Doug Wilson Claims He Knows Racism and He’s Not Racist?

Doug Wilson Claims He Knows Racism and He’s Not Racist? April 8, 2018

Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog is beating his gums about something he calls ‘Evangeliguilt’ but has ended up yet again wrestling with racism. He does object to any Evangelical not spitting in the eye of anyone he thinks might be trying to heap guilt and condemnation on them. Very odd schizophrenic piece of writing here yet again.

Here’s the bit that just made me jaw drop for a moment. He’s used racism to justify opposition to Planned Parenthood funding and to push an easily-debunked lie cooked up by a Right Wing operative that PP sells aborted baby body parts for a profit.

Oh brother!

On a different note it seems that Doug and Dalrock are knocking heads right now. Might make for an amusing time.

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  • SAO

    I’ve heard this idea before: that the Evangelicals and anti-abortion crowd are the only ones who care about black women having abortions (‘killing black babies’) and liberals who support abortion rights (and most anti-discrimination efforts) are the real racists. The problem is that most abortion occur very early in pregnancy when the ‘baby’ is a clump of cells and late abortions almost all occur for serious medical reasons. It’s really just another conservative gotcha talking point. If he really wanted more of those babies to be born, he’d vote for programs that support working mothers — daycare assistance, health insurance, housing, etc, etc.

    And it’s worth noting that abortion is a policy that allows people like Wilson to tell other people what to do and claim moral superiority while doing zero, sacrificing zero himself. If he really wanted to reduce abortion, he’d vote for social programs that support working mothers — and pay higher taxes to do so.

    The other trope Wilson is plying is that it used to be so much worse, therefore, there’s no racism now. Interesting that he says white Christians objected to integration, recognizes that as racism, but makes no comment on how their churches and religion failed to help them see the right thing to do.

  • I just think Doug and his cohorts only want hetero white evangelicals,to “legally” have sex for the purpose of producing more white evangelicals. Therefore, he wants to outlaw abortion, prevent access to birth control, and not provide support programs for single mothers in hopes of deterring people from having sex. History has shown how well that strategy works…..

  • Mel

    Doug believes that “ol’ school” racists who opposed integration of schools – and everything else – would have objected to lost African-American babies from abortions on moral grounds?

    That beggars belief.

    Those people ignored – and often still ignore or victim-blame – the much higher rates of infant mortality in African-American communities. Why would they care about abortion rates among African-Americans except as a reason to control other people’s life choices?

    Doug is one of the most blatantly paternalistic bloggers out there. After all, if African-American women are having abortions at higher rates than white women while not realizing that abortion is a genocidal plot by un-named “liberals”, that means that African-American women need a old, white man like Doug to keep them safe in a world that is too complicated for the women to figure out.

    Guess what? Plenty of the “old school racists” that Doug lightly condemns supported all sorts of racist beliefs based off of the intellectual or moral inferiority of African-Americans. He’s not any different.

  • Mel

    Your idea makes more rational sense than what I think is going on. Doug et al. like telling other people what to do and judging them when they fail to live up to his standards.

  • Doug Wilson is deluded.

  • AFo

    What does Doug know about the racial makeup of women getting abortions? Has he done the research, or is he just assuming it’s mostly black women because in his mind of course they’re more irresponsible and immoral (but that’s somehow not racist)? I don’t know what’s worse, this pandering, or the fire and brimstone hurled by his compatriots. They all need to STFU about things they clearly don’t understand, and don’t want to understand.

  • Tawreos

    He is right, we would not have tolerated the slaughter of 13 million black children. It is a very good thing that that is not what happened. 13 million times, a woman decided she did not want to support the fetus growing inside of her, for whatever reason, and she made the choice to have that fetus removed. All Doug is trying to do here is find the speck of racism in another’s eye while ignoring the log of it in his own.

  • SAO

    The 13 million is a statistic that I assume comes from calculations based on good sources. The CDC says 45 million abortions were performed since they started recording them. The Guttmacher institute says in 2014 (the first year that came up in my Google search) 28% of abortions were performed on black women. Multiply those two and you get 12.5 million abortions on black women. You can round 12.5 up to 13 or, the numbers came from multiplying a different set of statistics.

    Obviously, more abortions were performed on white women, but that doesn’t give people like Wilson the opportunity to say that by opposing abortion, he’s less racist than liberals who are pro-choice.

    It’s a gotcha talking point designed to help racist, misogynistic bigots like Wilson say that, no, he’s not a bigot, he’s not racist, and in fact, *you* are a bigot and a racist for being pro-choice. How can you even consider him racist when you are worse? When you have the blood of 13 million (or 12.5 million, but who’s counting?) black babies on your hands?

  • bekabot

    There are a number of factors at work here, and I’m going to throw a few of them out at random with no particular attempt at an analysis. What they indicate to me, though (not surprisingly) is that Wilson is reciting a canard he has memorized, that it’s a canard he thinks contains a ‘gotcha’ though it really doesn’t, and that (last but not least and once again) he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In the least.

