Ken Alexander’s Gaslighting and Mansplaining?

Ken Alexander’s Gaslighting and Mansplaining? December 16, 2018
Meme made of screencap of Lori’s YouTube video.

One of the things you can count on during the few times that The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander goes viral is that she’ll post about it again and again in her blog, on her Facebook, on Instagram and in her chat room. Ad nauseum. Plus eventually her husband Ken will trot out and try to mansplain to the world what his wife actually meant. Today Ken did that, likely in an attempt before the USA Today article on Lori comes out to seem more reasonable than the mean spirited blaming that his wife does.

Too bad he’s telling some pretty big fibs in his piece, along with indulging in significant gaslighting of anyone disagreeing with his wife and mansplaining her awful ways. Is Ken afraid her viral-ness will impact his business? Why go to such lengths to try and make her seem less sheerly awful than she actually is?

The biggest lie being there is nothing about freedom in the words of Lori Alexander about the roles of women. She is not about allowing each woman to make her own life choices based upon her needs, input from her husband and family needs, or even the Bible. Lori twists much of the words of the Bible to come up with her extreme theology.

Here’s the most laughable bit of Ken’s rant:

Lori never allows exceptions. I saw her today in the chatroom go after a young mother saying that the young mother sometimes had time management issues. Lori went after that young mother by attacking with words about social media usage. Lori said that the mother wasted time on Facebook with no real knowledge of what the mother’s situation is. There is zero exceptions, empathy, sympathy, or understanding coming out of any of Lori’s words or teachings.

There is just so much I could say why people object to the teachings of Lori but I think I’ll just quote someone I know who’s posted this reply to Ken several places online about why Lori is not beloved. It says it better than I could.

You have just written a long-winded peace about the prosperity gospel which is completely unScriptural.

Obedience does not guarantee blessings. This is a complete and absolute lie. There are women in Lori’s chatroom who pour their hearts out daily to her (and which she ignores) about husbands who treat them badly despite their complete submission (which is unBiblical). These women wake each morning in a fog of despair and depression and walk through their entire day like this. What does Lori tell them? She tells them that they aren’t submitting or praying enough.

Sorry Ken, but that is shaming. You are very adept at being a spin doctor and I imagine you had to come to Lori’s rescue because all this pushback is either affecting your business, or you see the potential in it.

Once again, I’m going to ask why Lori is permitting self-proclaimed racists and members of the red pill movement to comment and verbally harass women on a page that is supposedly for women.

John MacGregor has 2 pages. He was commenting with the profile that has the confederate flag. On that profile he proudly proclaims he is a racist and a anti-Semite. When he got pushback he switched to the John MacGregor profile with the Fonzi picture. It’s still the same guy.

Then there is Vlad Masterson who stated on Lori’s page he was only with his girlfriend for sex. He is allowed to verbally bash women. Paul Maters is a white Christian nationalist who is in FB jail regularly for his anti-Semteic posts.

The woman whose name is Severin is a member of the racist group “The League of the South”. She is a regular commenter.

Charley Riviere is another racist woman who has posted racist things on Lori’s page.

You both know all this because it’s been pointed out to you time and time again in public and private conversation. You do nothing about it which can only lead a logical person to believe you also hold racist and anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Please don’t even give me the complete crap about how Lori can’t moderate all the comments. Why not? She doesn’t have a job. She isn’t even following her public statement that she never gets online at 4 p.m. Lie after lie after lie. If she can’t be in control of the comments on her page, then she shouldn’t have the page.

I believe she has a deep-seated need to be the center of any attention. Why? Are you doing your job as a husband? You are both agents of Satan himself and turn hundreds, perhaps even thousands, away from the One who came into this world to bring light, peace and salvation. You will be accountable and I diligently pray that her “ministry” is destroyed. I assure you that I am not the only one and it appears that our prayers are being answered. Lori is the laughingstock of the internet. All those 100,000 followers she has aren’t people who are listening and learning. They are mostly people who laugh at her and believe that Christianity is a complete joke. Let that sink in. All those souls who have been made to stumble because of Lori. Nice job.

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

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