Why Are So Many Pastors So Homophobic?

Why Are So Many Pastors So Homophobic? September 29, 2018

There have been a handful of posts on pastor Steven Anderson’s personal blog that have given me pause that I haven’t quoted here. It’s not like Anderson and Faithful Word Baptist church are the only ones giving the LGBT world extreme hateful pushback. There are others that are just as hatefully homophobic in their writings, Tim Bayly, and Doug Wilson just to name a few. But they are less sneering and personally attacking of individual homosexuals than Anderson. Anderson makes it personal, which leads me to ask why are so many pastors so homophobic?

For bonus sheer awfulness points Anderson shows what a lie it is in the conservative circles that what one does as a teen does not matter, like we’re seeing right now in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Anderson goes after another pastor in the IFB (Independent Fundamentalist Baptist ) for committing a shocking crime as a teen, going to jail to pay for his crime and coming out to lead an exemplary life.  I thought that was the ultimate message of Christ, that anyone, everyone, could repent and turn away from the most grevious sins. I guess not in whatever loonytunes version of theology Anderson follows.

Here Anderson loses it over the skinny jeans and polka dot shirts worn by another pastor. When did polka dots come to signify gayness?

How are skinny jeans a sin? If you really believe this why not just not wear them yourself and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…

And poor old polka dot, which have been around forever and go in and out of fashion regularly not some indicator of sexuality! If you have to reach for something to be offended by and the only thing you can find is the fact that the pastor wore a polka dot shirt you clearly have problems.

Straining for gnats there Steven? Again, polka dots do not make men gay! But they do make Steven Anderson suspiously possibly in the closet for constantly worry about looking effeminate. He can be found wearing the IFB approved uniform of the past, either a button up or polo shirt and those ubiquitous  cheap gabardine slacks.

Anderson spends less time talking about what a woman must wear to be modest in his church and a lot of time focusing on men’s attire and mannerisms.  Bet he does not know that the King James of his KJV Bible was bisexual. Yes, Steven there were gays and  bisexuals all the way back in the 1611s too. Time to get over the sexuality of people who are not him.

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