Breastfeed Your Baby, But Don’t You Dare Bare That Breast!

Breastfeed Your Baby, But Don’t You Dare Bare That Breast! June 27, 2018

Trust Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife to take something natural and pure, then extrapolate it out into something sexual. Lori sez breastfeed your baby, but don’t you dare bare that breast!

So here we are again, in that toxic stupidity land of modesty that has more hangups than the clearance rack at Nordstroms Be attractive, be appealing to men, but not too appealing. Heaven forfend some poor weak man in Evangelicalism get the barest hint of a breast and be lured into an unwanted boner!

Remember when Jesus said to women that they must never ever make a man lust because we’d be going on that slippery slide straight to the devil? He didn’t. He commanded men to control themselves and their lusts.

But seriously, are there really men out there that go into insta-arouse mode around breastfeeding mothers and children? To me that seems unseemly and perverted, not the bare breast.

Here’s what one of Lori’s fans said in this piece to justify covering up. I’m skipping all the scriptures, which are just a rehash of a man lusting after his wife’s boobs in Song of Solomon:

Only ones I see making a big deal out of breastfeeding are those ‘Good Christian Patriarchs’. No common sense combined with dirty minds isn’t a good thing to be known for.

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