Defining Maturity?

Defining Maturity? August 13, 2019

Quick one today. Here’s a few interesting screen caps. We start off with a quote from Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. Lori defines maturity and the great irony is that she herself is so incredibly offended most of the time.

Recently on Facebook women are asking why NLQ focuses on Lori Alexander so much. The short answer is that Lori seems to be the current most prominent female cultural enforcer for Quiverfull. She has the most outrageous and extreme ideas. Pointing out the toxicity levels of her ideas is the only real way to combat her.

Before Lori it was Debi Pearl with the worst ideas and most influence. Tomorrow it will be someone else.

Here are a few more really awful ideas out in Quiverfull today

Vaughn Ohlman tries to take Lori to task for her claims that women not staying home are blaspheming the word of God.

and I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or cry over this question asked in another extremist version of Evangelicals..

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  • digital bookworm

    I’m guessing that if the husband doesn’t say “I want a sammich now!”, then…
    there’s no hurry.

  • Martin Penwald

    26 of 27 mass shooters were fatherless, really? And I guess it was their mother’s fault they hadn’t a father…

  • Milo C

    Statistics from the Department of Slim Atmosphere.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Depends on the complexity of the sammich. /s

  • AFo

    Lori joins the chorus of conservatives who love to derisively call liberals “snowflakes,” then lose their sh1t1 over Starbucks holiday cups (or something equally inconsequential). Pot1, meet kettle.

  • Aloha 2

    I don’t doubt that’s what she’s arguing. That either the mom didn’t get married or didn’t stay married.

    Because Lori won’t teach men, so she’s not telling men to spend time with the kiddos. She’ll only teach women, and in her mind, wifey bears the burden of keeping the marriage intact.

  • Aloha 2

    The conflict with Vaughn makes me laugh.

    Lori argues that if a woman isn’t full time at home, she’s blaspheming.
    Vaughn says that it’s when a woman doesn’t love and obey hubby, she’s blaspheming.

    So either way, the woman has no choice.

  • MuttsRule

    And this is certainly not true. Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came from intact families, with fathers at home. Stephen Paddock (the Las Vegas shooter) was 64 at the time – a little late to be blaming his bank robber, prison escapee, diagnosed sociopath father. George Hennard (the Luby’s shooter in Killeen, Texas) grew up in a military family and his father was a doctor; his parents did divorce, but only sometime after he turned 24 years old. Devin Patrick Kelley (Sutherland Springs) was living on his parents’ property, so presumably they were still together; he had fractured his stepson’s skull and been convicted of abusing a dog, but the Air Force didn’t report the domestic violence incident. A much more common thread seems to be extreme hatred of women.

  • Ruthitchka

    That last thing about the sandwich cracked me up! I was thinking, “That husband must have a death wish” since he’s asking what’s a reasonable time to wait for your wife to bring you a sandwich. Wow…I have a co-worker with a thick Southern accent and a great sense of humor who said once, “Tell him to make it his d@mn self!”

  • Emersonian

    UGH. First off there’s a fair amount of scholarship backing up the idea that Junia is a woman and that Paul is asserting that a woman has the authority to teach the gospel. Junia was a common female name in Roman culture, as the feminine form of “Junius.” “Aquila” is the word for “eagle,” and while it’s a feminine gendered noun, it’s often added as an epithet to male names (which generally end in -us or -ius) in Roman culture. Lori is trying to shoehorn in an explanation for why the admonition against women teaching in I Timothy is in direct conflict with Paul’s assertions about Junia; the real answer is, Paul didn’t write I Timothy. Lots of linguistic clues give away the fact that a number of the “Pauline” epistles are written by others after Paul’s time, using his name, with an agenda based on internecine conflict in the early church. Lori needs to brush up her scholarship.

    Second, do people really abbreviate the book of Titus as “T1T1”? Because that’s hilarious. And yes, I’m like 8 years old. 🙂 And Titus is another pseudoepigraphical episitle, Paul didn’t write that one either.

  • Jenn H

    All those women miraculously getting pregnant, how irresponsible of them :p

  • Saraquill

    Lori is stating she’s immature, glad she’s being honest . 😛

  • persephone

    It needs to be repeated and recognized that domestic violence is the canary in the coal mine. Men who commit DV are more likely to engage in other violent crimes.

