When You Take Marriage Advice From a Hundred Year Old Piece of Fiction

When You Take Marriage Advice From a Hundred Year Old Piece of Fiction June 19, 2018
Screen cap from a Youtube video on making a mermaid crown. Why again are they enthralled with the idea of royalty again? Only crown I’m interested in wearing.

A few days ago when we published a bit on Lori Alexander’s claims that taking constant spousal abuse with a smile was Godly I was interested to read the comments on her page. There were the usual bunch of ladies that lavish her with unearned praise for toxic ideas. There was one telling of life with an abusive husband, with advice to keep on submitting (and several unpublished comments urging her to get out made by people from various sites and lists I heard. Lori is never going to allow anyone to post a comment that goes contrary in any way to her groupthink.) These were mixed with a few that started throwing doubt on the story by claiming it’s unlikely that the abused grandmother of the story, completely missing that the angel story was not the main thrust of the piece, it was enduring the abuse.

One of the commenters stood out to me because she had linked to her own public “Do as I say” cultural enforcer blog. Her blog led me to a huge number of other blogs of fundamentalist and Quiverfull ladies promoting a short story I’d not heard of. ‘When Queens Ride By’ from Agnes Turnbull.

It’s about the sin of trying to work or help out your man in his chosen field instead of staying home and being happy with the laundry and cooking and was written nearly a hundred years ago. I haven’t actually read it yet, but I’ve been reading the piles of blogs connected to this ancient short story. Has anyone here read it?

Here’s some of the highlights from one of the bigger promoters of the book:

There are some that complain that the book is ‘not Christian’ while praising its proof that women must be stay at home joyous homemakers, like this review.

I expected this writer to go into spasms of joy over the idea of being home and a housewife as the ultimate be all and end all but she had this sensible criticism of the book that I doubt many in the Evangelical Quiverfull world would even pick up on:

How sensible and grounded in realism. I’m sure Nancy Campbell, Debi Pearl and Lori Alexander would all disagree since the Quiverfull theology they all teach says that if you are the perfect submitting stay at home wife it’s going to permanently change your husband into a good ‘Godly’ man. Nope.

This all raises the question of how true is something if you have to reach back nearly a hundred years to find justification for your views? It is no different than those protesters at Charlottesville, Virginia last year using the ideas of a racist slavery-practicing South nearly 150 years later in a societal landscape that is vastly different. Time moves on, ideas stop being practical, or valid.

More after I’ve read the book. If you’d like to read along with me there are free downloads of the book available many place like this blog. They’re making a lot of fuss over a twenty page short story.

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