Is Facebook ‘Censoring’ Lori Alexander?

Is Facebook ‘Censoring’ Lori Alexander? May 6, 2018
Is this puppy hate speech? Screen cap from Facebook

There have been posting much of the usual nature and subjects recently on Lori Alexander’s ‘The Transformed Wife’ website. She’s ranted about an evil little girl telling her grandchildren that boys can wear tutus and dresses, told an educated working woman that she really does not need any education or career. Plus she’s self-justified her own nasty words towards other women who do not agree with her. You know, her usual shaming and blaming in denigrating and disrespectful language. But the one day accidental going live of a possible future Facebook feature allowing readers to flag readers to flag hate speech sent Lori straight into Christian fear-mongering and martyrdom. Is Facebook ‘censoring’ Lori Alexander, like she is claiming? Tighten up your wig for this ride.

That’s some grade-A paranoia and martyrbating mixed with assumptions there…

Lori goes on to claim that the professional editor who edited that poorly-written book of hers was warned that hating haters who hate would be posting negative reviews because hate. Not the same thing, Lori!

For someone claiming victory uber-alles people in this branch of Evangelicalism sure act like they don’t actually believe what they are saying. If victory is yours then why act like this?

Facebook changed its algorithms in the last few years, cutting off the reach of bloggers and news sites to more than a fraction of their former audience. It is not an anti-Christian conspiracy, it’s sheer capitalism. Only those that pay for views still get the high numbers. But per usual Lori is without real information and is making assumptions while claiming God will fix it all. Act like it!

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