The Royal Wedding Disrespected White Culture?

The Royal Wedding Disrespected White Culture? June 6, 2018

Ever since the wedding of England’s Prince Harry to American actress Megan Markel I’ve been monitoring the websites of the usual gang of Quiverfull commentators without seeing one ripple or complaint from anyone. Thought for sure that Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog would say something that he’s one of the most voracious in supporting the branch of the Evangelicalism with the most racist views. Not a peep.

In fact, the only one that seems to have sounded off about the usage of black culture during the wedding is, surprise, surprise, Ayla Stewart. She’s taken such offense you might think she’s actually related to someone in the royal family of Great Britain.

Ayla’s been a busy bee these last few weeks, with claims that whites in South Africa are being harmed, and supporting various people involved in hate speech that find themselves banned and deplatformed.

Here’s the worst of what she said in a piece called ‘No Understanding of Dignity’  Since Ayla is now writing for something called ‘Squawker and they have disabled screen shots here’s a direct quote:

And therein lies the strange rub, in their rush to not be “racist” they are perfectly happy to insult the Queen, in her own church and happy to kill British culture in order to make room for theirs, which they ironically openly consider superior while they cry “racist” at any British person who objects.

Squawker looks like a vanity publishing conspiracy and religious website filled with unverifiable nonsense.

Much of the article is  Ayla complaining about the usage of black culture in the wedding, not wanting to understand that this wedding is clearly two different cultures coming together, neither culture better or worse than the other.

Most of her posts since this one decry people calling her a racist. After reading her archive I’m not sure how this is any less racist than having one of those black lawn jockey statues in your front yard. It’s a great example of William Shakespeares words that a rose is a rose no matter what you name it. If someone always writes from a racist position it’s pretty clear that they are racists, no matter what excuse they offer for their words.

Does Ayla really believe that the Queen and the royal retainers did not know that there would be references to the bride’s genetic culture in the service? No way, if you know anything about royal protocol you would know how meticulously planned and executed the activities of the royal family.

If you think this is bad her take on the firing of Roseanna is even worse.

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