Lori Alexander Goes Gay Bashing

Lori Alexander Goes Gay Bashing June 24, 2019

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife and her assorted bashing of people, ideas and things this week. Never even looked at her blog this week because the most toxic stuff is going down on her Facebook page and that roach nest of a chat room.

It’s a roach nest because roaches multiply away from the light, in hidden places, before crawling out to spread their diseases. Just like the homophobic, racist, sexist people that follow Ms. Alexander.

Lori Alexander had this to say during Pride Month:

and this:

So June being Pride month is somehow a conspiracy for stores to sell more items? **Gasp!!** I never knew. A month of rainbows.

It’s not so that commerce can make more money, not at all. It morphed into an entire month years ago to include the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  Even Trump acknowledged Pride Month in one of his ubiquitous tweets.

Here’s the thing. Lori and pals behave like Pride is somehow inflicting damage on them, when clearly it is not even slightly impactful on their lives. I would like them to prove to us how it is harming them, in real and practical ways, not some made up blathering about based on their flawed interpretations of a bronze age book that’s been translated hundreds of times.

She does not understand that Pride merely seeks to allow people self-affirmation, imbues them with dignity and it’s the same dignity we all enjoy as humans, increase visibility and community unity. The goal is celebration and acceptance as humans, not pushing some radical sexual agenda down the throats of Lori et al.

The nerve of a woman who calls for child beating throwing shade at parents bringing their children to Pride events is rather disgusting. She beat her children, talking once of a beating that went on over the course of hours, with an implement. This is not someone that values children, childhood or ever exhibits any sort of love.

Other vile topics in Lori’s chatroom this week? How depression can be cured and addictions ended just by turning to Christ. Lori did her usual thing and deleted anyone who posted helpline numbers and genuine information on the struggles of those depressed or wrestling with addictions.

How do you get to be so cold and unfeeling that you only want your own echo chamber? You cannot feel understanding, sympathy or compassion for depressed people, or addicts. You sneer at those different than you and call them names. Would Christ do that?

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