Modesty is Like an Ipad Cover?

Modesty is Like an Ipad Cover? April 29, 2018

I wonder if these people know that Ipad glass can be quickly replaced at any joint that works on cell phones? Cracking your Ipad is not a tragedy and has nothing in common with modest or maintaining virginity. Logic fail. Found on Facebook with the poster’s name removed.

So wearing revealing clothes somehow damages your value? Seriously? Someone needs to tell this guy that women are not items or things, and cannot be used up or damaged.

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  • Tawreos

    Does anyone else feel that that should have ended with “And that man was Albert Einstein.”?

  • Bravo Sierra

    Anyone else thinking that an iPad cover could be a good metaphor to encourage the use of condoms among teenagers?

  • Michael Neville

    I didn’t think of it but it’s an excellent point.

  • SAO

    Any man who only values your body is a man you will never have a good relationship with. It doesn’t matter if he values your intact hymen hidden under the most modest of clothes or if he values your bust, brazenly displayed in a micro-bikini.

    A man worth having a relationship with will value the person you are, love your body because it is yours, and value the history that made you who you, regardless of whether all of your past choices were good or if some were pretty awful.

  • Kathleen

    Why are they starting with the premise that your body SHOULD be covered? What’s wrong with bodies, especially female bodies, that make them need to be covered?

  • Tawreos

    Because they believe in a god that created Adam and Eve naked and only clothed them after they felt embarrassed about it after eating some fruit, so how could it not be clear that he thinks everyone should be clothed modestly because nudity offends him…or something.

  • AFo

    An iPad is not a person. Neither is a piece of candy, chewing gum, or tape. All these comparisons do is reduce girls to a bunch of body parts and give men excuses to sexually harass and abuse them.

  • Mel

    Really, the only way this story makes sense is if it’s a PSA about wearing protection against sun exposure.

    The dad doesn’t come across as loving; he comes across as creepy and out of touch with his daughter.

  • Jennny

    As The Queen of Twitter aka J.K.Rowling said of a troll who described her lady-bits in the crudest terms, ‘Being female is not a design fault’.

  • Anonyme

    “She [the daughter] was mute…”
    I want to end that story with “…because she was so horrified that her father treated her as a commodity that would depreciate in value.”

  • This reminds me of a story, though I do not recall all of the details since it’s been at least a decade since I read it. An anthropologist was visiting a tribe in Africa, and she asked the local women if they ever had problems with men due to their habitual near-nudity. The women were perplexed about the researcher’s question. What kind of problems?

    She explained to them that men in her country (the USA, if I recall correctly, but most Western nations would likely fit) are obsessed with breasts and would have a hard time handling the constant sight of so many. The tribeswomen laughed and said, “So the men in your country act like babies?”

  • smrnda

    If you’re talking about working in a lab with chemicals that are potentially harmful to your skin, then by all means cover up. In some labs you should also be wearing gloves that you don’t need outside the lab, and goggles and perhaps even a face mask or respirator. However, those aren’t really necessary outside of the lab.

    Another thing is that there is a specific reason for screen protectors – scratches or cracks due to dropping the phone. There are any number of valuable things that you don’t put any sort of cover on because they are sturdy enough not to need them. And the screen cover doesn’t really affect the performance or look of the phone – it’s purpose is to be clear. You might as well say ‘be naked, but wear that plastic cling wrap’ for this analogy.

  • Quinsha

    Probably because daughter was mortified that her father went “there” in the conversation.

  • Saraquill

    The dad looking his kid over and changing the topic from ipad to how precious her body is made this piece super creepy.

  • Saraquill

    If someone lives in a place full of mosquitoes or scratchy thorns, covering up makes total sense. As this is all about alleged inability to control lust, I have no sympathy.

  • WTF… These purity culture warriors are just too much. Teach your kids to be responsible not to live in a protective bubble

  • Tuna

    The fundys believe that a woman who is immodestly dressed invites sexual assault, and that a women who has sex before marriage is impure and used up.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Tuna

    “because she was horribly uncomfortable with the way he judged her body.”

  • Kathleen

    I’m still waiting for eye bleach to be invented so I can wash out my eyes from reading some of the things they post……
    As someone who is very sensitive to mosquitos I get covering up for practical reasons….

