Is Judgmentalism More Godly Than Grace?

Is Judgmentalism More Godly Than Grace? August 8, 2018

It’s interesting sometimes watching The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander and her husband Ken flop around trying to justify what it is that Lori does. And what would that be? Try to tell other women how to live their lives as the type of woman Lori thinks they should be. Which is not always something that lines up with the words of Jesus. Ms. Alexander. Lori seems to think, and frequently expresses that her judgmentalism is more Godly than the grace spoken about in the Bible. How very extra-Biblical of her!

No, Lori is willfully misunderstanding why women are objecting to her words. It’s not that she’s ‘Godly’, it’s that she is demeaning, judgmental and harsh in how she phrases things. Which, thankfully, means she’ll never have a huge audience. It pretty much defangs a great deal of her poison, until those like Nancy Campbell that wrap their nuggets of poison in pretty words. Everyone can clearly see that Lori is a nuclear waste dump of ideas.

But Lori has something many of her other rivals don’t a mean-boy cheering squad that supports everything she says, like her husband Ken and sock puppet Trey, both of whom have been sounding off yet again on those that disagree with Lori. Ain’t no grace, mercy or kindness of a savior there either.

No, we want Lori to be quiet because her words are so incredibly hateful and toxic. It has nothing to do with her beliefs and everything to do with the toxic she spreads.

Speaking of immature Christians, here comes Trey, who is likely Ken in disguise.

Such a hot mess of everything that Jesus himself spoke against! Plus, Lori likes to claim she does not teach men, but it seems like men are the ones responding to her words too, making her claim ridiculous.

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