‘War on Traditional Families’ Code Word for White Supremacy?

‘War on Traditional Families’ Code Word for White Supremacy? December 4, 2018

Screen cap from one of Ayla’s rather silly and self-centered Youtube videos. I have blackened out her child as he has no choice about appearing in her video. Child as prop.

It should come as no surprise that there are dog whistles and carefully coded language in Quiverfull and Evangelicalism. It used to be that the inherent racism in those groups was hidden, disguised by euphemism. Lately, thanks to people like Ayla Stewart of Wife With a Purpose, it’s not quite so hidden. You can easily see who is hiding behind the white sheets of KKK-like values. Thanks Ayla for making it glaringly obvious. ‘War on Traditional Families’ code word for white supremacy.

This comes from Ayle’s post ‘A Note of Encouragement’:

So how’s that “MAGA” working out for Ayla and others. Hmm, let’s see, last week Robert Mueller handed down search warrants on the bank Trump deals with and his former accountant. Looks likely that there are more indictments coming down for the administration. Trump’s been ostracized and marginalized at the  G20 Summit and has been on his twitter rants. Does not sound like ‘winning’ to me and it’s not making America great again.

I’m reading a book right now that helps explain the idiot racists like Ayla Stewart and why they are so heavily invested in the Donald Trump presidency and his moronic catch phrases. It’s called “Asshole Nation: Trump and the Rise of Scum America” by Scott McMurrey

McMurrey theorizes that we have so many more racists and awful people out in plain view now only because Trump’s awfulness causes them to stop hiding and be openly like him. Ignoring all science, facts, morals and common sense while behaving like an entitled narcissist. Hence the Ayla Stewarts of this world.

She also claims in this piece that the world denies and pushes back on women choosing to stay home, have babies and be traditional housewives. This is exactly zero evidence that this is so, in fact, I’d venture to say that most women staying home to raise their children have received no flack for it. Not even now.  Until recent years this has been mostly the norm, and is still considered one of the many wonderful ways women are allowed to pick their life choices.

It’s not the staying home, it’s not the having lots of children that’s earned Ayla the disdain of the media. It’s the open racism of so many of her posts, like the one that followed this one. She posted about a white child being hung for being white, which everyone knows is a bad thing. She screeched on and on about being a defender of the white, while acting as though blacks and Hispanics are somehow privileged races. Not one word about the many African Americans who have been lynched or the Hispanics now being abused at the border.

Dear Ayla, if it’s ‘wrong’ for white folks it’s wrong for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage. I know I’m proud of my Scottish/English/Irish, Cajun, Native American and Jewish heritage, but it does not cause me to hate and debase others. Your vaunted whiteness should not either. Unless you’re a racist.

No matter how many cookies you bake and post pictures or, or cute little tchotchkes you paint and sell on Etsy as long as you are promoting white culture above all else you’re just another racist.

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