Showing a Misbehaving Child Mercy Teaches Them to Lie?

Showing a Misbehaving Child Mercy Teaches Them to Lie? April 28, 2018

Our internet has finally been installed here in Central America and I’ve been watching the violent upheavals going on in Nicaragua and Venezuela. Plus randomly crawling through the Pearl’s ministry website No Greater Joy. Very curiously most of the Pearl-owned external websites such as ‘Yell and Tell’, ‘Preparing to be a Help Meet’ and ‘Created to be a Help Meet’ are down. So it’s not just a website-wide scrubbing of material, it’s a purge all the way around. With a few exceptions – things from eight to ten years ago are still up and don’t exactly paint a positive picture of the ministry.

This post described what happened when Michael Pearl’s favorite metaphorical whipping boy Johnny dared disturb Debi Pearl’s prayer time. Little Johnny lied to his mother about what happened, Momma believed him and didn’t start wailing on his butt with a plumbing line, choosing to take him home instead.

How does Mike know that the mother didn’t deal with this and punish Johnny once they were home? Most folks have a tendency to deal with discipline behind the closed doors of their own home instead of inflicting that on everyone in the vicinity.

No, no in Pearl World if you are not pulling out that 1/4 inch plastic plumbing line to smack the child you’re damning the to hell. I’m starting to feel really sorry for this Johnny.

No, being tenderhearted is not selfish, it’s the opposite in many ways.

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