Tim Bayly – This is Exactly What Hatred and Weak Masculinity Looks Like

Tim Bayly – This is Exactly What Hatred and Weak Masculinity Looks Like May 21, 2018

Another unrealistic view of what masculinity looks like. Found on Facebook.


It’s been a few weeks since we took a close look at a patented pastor Tim Bayly hissy fit over his ideas of hyper masculinity looks like. This is much of the same as usual, a list that only a man insecure in his own masculinity, yet desperate to be perceived as masculine might write. With the addition of his threats against journalists, bragging about having voted for Donald Trump and denigration of the Me Too movement as if to deny sexual abuse of women has been taking place for years.

Is this really what Evangelicals and others that call themselves Christians really want to be focused on? Disgraceful, disappointing and quite frankly disgusting. This is not even slightly Biblical, it’s a cruel laundry list of everything plaguing the American Christian Church and why it is losing members daily.

From his post Paige Patterson and Female Beauty on Out of Our Minds. Paige Patterson has been in trouble lately in the press because his first advice to an abused wife is to pray for her husband and not immediately leave. We’ve discussed this many times here, and statistics bear out that staying usually leads to more abuse until someone is dead or leaves.

Oh so cutely Bayly uses a photo of a rather unattractive older woman from some time ago pointing a finger at a man. Heh. Woman shaming for bonus points with his hints of what is ugly to him personally.

Assorted screen caps of his screed:

Hussies? Between that awful photograph and this word, hussies, I have to wonder if we’ve been magically transported back to the 1910s. Should a pastor really be using old scandalous words to describe anyone? I am seeing quite a lot of vacuousness here, and it’s not poor, befuddled, beleaguered Melania Trump necessarily. Leave Melania alone please.

Soft husbands? More of that insecurity of what masculinity consists of again. Whatever happened to the part where Jesus said do not judge?

Is this really necessary?

That ‘Ugly’ is busy coming out of the pulpit too it looks like. I realize these are just selections from a rant written by Bayly chockablock full of things that really have no place ever being said from a pulpit, mean spirited and hateful. Seeing the worst of his words is pretty stunning. This is not Christ, or even has the slightest bit of anything in common with the New Testament even as Bayly is scripture cherry picking again.

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