The Source of Lori Alexander’s Recent Modesty Articles and Television Bashing?

The Source of Lori Alexander’s Recent Modesty Articles and Television Bashing? April 26, 2018
In the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) gets through heartbreak by making his own version of Beyonce’s Lemonade. Explain again how this is evil?

On Saturday morning Lori Alexander posted on her website an article by David C. Cooke (while misspelling his last name) concerning how television is pure evil personified. She’s not just talking reality television here, but everything. I went to take a quick gander at who the original author was and stumbled across another self-proclaimed ‘Good Christian Patriarch’ with lengthy opinions posted on Facebook. Lori’s article title is just awful – The Sad Horrible Effects of Television on the Minds of Christians’ and it’s illustrated with a promo from AMC’s zombie show ‘The Walking Dead’

While I don’t agree with much of the article beyond the fact that television can be a distraction and a time-waster I have to say it puzzles me how hateful Alexander is about television. After all, she is the one that has said that during her sicker moments she would lay around watching movies on the Hallmark channel. She has posted this more than once at her old blog. There’s nothing wrong with that if it helps you rest and recover. I do it when the asthma goes nuclear stupid and I cannot get off the sofa. Sadly enough I am super limited here in Costa Rica on channels and have found myself watching ‘Judge Judy’ and ‘Dr. Phil’ more than I would like during those episodes of sickness.

Then here is where it gets funny. Many of his posts on Facebook are the same subject and same viewpoint that appears a few days later at Lori Alexander’s website The Transformed Wife. I’ve long thought that like King Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun. There is a reason why when one comes across one self-appointed cultural enforcer online that everyone else in the same circle is ranting and writing about the same subject. Nothing new under the sun.

We knew Lori was riffing off topics already covered by cultural enforcers she also reads, reinforcing that odd echo chamber effect that much of Evangelical Quiverfull is. But this is the clearest example of that yet.

But there are subtle tweaks. I have to give Cooke credit, when he wrote about the need for Biblical modesty for both men and women instead of simply ranting about tight clothes, short skirts and v-necks belonging to ‘Harlots’. Which brings me to another point. Unlike Lori Alexander he never uses foul blaming and shaming words like ‘slut’, ‘harlot’, ‘Jezebel’, ‘whore’ and others. This is respectful and much more appropriate to an open dialogue with others. Too bad Lori does not do the same.

I love that he includes men in this even if I don’t agree with the idea of policing the clothing choices of others because of lust.

Lori Alexander, not original and twisting others ideas just enough to add in blaming and shaming names.

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  • Saraquill

    I’d bet chocolate Lori stares more at miniskirt and yoga pants wearers way more than her husband or sons do.

  • yulaffin

    Lori had a picture of her family on the old blog and in it, she was wearing a blouse with a very low cut neckline. Lori is such a hypocrite.

  • Brian Curtis

    Lori’s personal obsession is with forcing other women to be just like Lori. Why would she bother criticizing the actions and choices of men?

  • Tawreos

    Why would a god that hates people showing too much skin have made the first people naked? And he didn’t even shame them for being naked, Adam and Eve felt ashamed for being naked and god gave them clothes at that point. Humans have always shamed themselves when it comes to showing their bodies and blame god for it. The really should read the bible and think about what the words actually say instead of what they are told it says.

  • Tawreos

    I am pretty sure that she believes that it would be unbiblical for her to tell a man what to wear.

  • Anri

    The way to avoid seeing too much of clothes you don’t like is to not constantly look at clothes you don’t like.

    It may come as a shock to Lori, but the vast majority of people aren’t wearing clothes to make any impression on her whatsoever.

  • Jennny

    Yes, and how does that work in cultures where women are bare-breasted and men wear a scrap of loincloth over their naughty bits? There must be missions trying to convert these people…do they insist on bras and blouses for the women and trousers for the men? I’m sure they believe there are verses in their bible that say bra and sensible panties for females and boxer shorts for males are necessary for salvation.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    And she posted a photo of herself in mid-thigh shorts in direction violation of what she claims is modest. Lori excused it by saying that Ken wanted her to wear the shorts.

  • Tawreos

    If you don’t bind up and hide away the tingly bits then someone might feel a spot of pleasure and for some people that can only mean a one way ticket on the express elevator to hell.

  • Tawreos

    I must be exhausting for her to have to get his opinion every time she needs to change clothes.

  • Annerdr

    Unhappy people frequently seem to want other people to share their unhappiness. Not sure why.

  • Finding Home

    Yes, they do insist on attempting to convert those cultures to full American Midwest Christian modesty, at least in the church I come from. They seem to truly believe that there’s a universal, godly standard of modesty and it just so happens to be how one little church in small town America dresses.

