Tim Bayly Wants All Hard Penises?

Tim Bayly Wants All Hard Penises? May 30, 2019

I normally do not like starting a piece with words describing sexual body parts, but there’s no other way to phrase it. Tim Bayly of Out of Our Minds takes it there in this piece on why he thinks a man being considered effeminate is a sin. Yes, it has to do with erections, hard penises.

Tim’s killing me here with this. I’m laughing and choking on my orange juice. He owes me a new keyboard as I’ve just ruined mine. This is just another pile of Tim Bayly’s thin-skinned, weak, frightened, wimpy, gay fear-mongering toxic masculinity.

The problem with Tim’s descriptions over the years of what he considers a manly man is that this fictional man also sounds like a jerk. A worse jerk than most any normal average guy.

His rants defining masculinity are almost starting to take on the same characteristics as the silly excuses the guys in the incel community give as to why women prefer other men.

Here’s a hint to both Tim and the incels. Most women like men who treat them like human beings, not accessories or sex robots or animals. Not the one with the biggest muscles and most fragile sense of masculine self.

Is it really an insult for a man to have any characteristics that would be considered ‘soft’? I don’t see it. I’ve seen men who’ve been gentle and soft caring for animals, or their children, loving their wives. The first thought popping into my brain when witnessing these things, or moments of sweet intimacy not involving toxic masculinity is not gay or effeminate at all.

Sometimes the strongest men, the most masculine ones, are the ones that allow themselves to be real, to be caring and loving. Not Mr. Rampant Hard Penis.

Here is what Tim had to say:

Effeminacy is a sin and not because it is degrading for a man to be reduced to the status of a woman. It is not a matter of status. It’s a matter of sex. Body parts and those duties flowing from them. A man is to be hard, not soft. A woman is to be soft, not hard. People today are so opposed to God’s distinctions that they are incapable of seeing how these statements merely flow from each sex’s genitals. The man is hard and takes initiative. The woman is soft and receptive to that initiative. We are to obey our sex. We are to obey our bodies. Rebekah saw Isaac and got off her camel and veiled herself. The woman is the glory of man, not God. The man is the glory of God. The woman in worship is to be covered, the man uncovered.

This has nothing to do with ‘obeying our bodies’, this is more fearful worry over what is manly.

Bayly does go on to state that those things that are effeminate sin in men are lovely and right in women. He is starting to sound like IFB’s Steven Anderson with Steven’s rants about polka dots and skinny jeans being gay.

It’s interesting that so many of these guys never mention Jesus, or write anything appealing that leads one to Jesus. They are all so hung up on, how does Tim put it, “wrongful copulation.”

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