When the Needs Overwhelm the Mother

When the Needs Overwhelm the Mother June 20, 2018
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I’m not going to say anything smart alecky or snarky today. So many times we’ve seen mothers in Quiverfull dealing with overwhelming work loads just trying to do simple things like keep the laundry done and everyone fed. The reality for many in Quiverfull is that eventually the family needs overwhelm the mother and very bad things happen.

And everyone handles those breaking points differently. For NLQ founder Vyckie Garrison she discovered that what she believed was less that true for her, walking away from a marraige and church. Andrea Yates snapped and killed her children. Others develop chronic illnesses or have emotional breakdowns. Sometimes there is neglect of children and a tragedy happens, like the bathtub drowning of incapacitated Tommy Musser as his adoptive mother Susanna reached complete exhaustion in caring for a large brood of special needs adopted children.

Susanna is back online and back to being stretched too thin again. No criticism, just hope that CPS or family and friends intervene before something happens again. No woman should be worked to exhaustion of this level.

This is a feature, a not of Quiverfull mothering. In Susanna Musser’s own words.

No, this madness isn’t good for anyone, especially mothers.

This is also something that work a day America does better than the stay at home Quiverfull lifestyle. Long, long before you reach critical flame out you’d be called into your supervisor’s office and asked what was going on, and there would be a discussion on ways around the problem. True, some places would simply fire you the minute your productivity slipped, but people would notice and ask what was wrong.

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