Free Healthcare Does Not Reduce Abortions?

Free Healthcare Does Not Reduce Abortions? June 14, 2018

I’ve been quoting Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife less and less lately because she’s run out of original material. Some of her recent blog posts feel more than canned created fake outrage than ‘Biblical teaching’ as she terms it.  This week alone she quoted and republished in its entirety a piece she thought was by dying political pundit Charles Krauthammer, that turned out to be by someone else. That piece pushed the idea that Donald Trump is the president needed in this time. Before that Lori was losing it over the idea of Beth Moore possibly filling the position with SBC recently vacated by Paige Patterson after his fall from grace.  Lori followed that horrific piece with a claim that her generation was the first to start the world on its fall into the handbasket to hell. This is all after Lori beat the dead hobby horse that is the issue of women wearing leggings for the millioneth time. Yawn.

What all of those pieces have in common is that she used the writings of others to try to shore up her shaky assertations. Interesting she violates copyright laws that many writers online tries to keep to. If you republish someone else’s content without their express permission you cannot use more than 250 or 300 words total to discuss or make your point. I guess intellectual thievery does not fall into a ‘sin’ category. Also, another copyright pet peeve – slapping the ugly font you favor onto a copyrighted photo of someone does not give you the copyright to use the photo.  I’m being picky, I know, but I hate it when I see people trying to claim they are Christian who ignore laws on ownership of intellectual property.

Hint to Lori: Screencaps are the way to legally circumvent that rule of the word limit, as long as you do it in pieces. Screencaps are safer too, because many folks will edit their words, or remove them like the Pearls have done. If you are calling someone out you need to be able to prove what it is they said in the first place. Screencaps do not lie, and are forever.

Today’s piece is likely-fictional, death-threat posting troll Trey Magnusson aka TMack on Amazon. One lady asked Lori if she thought universal free healthcare would tank abortion rates. “Trey”, who is quite possibly Ken Alexander, replied:

Whoa! Can you just feel the kindness, love, mercy and whatnot just oozing from Trey? This view isn’t even remotely Biblical!

Here’s where this is all oh so comical as well, “Trey”  – coughcoughcoughKencoughcough has likely benefited immensely from government tax breaks, business incentives and other programs, which means he, like those he’s denigrating, has taken government money too.

Europe hasn’t ‘almost fallen’. While the UK is having some issues due to their own ridiculous ‘Brexit’ problem most of Europe is in better shape than the USA by many of the markers of success. Europeans have access to better healthcare, education, jobs and human rights than anyone except the 1% in America. Please provide proof, links, news stories, legitimate statistics by respected organizations or you are just whistling in the wind, yelling into the void about nasty women voting. Same goes with his claim that women are wholesale making problems worse in the world Proof or shut up..

This hand wringing over the rights of women is about one thing and one thing only, the fragile, easily-damaged masculinity pervasive in Evangelical Quiverfull Christianity.

The fact that this is what lays beneath the theology of Lori Alexander is much worse than much of what Lori has publicly said.

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