  • Jennifer

    A spitting match between two toxic idiots1. What did Lori say to Vaughn?? Delete his comment? Haha, would love to see him doxed as a fan, one less male to kiss her feet.

  • Chris Hogue

    Sometimes people should heed their own advice.

  • Jennny

    It was quite unusual, but pleasant, that the Alpine guesthouse we stayed in, had free hot drinks from a machine in the lounge 24/7. I overheard a woman ask her husband if he’d like a coffee and he said yes. She just casually lifted her head from her book and said ‘Oh good, I’ll have one too then please!’ and I wanted to give her a round of applause – I had noticed he liked her to wait on him but she had it sussed!!

  • What of the element maturity that allows a person to tolerate ideas that are different from their own?

  • Jim Jones

    I guess it depends on whether Subway is open or closed.

  • Friend

    Seriously! If he’s in a hurry, he gets a PB&J instead of perfectly roasted grass-fed beef on homemade artisanal sourdough. And I avoid a sp@nking!

  • Jim Jones
  • Jim Jones

    > A much more common thread seems to be extreme hatred of women.

    According to some, this was the main driver for Trump voters.

  • paganheart

    If my husband wants a sandwich, he’s perfectly capable of making his own. In fact, he’s a better cook than I am. (Not that l wouldn’t make one for him if he wasn’t feeling well or something, but most of the time when he’s home he can make his own *#@*&+ sandwich, and usually does.)

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    That’s not gonna cut it.
    Tomato slices, onion, pickle. You offered none off that.
    Next you’ll tell men can’t get mayo and mustard.
    This oppression of men will not stand. /s
    What concerns me is there are people that will completely ignore my snark tag, and agree (yeah! He gets it)

  • Ruthitchka

    “Respond to non-verbal clues, such as the snapping of fingers”–I might put poison in that man’s beer1. ( o :

  • MuttsRule

    Okay, the sammich controversy is the funniest, but what does this mean: “How are you able to support your husband in his desire to restore the balance of manhood in society despite our post-fall disposition as women?”

    It’s Good to Be a Man is the perfect embodiment of Poe’s Law. I thought this was a satirical site, but it seems to actually be serious.

  • adelaidedupont

    An hour is a reasonable time for sandwich making.

    20-30 minutes for conversation.

    10 minutes for produce sourcing and sorting.

    10 minutes for making it.

    Some time for cleaning up [which I hope you factor in before and after and into the process].

    Maybe expand that time if the sandwiches are to be pre-made.

  • Jim Jones

    Still better than the remote controlled electric dog collar! /s

  • Jim Jones

    Only four epistles share an author: Corinthians 1 & 2, Romans and Philemon.

  • adelaidedupont

    Including the women who voted for Trump?

  • adelaidedupont

    Cynthia and everyone at No Longer Quivering:

    We don’t start off being intolerant of other people’s ideas.

    We start out, perhaps, being unable to recognise difference, especially with people who are very close to us or an extension of ourselves.

    This is about 18 months-2 years.

    About 3-4 years is probably about the youngest I would expect people to verbalise and act upon it.

    Then more group stuff at 5-8 years of age.

    This may be when people are most vulnerable to group think – and 9 years solidifies it. Because the emotional connections come in as well and we’ve known these people for some years and the bonds.

  • Jim Jones

    Yes. There are plenty of examples of self hating women. Remember that horrible Phyllis Schlafly?

    “Oh, don’t give me more rights and better treatment!”


  • Quinsha

    And why? Are they fatherless because they shot their father before they conducted the mass shooting?

  • adelaidedupont

    I was a bit young when Schlafly came into the picture. As in not yet cognisant.

    Self-hatred is a thing that came into my life very early. And unbidden.

    Treatment and rights – they do not often go together in ways that are intuitive.

    It takes logic for that. Logic and action.

    You can want good treatment without necessarily more rights/better rights.

    You can want rights without waiting for good treatment.

    And many other possibilities/combinations.

    That whole “Stop Taking our Privileges” thing. Disturbing!