Zsuzsanna Anderson and Creating Eating Disorders

Zsuzsanna Anderson and Creating Eating Disorders June 4, 2019

Last night when I wrote about Zsuzsanna Anderson putting locks on her freezers, refrigerators and cabinets I hadn’t seen her explanation video yet.

Now I have, and it’s a road map for how to create an eating disorder in a child by food restrictions. It was very revealing, showing that what is going on in that household should be investigated by CPS.

Here’s Zsu’s video.

For those of you without strong stomachs enough to watch this let me break it down. Zsuzsanna gives her reasons for disliking snacking, and it’s all boils down mostly to two things 1 – it is personally inconvenient to her and 2 – it costs money.

She starts off with the most obvious of the lies – that eating between meals sets kids up for a lifetime of entitlement, instant gratification, while learning to wait for a meal teaches them to only eat when hungry.

But here’s the thing with that. Kids generally burn a lot of calories. They are usually much more physically active than adults. They are growing, changing and developing every single day and sometimes that takes more calories than three meals. What she is actually teaching the kids is that their needs do not matter, denial of self in an unhealthy way.

Then Zsu moves on to ‘intermittent fasting’ which is just a new fancy way to say don’t eat between 5 pm and 7 am, something that is perfectly fine for grown adults but may not be appropriate for children. She genuinely believes that obesity happens because parents do not stick to the three squares, one piece of fruit and no snacks.

It’s more likely to happen when you are too controlling of the food, or not properly feeding your children. Food insecurity and insufficiency are real things, that negatively impact a person’s entire lives.

Which leads me to a spin off of her ranting about she likes to keep a clean kitchen. Zsuzsanna starts talking about finding food wrappers in very odd places, including what looked like an empty chip bag behind the dryer. This is not normal! This is what food hoarding by a child who has been living in food insecurity for years. Her older children have been sneaking food, likely for a very long time now.

The most telling moment of what is going on here was in Zsu’s words near the end where she says it is the teenagers that are the food problems. She states she has to lock up the food only when she leaves the home and the teenagers are there alone.

Teenagers, starting at puberty, have vastly different food needs than others in the home. They are going through their final growth spurts, and their bodies are calling for much higher calorie amounts than those three meals. It’s not rebellion, it’s biology. It’s higher metabolism during a time of critical growth. Most of the legitimate medical pages recommend two to three snacks per day on top of meals for growing teens and sometimes more for boys.

This is not letting your children trash the kitchen scarfing down junk food willy-nilly. This is you being aware of needs, and meeting those needs.

Kids with unmet needs for food will turn to the hoarding that Zsu is dealing with now.

I’m not sure if Zsu is merely selfishly short sided here, or deliberately controlling every morsel going into those kids mouth, but it is unhealthy.

Zsuzsanna references all the haters and people she thinks do not have a clue in this mornings post and on the video. Sorry, Zsuzsanna, but I have worked for ages with kids having food insecurity issues in a residential treatment center and through my work in the social work field. I have also raised three children without food issues or obesity who are conscience of what they eat. No one was starved, we fed the kids when they needed it. Like normal rational reasonable people will do.

EVERYTHING she is saying in this video is a huge red flag that indicates that her older children are dealing with food insufficiency every day.

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