Suicide is Envy?

Suicide is Envy? June 18, 2018

Blog and Mablog’s Doug Wilson is munching on a mighty strange and twisted word salad in his attempts to debase those who are socialist. Did I miss the revolution going on in the United States of America recently where some hidden wave of socialism toppeled the migrant child-abusing government regime tossing around Bible scriptures to justify what they are doing? No? It’s just Doug fear-mongering again and doubling down on Trump and his administration.

In this piece he tries to claim that those who decide to end their own lives are more envious and world-killing than in intolerable inner pain. Blaming the person ending their life for their own decision. Does that not just ooze with the kindness, compassion, mercy and grace of Jesus? I guess it fits right in with a flawed mindset claiming that small children brought of the United States by their parents trying to claim refugee status are someone criminals.

Screencap of Wilson’s words on suicide.

Sorry, but suicide does not have anything to do with socialism. Sometimes I think when Wilson comes up with his word vomit he has some Boogieman bingo card with special hates printed on it and he randomly flings darts at it to come up with his wierd combinations. I can do that too! Donald Trump, Circus Clowns and Brussel Sprouts – Donald Trump threatens circus clowns with with force feeding of Brussel sprouts! Everyone can play that game, Mr. Wilson.

Envy might, just might, have a small hand in the mass shootings going on, but it seems more likely that these young people have in common the easy access of deadly weapons and a host of emotional problems. Not a good combination. Ending the problem will not be a quick or easy fix, no matter what Wilson believes. Screaming ‘Socialism’ will not do it.

But this is oh so typical in Quiverfull, inventing fake problems by misunderstanding historial data and political movements while claiming ridiculous outcomes. I’m reminded yet again of the scene in the musical ‘The Music Man’ of Professor Harold Hill inventing the problem of juvenile delinquent kids hanging out at the pool hall before taking advantage of the fear and worry of the parents he then sells musical instruments.

Robert Preston makes a lot more sense than Wilson does in his warnings.

But the transformative into something better is a much more compelling narrative than all of this fear mongering. I love the final scene in this movie when the rag tag band of kids morphs into something wonderful. Too bad Doug Wilson and his ilk of fear mongers have nothing positive to add to anything.

If you’d like a different view of socialism here’s a video from AJ+. Too bad we cannot force Doug to watch this.

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