Patriarchs Think Female Superheros Are Lesbians?

Patriarchs Think Female Superheros Are Lesbians? March 13, 2019

Brie Larsen as Captain Marvel

Have you been introduced to the special kind of retrosexual males who hate Gillette and female superheros named “It’s Good To Be A Man”? 

Welcome to the Christian Manosphere. They openly brag about it. One of their posts on their Facebook page was bemoaning the fact that people (read women) no longer read non verbal cues or body language. Justification for not speaking. Look dudes if you want me to know something just please tell me unemotionally in plain language and I’ll get the point.

They love Tim Bayly and they love John Calvin. Their website is just filled with the toxic nonsense that weak men cite to make themselves feel more masculine. Mostly putting women in their place. The quote below showed up on my Facebook feed and I had to go take a look at these self-described good patriarchs.

Soooooooo, not meeting some false standard of modesty concocted by these same guys means we’re weaponizing our femininity? How? Examples must be cited so we can determine what the heck these guys are even talking about.

I have no way of knowing which singer the poster is talking about here as him figuring out she’s a lesbian and abuse victim. Not sure about who, but why do they even care what a singer’s sexuality is?

Then they extrapolate sexuality based upon two fictional characters in superhero movies. But here’s what they miss about that. Superheros, female and male, are creatures of fiction, without much in the way of reality, or influence beyond that silver screen they are on. The women aren’t necessarily ‘Feminist Icons’ either.

To be upset enough about a female superhero movie to make several posts about it and relating it all to a fictional character’s sexuality is so incredibly bizarre.

I am reminded anew about that time in the mid 80s when a friend’s Baptist minister parents told me that they did not allow their children to what the kids show “The Smurfs”. Those long ago parents believed that the little blue men were representative of Hollywood pushing the gay agenda. They called it ‘Group Homosexual Living.”

I thought the Smurfs were asexual at best. In fact, why are they thinking about the sex lives of cartoon characters who aren’t real.

I laughed then, but I cannot just laugh this off. What is it about the fundagelicals that they must go around looking for evil villains in the most innocuous things? One thing is for sure, Hollywood does not give a rip about promoting agendas when they create and release movies. Mammon is their God. They take the cultural temperature and release content tailored towards what is popular.

In these “Me Too” days where so many have been outed as creeps it’s not surprising that there would be an uptick in female leads. It does not demean men, it does not mean that society hates or disrespects them, it just means that things have shifted for now. It’s not a demonic plot.

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