was also one of the toughest most stubborn people I’ve ever met. I know for a fact she never wanted kids and only had one (my maternal grandfather). Not sure how she handled not having more pre-pill era aside from not having sex for, oh, decades. I never would have dared ask her and anybody else who might have had any ideas are all gone now. You DID NOT argue with this woman. (ETA: My mom did once win an argument with her about going to the hospital when she really needed to – the threat to pick her up and carry her won the day. My mom takes great pride in winning that.) I take great pride in that sometimes I remind my mom a great deal of her. She lived to be 102. Grandmother rocked. But submission and letting a husband “discipline” her? No, I am convinced there’d have been a dead husband if he’d ever dared try!

  • lady_black

    “Larry should be happy he’s not married to me as I told my husband before we married that if he ever struck me he better kill me dead in that first blow because when I got up off the floor I would be picking up a rather large cast iron frying pan to flatten his skull with before leaving for good.”

    I told my husband pretty much the exact same thing, except I said I would kill him. He married me anyway. He has never put a hand on me, and I wouldn’t stand still for that even once.

  • lady_black

    If that’s what floats your boat, go for it.

  • Falconlights

    These people make me sick. Neither partner in a marriage should be meting out “discipline. These CPM types are sick.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Pssst…So the mister and I having a female led relationship where I am the one in charge and he’s the one ‘punished’ (snicker) must never enter into the realm of possibility I suppose…too bad, it exists and we enjoy the arrangement immensely. Of course we negotiated that I set the rules, which cover quite an extensive range but not the full exhaustive list of all things possible concerning rules. That’s how it works – mutually agreed upon terms of a relationship. It’s terribly sad that so many of these CPM types are so set on sticking with their indoctrination of life = you must always be unhappy just pretend you aren’t, but it’s downright REPUGNANT that they are trying to force their misery on others.

  • Almost a chimp

    Is it merely coincidence that the highly abusive central character in the 50 Shades franchise (a franchise of that! Go figure.) also a Christian?

  • Kathleen Margaret Schwab

    Women did have some ways of birth control in the past, but I know people could get in trouble just for giving other people the information. Condoms existed in the 19th century, although access was restricted – of course, where there is a will there is a way. Also, women used kerosene as a spermicide.

  • Kathleen Margaret Schwab

    The system does all it can to prevent especially girls from gaining the skills they would need to leave. It’s the way human trafficers deal with their victims. Make them not only afraid to leave, but unable to survive in the outside world. Imagine you never went to a public school, or any school, never held a job, never had a bank account, rarely went to a store and never alone. Would you think you could make it alone, especially if you knew no one on the outside? Could you make it alone given all those things, or would you be likely to end up homeless?

    There was a homeschooling family that was taken to court by one of their daughters a few years ago because they had provided no identification papers for her, nor even registered her birth. She needed to prove she was a US citizen in order to begin an adult life. She had no social security number, and the parents did not allow any of the children to get a drivers license. I think the oldest was 24, and still not driving. Her grandparents helped the 18 year old because they were worried about her parent’s treatment of the children, but imagine if the grandparents were in on this whole conspiracy. Escaping these systems is no small thing, and outside help is critical.

  • Zeldacat

    I know there were ways but nothing as reliable as what we have now. Condoms, yes, but the man has to cooperate for those to work. I’ve not heard about kerosene but I know Lysol was advertised as a douche which frankly terrifies me.

    I think Grandmother just closed up shop, personally, as far as sex went. She was fully stubborn enough to!

  • Kathleen Margaret Schwab

    Abraham Lincoln said that whenever he hears someone speak of slavery as a good thing, he feels a strong desire to see it practiced on that person. I feel the same way about spouse abuse.

  • Taya

    My … in the same boat.. sympathies to you. Nature dealt an unfair hand with the whole can’t choose your family thing.

  • Taya

    I expect a billboard if anyone finds that out.

  • Taya

    I don’t think they have developed empathy naturally, and it’s likely they either have never been in a situation of having consent or bodily autonomy removed from themselves… Or have experienced being powerless and simply see it as the natural way of things, and thus morally defensible. That the bible so clearly endorses the idea of certain people and classes as having no right to consent helps considerably, I’m sure. One cant leave out the desire for power either, I’m guessing completely controlling even a single woman fulfils some of the loss of privilege and power these men are taught they have lost.