    Abortion is an indispensable part of women’s medical care, and you will always, always (always always always always always) find that the attempt to ban abortion goes hand-in-hand with a drive to deny medical care to women. The difference is that attempts to cut down on women’s medical care and to shorten up the female lifespan are generally successful while attempts to cut down on abortion rates generally aren’t. Anti-abortion sentiment runs highest in the American Southeast, and some of the states with the highest abortion rates (especially in the black community) are Bible Belt states like Georgia and North Carolina. (With Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana coming up right behind them, BTW.) These are the states in which the current order of things already closely matches a condition of Perfection According To Doug, and they’re also the states in which the abortion rate in the black community far outpaces the abortion rate among whites. (Which is something that happens nowhere else in the United States, incidentally. Just saying.) Now, the Fundagelical churches of the Deep South have had decades, if not centuries, to bring the black abortion rate down, and they haven’t done it; instead, if anything (since we must judge by results) they’ve driven it up. It isn’t for me to tell Doug and his pals what they’re doing wrong, but I don’t think I’m out of line when I point out that they’re not achieving the effect they say they’re after: far from it. Where their influence is greatest (which, roughly speaking, is among the states which once made up the old Confederacy) not only are abortion rates overall relatively high but abortion rates among black women are much, much higher than among their white sisters.

    Here’s an illustration: in the state of Georgia in 2014, about 14 out of every thousand women had an abortion. That’s a high rate, and many more of those women were black than white. About 65% of them were black and about 28% were white, and when you further consider that blacks are still a minority even in Georgia — in 2014 the total black population of Georgia came in at just under a third — you will see that the abortion rate among black women in the recent past in the state of Georgia is way-way up there. And yet, once you look northward to New England, where there are also states with very high rates of abortion (like Massachusetts and Rhode Island) you will find that the abortion rate among black women doesn’t even remotely keep pace with the abortion rate among whites. Massachusetts has a high rate of abortion — as with Georgia, 14 out of every 1000 women had an abortion in 2014 — the proportions of the races of the women who procured the abortions were quite different. In Massachusetts, only 19% of women who had the abortions were black while 53% of the women were white. In Rhode Island (which has an even higher abortion rate than Massachusetts does) 16% of the women who were getting the abortions were black while 77% were white. IOW, as the rate of abortions went up, so — roughly — did the difference in abortion rates between the races, or at least it did so far as I can tell. (FWIW, I’m using states for which data on all these factors is available.)

    It’s my guess, and I don’t regard it as a terrifically far-fetched one, that Doug Wilson hates the living crap out of the state of Massachusetts. And yet the state of Massachusetts, packed with do-gooding white liberals and birthplace of the Kennedys, has done a much better job of keeping down the rate of abortion(s) among the black community (as opposed to the abortion rate among whites) than have the Deep-Southern states of which he’s such a fan and for which he’s (historically) been such a stalwart apologist. If the “slaughter of 13 million black babies” genuinely tears at his heart, he will turn these numbers over in his mind (though elsewhere he’s as good as suggested that the 13 million black babies, if born, would have been justly destined for the auction block in any event) — and if it doesn’t, he won’t. (I expect that he’ll just keep on quacking: my bet is that it doesn’t and that he won’t.) But I leave it to you to decide; go ahead and draw your own conclusions, folks.

    (Added: of course it’s also true that there are proportionally fewer black people living in New England than in the Deep South, but these differences are still striking, and they’re striking to an almost eye-popping degree.)

  • bekabot

    I luvz me some research.

  • Saraquill

    The sentient turd says whites used to bombard black people with patronizing drivel, then proceeds to drop racial slurs and whitesplain why reproductive care for PoC should be revoked.

    Sh!t-licking assjackal.

  • Saraquill

    If abortions bother him so much, he can help legislate for and distribute free birth control. However, he’s more in love with the sound of his blather.

  • smrnda

    Yet another aspiring white messiah decides that the biggest problem with racism is that black women have bodily autonomy.

  • Carstonio

    Wilson’s bashing of Planned Parenthood as racist is no different from the accusation that white Democrats use welfare to buy the votes of blacks. Both rely on racist myths. The anti-Democratic one uses the very old myth of black laziness, while the PP one assumes that black women are irresponsible and immoral and can be easily gulled into having abortions.

  • Anri

    Can we pretty much just take as a rule that if you’re typing “By gad, I hate racism and am not racist in the least!” and your next paragraph starts “But…” then you are going to say something really, really racist? Like super-racist? Like Klansmen shaking their heads saying “dude, stop” level racist?
    Does that ever not happen?

  • texassa

    Republican religious nuts love the racism/abortion argument. They feel smart every time they use it, and pat themselves on the back.

  • lady_black

    I always respond to those whiners about “killing black babies” with a statement to come wake me up when abortion clinics are dragging black women in off the street and forcing abortions on them. Until then, it’s only one more woman taking control of their lives, and they don’t need Captain Whitey to swoop in and save them from themselves.
    What’s really racist is the underlying theme that black women are too stupid to manage their own lives, not that they have abortions. It’s also sexist and classist. It’s just so wrong on so many levels. Forcing black women to bear children was what slavers did.

  • amyjane2484

    He doesn’t credit Black women with agency in their own lives, they must be doing what someone else ( white liberals) tells them to do. That is real bigotry.

  • persephone

    So, since we’re not shouting the n-word, or using other racial epithets, then we’re fine and dandy and not the least bit racist? *facepalm*

    Systemic racism, like systemic misogyny, is almost never seen by the group not suffering it (white dudes, always the white dudes, and a good chunk of white women). Trying to explain microaggressions, and the difference between starting on third base as compared to the batter’s box, etc. just leaves me with a headache. It’s always, “well, I did it; why can’t they?”