Tim Bayly Hates Barbara Bush?

Tim Bayly Hates Barbara Bush? May 5, 2018

Have to admit that this one puzzled me at first. No matter how much many of us might have disliked George W. Bush it’s hard to dislike his recently deceased mother. Barbara Bush has been one of the most admired recent First Ladies. She’s been harmless, like a representation of the nation’s grandmother, not embroiled in controversy, not doing any of the things that other First Ladies have taken heat for.

I could not fathom what Bayly might find so awful about Barbara Bush, because, I’m betting he voted for her husband and her son for president. Conservative presidents that many in all circles of Christianity, from fundamentalist to quiverfull to Catholic to Baptist to evangelical championed.

So why is Bayly throwing one of his fits now, over Barbara instead of other more threatening people? Because Barbara Bush believed that only a woman should have control over her own body. Barbara Bush wasn’t ‘Pro Abortion’, she was in favor of every woman making that determination for herself. That is pushing Bayly’s buttons. Here’s what he had to say about the late First Lady.

Why does Bayly expect husbands to be able to control what their wives think?

The Bush women know the score, they know that women are the ones stuck raising the children when men are off drilling for oil, or snorting a pile of cocaine the size of a ten gallon hat. That being forced to birth unplanned baby after baby is physically hard on the body. They know that they cannot speak for all women.

No matter what you think about birth control and abortion it’s hard to insist that everyone else must think exactly the same way, unless you are a man without a clue on the realities of being a mother. I have more respect for the Bush ladies for holding views different that their men, yet not allowing a difference of opinion to ruin a marital relationship. The Bible never said husbands and wives must hold the exact same thoughts.

These disgustingly worded disrespectful screeds of Tim Bayly’s dishonor the God he claims to follow. He needs to learn how to construct a differing opinion without being personally nasty towards the other side. No one is ever going to take his words seriously until he drops the personal attacks.

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