Out-Martyring Each Other – Suffering For Jesus

Out-Martyring Each Other – Suffering For Jesus April 6, 2019

Took  a stroll through Nancy Campbell’s Above Rubies reading through the weeks worth of posts. Nancy is currently hung up on pretty dresses and being feminine, accusing most women of wearing a uniform of the world – jeans and a tee shirt. But I could not resist reposting this letter to Nancy by one of her followers out-martyring everyone else.

I just have to answer this letter, it could have been written by one of a number of women I knew at my old church. Many times during women’s Bible studies or meetings the uber pious would modestly humblebrag about things no one ever brags about in the real world.

Free to lose those kids to CPS if they ever figure out you have no running water. Why? Not for the sake of freedom. While not having running water is not against the law, but because not having water is a hygiene and safety issue for the children.

No water, no washing machine, I can just imagine how this poster is living. Likely in a travel trailer or a cabin built of plywood like that occupied by the notorious Naugler family. The barest of necessities, living an existence that does not accommodate the needs of the children, yet claiming it is the best.

Water is needed to stay clean, keep the home clean, for basic sanitary services. Not everyone can afford to own a washing machine, but most everyone has access to water.

No water is likely to lead to disease no matter what this woman does. Just keep jumping on that trampoline and eventually someone is going to end up with a twisted limb or a bumped head. You wouldn’t be ‘debt free’ very long paying an ER bill to set a broken arm.

Yet again someone is trotting out the lie that if you just Jesus hard enough that depression will flee like a bird. That’s not at all how depression works. Sometimes it’s chemical, sometimes situational and occasionally it is rooted in a physical problem. None of those causes can be prayed away, and are better served with a visit to the doctor to start, and medication perhaps.

If you want to stay home with your children instead of working, then do it. But please do not frame your voluntary poverty as a virtue.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not putting down poverty. I’ve been poor, dirt poor, having to decide between paying the electric bill and buying my college text books. I know from long experiences that neither poverty or riches indicate anything about the morality of anyone else. Unfortunately this is just a sub type of the good Christian martyr looking for attention.


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