Doug Wilson Dislikes Women and Leggings

Doug Wilson Dislikes Women and Leggings June 22, 2019
Here in Costa Rica the idea of gender roles is relaxed enough to have unisex restrooms with the only designations being mermaids or centaurs. Leggings might be the most modest article of clothing you see worn here. Even in church.

One thing is for sure, Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog never met an idea about shaming women he didn’t like. In this  confusing mess of word salad Doug explains why he thinks leggings are not modest clothing and shows his sneering dislike of women. Whatta man!

First we start with a list that Doug thinks about women. It’s a pretty weird list including that quote from yesterday involving his lie about very submissive wives needing fewer tranks and antidepressants.

Then there’s this:

“I believe that the Bible requires the older women to teach the younger women how to make flaky buttermilk biscuits.”

Doug does not seem to realize you can get pre-made biscuits, frozen biscuits or canned biscuits just as good as homemade. No woman need slave over Doug’s stupid biscuits.

I wonder if he realizes that is certain circles in the Deep South a ‘biscuit’ can also refer to a lovely lady’s most intimate parts, her genitalia? Doesn’t that just put a whole different spin on his advice there?

I almost find his attempt at a witticism about women cooking to be more offensive than his claims about mental health medications for women, women gloating over male failures, women’s Bible study sessions being a stitch and be a witch group and comparisons to wrestling bears in slacks. He seems to be laboring under the idea that only women can make biscuits, only older women can teach this to women, like it’s important instead of another mindless gendered chore he dreamed up.

He goes on to claim that a woman wearing a pair of leggings is usurping a man’s power and authority.

“The point for the feminists in all this is not the sexual part but rather the defiant and rebellious usurpation of authority part. Sex is just the instrument. A common theme in all the angry responses to any complaint whatever is that the patriarchy has nothing whatever to say about matters such as this, and that if a woman wants to walk down the street looking like a couple of bear cubs wrestling playfully in small sack, the men need to learn how not to reduce women to a part of their bodies. “Respect me as a person,” the bear cubs seem to be saying, and that is certainly one point of view. But science is science, and nature is nature, and if the woman is unattractive, nobody wants to see that, and if the woman is attractive, then godly men really don’t want to see that. This leggings parade is not (in most instances) a personal and lascivious “screw me” invitation. It is an insolent and culture-wide “screw you” that is aimed at the patriarchy and men in general. The root sin in it is a lack of submissiveness, along with defiance offered to the very idea of submissiveness.”

Doug also does not understand that women wear yoga pants and leggings because……… drum roll please…….. they are COMFORTABLE, not to make his wee-wee swell up. Comfort, practicality, price, and a million other reasons that are none of his business!

This is one of the things I do not get about Quiverfull any longer. Why do any of these guys think that their opinion holds any water with any woman that isn’t their own wives or daughters?

He spends the rest of the piece whining that the whole world scoffs or laughs at his personal notions of modesty, complaining about feminists and other mockers that refuse to accept his authority. A righteous  QF man’s temper tantrum on not being taken seriously.

Dear Doug, if you want to be taken seriously, you merely have to stop with the ridiculous ideas that you have any influence or say so in this world, and start behaving like an esteem-able person. not a contemptuous prig.

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