Let Children Experience Pain?

Let Children Experience Pain? April 29, 2019
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Spent a while this evening looking for the recent postings of Evangelical pontificators calling the HBO show “Game of Thrones” pornography. Sunday’s night episode 3 of this season was intense, and I wanted to compare the show to porn. There were absolutely no naked people, sex or sexuality in this episode. PornHub has reported that usage of their site drops dramatically when “Game of Thrones” airs.

I seem to remember Lori recently complaining about the show, comparing the little flashes of nudity on the show with hard cord penetration porn. Makes me laugh because while we have seen sex on the show it’s like comparing a fire cracker to a nuclear war head. I looked in my saved Lori links and came up with this snippy piece written by Lori claiming that it is good to allow your kids to have some pain.

I allowed my children to suffer at times, because I loved them.  Yes, if they broke their arm and were in extreme pain, I would give them Tylenol.  If they had a fever, however,  I would try to make them as comfortable as possible without trying to bring their fever down, because I knew that the fever is a good thing that kills the sickness in their bodies.

Alright, so she does not believe in treating standard fevers. I personally find that cruel because why would you not try to make your child comfortable with something to bring down their fevers if they are in pain?

But it’s this bit that is so dangerous about the type of thinking that it’s okay to make a child feel pain.

I often wonder if drugs are such a problem in today’s society, because parents gave their children drugs for every little thing when they were growing up.  When they grew up they reasoned, “I am in pain.  This is a bad thing. I must take away the pain so I must take drugs.”

No, Lori, just no. There is a world of difference between a child getting a Tylenol for a headache or fever, and someone snorting up a line of cocaine or shooting heroin. Not even in the same stratosphere.  If you are in emotional pain so intensely that illegal drugs are the only way to ease the pain it surely did not start with a Tylenol for a headache. She’s extrapolating stupidly outward.

Many people believe pain and suffering are bad things.  They are not.  They are teachers that can teach us good things, like obeying authority and allowing our bodies to heal themselves naturally without the side effects of drugs.
You don’t injure people to teach them a lesson. Earlier in this piece she talked of smacking her children to stop them from biting while nursing, and of other spank-able moments. Using pain to teach someone is one of the worst ideas. You teach that the strongest biggest person always gets their way. That cruelty is acceptable. That their parents harm them to teach them a lesson.
And Lori thinks the sex and violence of “Game of Thrones” is the problem? I fear she would have done worse than the Red Woman did to Princess Shireen.

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