Millennials Selfish Jerks?

Millennials Selfish Jerks? December 7, 2018
Here’s your cute doggo because we’re quoting Larry. Screencap from a YouTube video.

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is busy blaming Millennials for all sorts of things right now. From not marrying, to living with their parents. Surprised he’s not blaming them for killing IHOP, Sears or mayonnaise too. It’s trendy now for people not in the group to blame that group for everything wrong in this world. Are Millennials selfish jerks?

Larry cites two articles written by the Census Bureau branch of the federal government, but sometimes manages to misunderstand the findings. Read the articles for yourself and see if it mentions anywhere that men in that age group are a bunch of video game playing stoners living in the parents basements.

Living With an Unmarried Partner Now Common For Young Adults

Jobs, Marriage and Kids Come Later in Life

Neither of these links line up with Larry’s words. The consensus seems to be that young folks cannot afford to move out of their parents home, or marry, or have nice things. This is true because wages haven’t kept up with the rising costs of living.

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  • otrame

    One of the oldest known “Kids these days…” rants was written in cuneiform.

  • Tawreos

    Millennials also come out of college deep in debt with only a diploma to show for it. Maybe if the Baby boomers hadn’t been such greedy bastards this wouldn’t be the case. This Gen X’er went back to school with the millennials and got himself deep in debt while watching the potential earnings for the first year out of college drop by about 10 grand. Don’t blame other generations for not having the same priorities as your did if you are not willing to acknowledge that your generation and others changed the way things work for them.

  • zenlike

    So millennials “value (…) economic accomplishments”, and *at the same time* have “an utter lack of ambition”, being unwilling to “climb the economic [sic]latter”.

    Sounds legit.

  • DingoJack

    Yep those selfish Millennials staying with their parents, all because they can’t hope to get the several gig jobs they need to cover the $50K plus they need to afford to buy a place of their own (let alone rent one) — those bastards!

  • DingoJack

    See if you can spot the highly subtle reason something similar is happening in Australia:

  • Saraquill

    My high school is super proud of how famous it is. It drilled into us over and over how people will throw money at us once they learned we attended that place. Que the Great Recession and people bashing us for not having the wealth they promised.

  • Jennny

    I haven’t heard that for a long time, but a wise old guy once said a version of it to me. ‘Do you know they dug up a brick in ancient Babylon that said on it young people these days have no respect for their elders and betters?’

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Consistency of argument is NOT a fundy value…

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    Mattie-poo Cochran doesn’t seem to have noticed that kids are waiting longer to have sex these days…

    Because it would throw his entire thesis in the cesspool where (IMHO) it belongs.

  • SAO

    More uniformed opinions from someone who thinks his nether regions are a better source of information than researchers who actually try to find the truth. I’m guessing this was prompted by the study from the Federal Reserve who concluded that Millennials are spending less because they are earning less and have more debt — it’s not lack of effort, it’s the lack of results from the same effort their predecessors put in.

  • Nightshade

    When people bitch about ‘kids these days’ I just want to remind them who raised those kids. Some people’s kids? Try some kids’s people! (keeping in mind of course that parents are only responsible for what their kids do up to a certain point)

    Also, Larry calling Millennials fearful and selfish? This from a guy too afraid of women telling him ‘no’ that he creates a whole male ownership of women system out of imagination and shreds of Bible? So selfish that he claims a ‘right’ to tell his wife to drop whatever she’s doing and spread her legs anytime he says so? Does Larry ever look in the mirror and think about what he sees?

  • Saraquill

    Or most places online.

  • Saraquill

    There was an online book group I used to visit, devoted to the Babysitter’s Club series and associated books. Two people had echo chambered each other, foaming at the mouth over how an unpopular character “is what’s wrong with young people today.” Never mind that these books have been out of print for ages, while the series was around when they were kids.

  • AFo

    As a millenial, it’s getting really tiresome to see my generation get blamed for all kinds of stupid shit. We’re moving out, getting married, and having kids later because we can’t afford any of that right out of college. We also witnessed our parents’ generation get divorced at incredibly high rates, or stay in miserable marriages “for the kids,” so of course we’re not going to jump the gun on that. But sure, Larry, it’s because we’re selfish, heathen brats.

  • SAO

    Well, if you’re a woman, and you didn’t marry a Larry-type guy and start catering to his every whim while having dozens of kids, but staying svelte and young-looking, you’re obviously sinfully selfish. I mean, really, you sound like you think you should have a life! What gall!

  • persephone

    It’s amazing the amount of verbal vomit he comes up with, considering his nether regions are microscopic.

  • smrnda

    Kids cost money. Marriages don’t tend to do well when people struggle with finances. Maybe getting education and accomplishments first and then marriage and kids after is just the responsible way to go?

    Also, on adults ‘leaving home and struggling financially since the beginning’ – the nuclear family is kind of a recent innovation. Plenty of humans practiced multigenerational living and child-rearing for centuries if not longer, because it was the model that made sense for must people before the industrial revolution. The idea of growing up and leaving home is more recent, as we’ve moved away from family based industries. Did kids in the 1500 grow up and move away and climb the ladder? They’d be more likely to stay and work in the family business.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    I barely even look at what college applicants went to, can’t imagine caring what High School they went to (if I’d ever heard of it, and the only ones I know the names are the ones near where I grew up, and where I live now)

  • Saraquill

    One alumna insisted said high school was what got her admitted into med school, and kept insisting when I pointed out grad school applications don’t ask about high schools. She also defended that fact said place protects pedophiles.

    I can’t express the depths of my hatred for that place.

  • Dom S
  • therealcie

    Well, since the planet is overpopulated, I think it’s just fine that millennials are in no hurry to pop out more kids. We really don’t need a lot of being fruitful and multiplying under current conditions.

  • therealcie

    I’m a Gen-X’er who ended up having to move in with my millennial son after my health went to crap and I ended up on Medicaid. I wonder what Larry would think of me. Seeing as I’m also an agnostic and a woman, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be flattering.

  • therealcie

    Nah, you’re all right. Larry’s an idiot.

  • therealcie

    I think that series was around when I was a teenager. My pterodactyl ate one of the books.

  • DingoJack

    The Babysitter’s Club were published from Aug 1986 through to Nov 2000, with a prequel in May 2010.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Always the woman’s fault…
    This halfwit purity culture tells girls and women that they have to dress like nuns and not even make eye contact with a man until safely married, let alone actually, say, go on a date, and then jerks like him say the problem is that women aren’t making “enough effort” to find a husband.

  • Rann

    They also never noticed that many nuns started to not wear the traditional habit in the early ’70s….. so they are stuck in the 50s and 60s….par for the course, I’d say!

  • Samantha Vimes

    Wages have been stagnant overall and housing costs rising. Young people today WOULD have to make a lot more to be able to afford a home to raise their own family.

  • Anna

    There’s a quote attributed to Cicero that goes, “Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

    I guess we haven’t changed much in a couple thousand years.

  • katiehippie

    Larry is jealous.

  • tatortotcassie

    Also of note: even in the most affordable green states, you’d still have to make a salary that’s higher than $35,000/year. Why is that significant? Because that’s about how much a 40 hour a week job would earn you provided you were paid $15/hr. You know, that amount that a few years ago was touted as a living wage but has already become not enough.