Christian Women Are Whores?

Christian Women Are Whores? February 26, 2019

I could put up an insulting photograph, or the one I like to use of the grinning jackass children’s ride. Instead I give you one of my favorite George Washington quotes on sensible women.

This is from one of the ridiculous Red Pill blogs that is sometimes quoted at places like Lori Alexander’s various sites and social media. It’s by a guy that goes by the moniker Sigma Frame.

I would normally not bother with a non-Christian MRA man here, but, as I’ve said many of the female cultural enforcers have started to embrace these men devoid of any morals. I didn’t quote the parts where he called Christian women demeaning names like whore and worse.

What’s interesting here is that he is arguing that Christian women are more likely to have an affair during marriage. He claims as many as 65%, based on the figures by another guy. I don’t know if it’s that high. Seems to me that infidelity across religious/non-religious lines might be similar. The statistics I keep finding cited at both legitimate studies, several books and in newspaper articles on the subject put women’s infidelity at about 33%, or as high as 40% depending on which study you cite. It’s not 65% cheating, unless something has changed drastically in the church.

This seems so wrong!

So if you seem happy, or glorified, or spiritually fulfilled you are either having an affair, or will have one. How is he determining this? Is he aware that personal observations without empirical studies and peer reviews are relatively meaningless.  This is like looking outside at twilight, with the sun sinking while bathing the green grass with a reddish hue. You might momentarily see ‘red’ grass, but that is not proof that the grass is actually red. It’s still green.

While I don’t doubt there are more very unhappy marriages with spouses thinking about cheating in Quiverfull and Evangelicalism I do doubt that more of them take that step. That is another one of the very harmful things taught in religion, that you’re somehow sinful if your mind strays or you glimpse someone else you find attractive in a sexual way.

I am skipping a great deal of this man’s post because he is using words unprintable on Patheos. Here he goes on to brag that if you want to find someone to have sex with find a Christian women.

I cannot believe I’m having to defend the notion of Christian women being more likely to cheat. But this is telling, this is exactly the kind of men that The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander purposely chooses to quote and hang around with on Dalrock’s blog.

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