Control Everything Your Children Eat?

Control Everything Your Children Eat? June 4, 2019

I guess this means that perhaps Zsuzsanna Anderson is not as sensible as she sometimes seems.

We haven’t taken a look in  a long while at Zsuzsanna Anderson, or her husband, hate pastor and Pope of the New IFB Steven Anderson. Steven’s been busy lately. He was banned from Ireland, but his conference went on there without him, just some of Anderson’s acolytes. Steven has one of his documentaries up on YouTube as well as having YouTube pulling some of his content for homophobia. Big surprise, not.

Looks like business as usual on Zsu’s Facebook and website. She’s writing a book on homeschooling and hawking her cookbook. And then there’s this:


I just bought my own Mother’s Day gift – locks for all the fridges and freezers, plus my two biggest kitchen cabinets.

Which is basically buying sanity.

I am making an entire video why snacking between meals is both unhealthy and wasteful in so many ways. Haters, please hold your comments until you’ve watched it. Or until you have raised 10 kids and come up with a better solution.

(P.S. The kids are well-fed and allowed to eat as much as they want at meal times, plus snack on fresh fruit between meals. Babies and toddlers get fed on demand, obviously.)

Say what?!? Zsuzsanna has to keep the freezers, fridges and cabinets locked between meals?  This is a level of control that is rather unhealthy.

Here’s where it raises huge red flags with me. Most of the time when you have a child that is excessively eating between meals, or sometimes food hoarding many times this springs directly from a parent denying them food. Normal kids will not eat the entire fridge and all the cereal every single day. Just sometimes as growth spurts happen.

Everyone’s need for nutrition changes from day to day. Are they doing a lot of work, or playing hard outside? They might need the additional food, versus a rainy day spent inside reading.

We used to see kids that would raid every available food supply, with or without hoarding they’d come out of situations where the parent either exhibited significant food control mechanisms, like Zsuzsanna is talking about here.  Or they were not being fed.

We know from Zsu’s many photos of family meals that she is feeding her children. No one looks half-starved or neglected, like in the Jill and David Rodriguez family. with the skinny, hollow-eyed children.  There’s not chaos connected with the family and/or food like in the Joe and Nicole Naugler family. Zsuzsanna cooks and feeds those kids. No one is buying and eating pies in front of the kids without giving them any, like the Turpin parents did.

It’s not a matter of depriving feeding the kids at all. It’s about control, toxic levels of control of children, controlling every single aspect of their lives.

There are better ways to deal with overeating, hoarding, snacking and making a mess. I got these few from a UK website on hoarding and obsessive eating.

Food Baskets: Provide food baskets in the home—created with the child’s input—consisting of snacks that are healthy and appealing to the child. The child should be told the food baskets will be refilled and are a better alternative than hoarding. If the child hoards the food basket, set limits, but do not discontinue the basket idea. Some schools will also cooperate with keeping food baskets in the classroom, especially if the child is prone to taking other students’ snacks.

Backpacks: When packing lunches for school or events, pack a special container of food that can be removed and kept with the child. This provides a traveling sense of food security and food availability for the child. Coupling Nurturing with Eating: Always positively reinforce any progress the child makes in curbing hoarding behaviour. If the child utilizes a food basket, nurture the child when they seek items from the food basket. Positively comment on how all family members are always fed. Weave this message into mealtimes and have this message commented on by various family members.

Please do not create future eating disorders by so tightly controlling every morsel of food a child eats. At the residential treatment center I worked at children had all sorts of issues with food, including extreme fear that they would not be fed. Not only did we have fresh fruit always available, but we did do the snack basket suggested above as well as retaught some of the children how to learn proper eating stratifies and food regulation skills. We didn’t lock the fridge.

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