Lori Alexander Says Immodest Women Do Not Deserve Respect

Lori Alexander Says Immodest Women Do Not Deserve Respect December 5, 2018

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is back beating the bones of one of her favorite dead hobby horses – leggings are immodest. That’s even as she’s admitted in her private chatroom that she does sometimes wear leggings at home. But that’s not even the worst thing she’s come out with yesterday. Lori Alexander says that immodest women do not deserve respect. Plus her definition of respect is a skewed one.

Here’s her public post on modesty and leggings. She is complaining that the world does not like it when you tell young girls not to dress immodestly. Like she’s the world’s foremost expert on the subject instead of just another jealous woman angry as her husband looks at thonged rear ends on the beach.

I missed this ‘feminist flash mob’. Where were they, and what did they do? The article Lori citing as evidence of a ‘flash mob’ looks more like Lori-stan propaganda with a group of concerned mothers showing up to protest an unfair school policy in yoga pants. The same yoga pants that Lori herself admits wearing at home.

Good for the mamas for not allowing their girls to be publicly shamed for having feminine bodies. Yes, modesty culture has always been rape culture as it puts women in charge of men’s sexuality, which is not their job. It absolves men of any responsiblity for their own actions, making them little better than beasts. Only men should be in charge of their own sexuality, just like only women should be over their own.

Reducing men, wonderful men, kind men, saintly men into the same animalistic grouping with rapists and other evil sexual abusers. That’s exactly what purity culture does that makes it rape culture.

But that’s not the awful part of Lori’s words. It’s this. a screen cap of her words from her own private chat room about respect and women. One of my loyal readers sent this to me last night and I could hardly believe she would admit in writing that she does not think all women deserve respect.

Calling women nasty names? Check. Claiming that others do not deserve respect? Check. Looks like just another day in the gulag that is the mind of Lori Alexander. This is disgraceful and disgusting.

See what Lori did here? She pulled the first of the definitions that popped up on Google. The first general one. This is literally the first one of many and is not from an organization like the Merriam Websters Dictionary, which defines more accurately respect this way.

Also, Lori usually straight up orders everyone to not have emotions or feelings, yet her definition of respect involves… wait for it…. feelings. She claims feelings and emotions are selfish.

That’s the noun, so let’s look at the verb usage.

Not much deep admiration going on there. It’s like this, you can respect the office of the president and still dislike the actual person of the president. Prisoners respect the ability of the iron bars to keep them in their cells. I respect the authority of the local policia enough to not speed even if I may or may not like them. Respect and admiration don’t always go hand in hand.

One thing I do know. It’s never right, or Christian, or loving to call women you do not know names like ‘harlots’ and say they are not worthy of respect. Everyone is worthy of respect by the sheer dint of being human.

I leave you with the immortal Aretha Franklin and her song on the subject from the movie ‘The Blues Brothers 2000’

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