  • Saraquill

    I saw a documentary which covered a nude prayer group and a church at a nudist camp. The former went naked as a way of emulating life in Eden. The preacher of the latter said Biblical modesty has more to do with being ostentatious than sexy. It’s hard to show off fancy clothes when naked, hence the church was quite modest.

  • Tawreos

    Of course the church was modest. Without pockets to carry money in they have nothing to put in the collection plate. =)

  • Saraquill

    I shake my fist at you for I am now imaging where they could put their money :p

  • Tawreos

    Sorry about that =)

  • texassa

    These people are all mind-readers, to be able to decipher what a woman or girl (always a woman or girl) is thinking and intending with every piece of clothing they put on. Think of all the amazing things that could be done with the power of mind-reading! How can we help these gifted men and women fulfill their god-given potential through this incredible skill?

  • Mel

    I’ve always wondered if Lori has female friends. She often reminds me of women who try and suck up to men by throwing every woman she meets under the bus.

  • Mel

    T.V. saved my mind in the days after my son was born. I was severely anemic, on magnesium sulfate which had me sweating like a pig, had just had a c-section, and kept having episodes of dangerously high blood pressure that made me feel even worse. My son was doing fine – but no one could promise that he would continue to do fine. Oh, and I had just given birth so I was hormonal as hell and lactating for the first time. I was literally a hot mess.

    Putting the Food Network on the hospital TV was a easy, straightforward distraction for me. The vaguely upbeat chatter of the hosts was calming for me – but there was nothing deep enough that I actually needed to pay attention. The shows distracted me and made it easier for me to relax – which was helpful to healing.

    Lori gets that; she needed it, too. I don’t begrudge her that – but she’s ragingly hypocritical to deny it to other women who need TV to stay sane.

  • persephone

    The original bible verse pointed that out, but fundagelicals are always going to cherry pick and twist the scriptures to what they want.

  • persephone

    Yes, they do. The Mother Hubbard dresses were a compromise between the corseted Victorian/Edwardian clothing of the missionaries and the comfortable, minimal clothing of indigenous people.

  • persephone

    OMG. I did not know Lori had said that about watching the Hallmark Channel when I commented a while back that she was probably one of those people that kept watching A Christmas Prince/A Prince for Christmas/A Prince something something Christmas. I also said she was probably downing plenty of wine while doing it. I’d love to know how full their recycling bin is of booze bottles.

  • Hannah

    Only Muggles talk of ‘mind-reading.’ The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure…

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • tyto alba

    IIRC, it’s also posted on an Amazon review of her book.

  • EbbyBee

    I dress pretty “modestly” most of the time. Mostly skirts and dresses that are at least knee length, leggings or tights under those, shoulders covered, etc. But I’m also an atheist, bisexual woman who also leans poly and swears a lot. Maybe their powers of mind reading based on clothes aren’t as good as they say.

  • TLC

    Please, don’t waste good chocolate like that. It deserves a better life.

  • B.A.

    LOL. I love chocolate.

  • Brian Curtis

    Mind you, it would be hilarious if babies were born with clothes. Just picture a newborn in a three-piece business suit!

  • Tawreos

    That would probably be hell for the mother =)

  • Anonyme

    I just got my first pair of short shorts. I thought it was because I’m starting to get past hangups about my figure (after having my father and, at one time, my brother, essentially call me a fatass). I was wrong. I’m OBVIOUSLY in denial and really trying to get male attention.

    Also, I really don’t care if men look, as long as they’re not openly leering and are respectful when/if they interact with me face to face.

  • Almost a chimp

    Of course it has to be Hallmark. If it’s not a prince it’s a feckin’ angel; it’s always small-town America; always in a town where the clocks all stopped in 1950; and the good Christian guy always gets the good Christian girl.
    I’d need a gallon of wine if I had to watch that bloody channel*, and I don’t even drink.

    *My late mother-in-law used to watch it all the time (unless there was tennis on somewhere else), not for the religious aspect, she just seemed to like films in which nothing ever happens.

  • persephone

    I think you’re right. She’s so judgey about everything. Can you imagine having a bad day and calling her up for a little sympathy? Hahaha, no, neither can I.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Die, Spammer, Die

  • Anonyme

    Don’t forget “man and woman pretend to be a couple during the holidays so that their families don’t think they’re single sad sacks, but they fall in love for realz.”

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Ages ago I recall learning that cultures where little clothing is worn are equally concerned with modesty in clothing, that they don’t care about it is a myth: even if a man for example wears a few strips of cloth, to appear in public without them in place and properly arranged would be scandalous.
    “Immodesty” in clothing is purely relative.

  • texassa

    We are usually our own worst critic. I bet the shorts look great! Enjoy summer and do you. Kudos!