Are Wives Owned by Husbands?

Are Wives Owned by Husbands? August 22, 2019

Trigger warning. You might want to take a hillbilly sized drink of whatever calmative you use as this is dreadful.

I should have taken some sort of anti nausea medicine or a hard slug of tequila before wandering back into Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles blog posting on men owning women.

Larry the Hairy Man has only the thinnest and dumbest justification using the scriptures to claim this. For women he tries to use one of the Ten Commandments – “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife” extrapolating it out because it also mentions servants and animals. No, Larry, this does not implicitly imply that women are objects to be owned! This isn’t Sesame Street and the Bible isn’t a giant game of “Which of these things are just like the other?”

That is some incredibly thin scripture ‘proof’ of ownership going on in his citing.

He’s using the King James version, the translation of the Bible that Biblical historians cite as the worst translation with many errors. Because it was commissioned and guided/edited by a petty tyrant who happened to be a drunk and quite gay. The source materials used by the translators were suspect, and there are a number of inaccuracies in translation.

Then Larry tries to use that passage that Quiverfull folks use to justify their stance of having many children – Psalm 127: 3 – 5 that starts out “Lo, children are the heritage of the Lord..” before arguing that the English word ‘heritage’ actually means ‘inherited property’

Well, that’s funny because heritage and inheritance are definite very different things. From English Learner, one of the sites we use to help teach English here in Central America, here is the differences between the two:

Inheritance“, when used literally, refers to money, real estate, or other tangible … to another, while inheritance could mean material things inherited or equally … Both Heritage and Inheritance can be material or immaterial possessions

Larry tries to claim the translation from Hebrew means only inherited property, but if you dig into the word meanings it can mean a wide variety of things not mere property.

Dear Larry, people are not things. They never were and never will be no matter how much you wish they were.

Why is this distinction so incredibly important? Because things, possessions, inanimate objects can be used, used up, abused, treated badly with zero guilt. You can without pain medication from an object and feel completely justified in doing so. Doing the same thing to a living breathing human being with rights is a crime. It all comes down to abuse and deniability of responsibility.

Larry uses long l-o-n-g passages from the Old Testament justifying selling family members into slavery and servant hood. He tries to double down on his claims of wives as possessions by saying that obeying a husband is a marker of being owned.

Now having proven from the Bible that wives are actually considered by God to be property just as slaves are, we will go on to show that the responsibilities of owners toward these two types of human properties are very different.

Nope, the only thing Larry proved here is that he has:

  • No real understanding of history
  • No deep knowledge of how the Bible was translated
  • No understanding on the translation of words
  • No understanding of scripture

What Larry does have is:

  • The ability to twist scripture to support his own bad ideas
  • A mindset where abuse of women and children is normal

I can’t even read the part where Larry separates out what the difference is  between slaves and wives. That will have to wait for another day. One can only take in so much poison before throwing up.

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