  • Storm

    Covering your iPad is a great metaphor for protecting yourself – for wearing a seatbelt, helmet, rubber gloves, sunscreen, proper clothing when hiking to protect from the sun, ticks, mud, and thorny branches, etc, when appropriate.

    It makes no sense when applied to modesty. If I dont cover my electronics, they may get scratched or damaged. Thats not anyone’s fault, its just something that can happen through normal use. When I go out in “skimpy” clothes (which aren’t really skimpy, but he would probably say they are) I am not fearful of being scratched by men. I don’t care if men look at me or even think about me – that’s not a crime and it doesn’t negatively affect me at all. If they harass or touch me, I can leave the area and/or report them to employees or law enforcement depending on what they do and where I am. And of course, I’m careful not to go out alone or go to certain places where crime is high at night, but that’s entirely separate from my clothes – that’s just good safety advice for any person of any gender.

    Clothes can be protective from the elements and from physical danger, but that’s not something I fear when going out to regular locations in my everyday life. Unlike an iPad, permanent physical damage is not a common hazard of everyday life for an average person in the western world.

    I take care of my body through good food, exercise, healthcare, and proper safety precautions – not avoiding skimpy clothing. In fact I sometimes use fashion to show off the results of the above positive self care of my body, because I love my body and wanting to reveal certain parts of it if I so choose is not morally wrong.

  • Samantha Vimes

    For me, it’s sunlight. There’s this thing where people who have over-sensitive immune systems, after developing a ton of other allergies, finally decides the chemicals that skin produces in reaction to sunlight are invaders that need to be destroyed. I get huge, painful rashes on my face from sun exposure.

    I have to cover up with sun bonnets or balaclavas and long sleeves, unless it is heavy cloud cover, in which case, I’m safe enough with a normal hat.

    I *hate* it, because I love to feel wind on my skin and I am an atheist feminist and it’s rather irritating to have people asking if I’m Amish or whatever because these modesty religions have made it impossible for people to think there might be a practical reason to cover up.

  • Nea

    Most modesty teaching is actually pretty good condom PSAs.

    In the meantime, both screen protectors and my iPad case… are see-though.

  • Anri

    If the anti-scratch cover for the screen was transparent, how does this translate to modesty?
    If it wasn’t, how is she operating the phone?
    Someone’s not thinking things through. Maybe it’s me, but I dunno…

    (Speaking personally, I just got a jobsite-rated phone, as I know how hard I am on personal electronics.)

  • Brian Curtis

    Yeah, I was thinking of the safety-helmet analogy. “You put special things on your body to protect it from known risks in certain situations. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a crash helmet 24/7 to prove your virtue.”

  • Mimc

    Or wearing protective gear on a bicycle or motorcycle.

  • texassa

    This analogy, used correctly, would compare the iPad cover to knee pads and helmets worn during an activity where one could be injured. Or shoes for walking over rough terrain. Or a hat to protect from sunlight. It’s about physical protection during utility, not modesty. That doesn’t even logically make sense.

  • Hannah

    I’m pretty sure this piece of crap is something a Mormon came up with, someone used it during a talk at my church. The tablet I was using at the time had a massive crack across the screen, but still worked perfectly (it did have a screen cover, but it annoyed me, so I took it off.) Anyway, whoever came up with this analogy is a dunderhead. (I now have a new tablet, still doesn’t have a screen cover though, I’m such a rebel.) The modesty shite is just that, shite. It would work if they were talking about sun protection, (cover up, wear a hat, slather yourself in suncream, I recommend spf 50) but not because women are seen as such delicate little flowers we need protection from the evil men who may want to have sex with us (heaven forfend the feelings might be mutual!)

  • Bravo Sierra

    Why not? Wouldn’t it be better than a veil? This “virtue helmet” idea of yours could be a market opportunity. Since they supposedly can drive now, maybe we could convince Saudi Arabian women to dress up like Stig on Top Gear.

  • Melody

    Without the cover the ipad breaks easier, the only thing that goes for with clothing is helmets, caps for horse riding, steelnosed boots, suits for astronaut or motor cycling clothing. Otherwise not so much. So not the best analogy… apart from the message obv.

  • Melody

    Seems like God became a prude at some point…. It never bothered him before. Or maybe the other way around, Adam and Eve began to dislike God ogling them. That would work too 🙂