Jesus Hates College?

Jesus Hates College? August 11, 2019

Here we go, another round in Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife spewing yet again against any form of higher education. I had two or three other things I was going to focus on today, then this pops up like a noxious weed right after it rains. The implication from Lori’s words is that Jesus hates college?

Take a look at this morning’s little handwritten meme that Lori does. She’s done a pile of offensive ones lately, trying so hard to go viral. She’s now straying so far from the Bible that I almost fear for her. Ducking just in case the lightening bolt comes down and fries her soon.

THERE WAS NO COLLEGE THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know much, I may be ignorant on a wide variety of subjects, but I do know this. There was nothing in Israel of that time frame that was what we might call college.

Some translations use the words ‘ordinary’ and ‘unschooled’, in other words just regular guys.

Sure, the sons of the wealthy would have studied longer and to greater affect than mere fishermen and laborers. Unfair? Maybe, but it’s been the way of the world going way back. It’s still a sad reality in most parts of the world, including the U.S., that the rich get better access to educational opportunities.

With the rising costs of education this is starting to happen much more as time has gone on. Back in the Jurassic era when I was in college it was possible to work and pay for college at the same time in a decent public university. The costs of education have skyrocketed all out of pace with wages and the cost of living.

This does not mean that we have to forgo education to keep out of debt. It means it’s time for a change, to take a look at what can be changed, and should, and other solutions like community college or even trade schools. It’s not so cut and dried as it would appear to Lori.

Ironically Lori herself has taken advantage of the education perks that come with being the child of white privilege. She has no gratitude for the incredible gift given to her by her parents, only disdain and griping it wasn’t what she wanted. Which seems pretty typical for people handed things all too easily. I wonder if she’d have been without family funding if she would feel differently about college now.

There were not degrees back then, but people did clerk and apprentice for different professions many times. It was an education, even if it didn’t look like college classes. Most people end up learning throughout their lives even all the way back then. Lori labors under the delusion that education stops the second you leave school. Being a lifetime learner has been shown in studies to lead to improved mental and physical status.

According to Lori you just need to read the Bible. Which is silly because even if you were planning to be a wife and mother without an outside job there are many things you can study in school to make sure you’re the best you can be, from finance to first aid and beyond. Don’t let a vengeful bitter shut in convince you that you must be the same.

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Dave Maier

    Q: If Jesus “chose men who weren’t college educated nor had degrees,” and this is the important thing to consider in this context, then why is she telling women not to go to college?

    A: Reasons. Always reasons.

  • Finding Home

    And Luke was a doctor. So what’s her point again?

  • Tom Herres

    None of the Apostles ever utilized the internet, either. So there you are.

  • WallofSleep

    “Peter and John “were unlearned and ignorant men”, yet Jesus Christ chose them to be his apostles”.

    That’s what we call an “own goal”.

  • Aloha 2

    The disciples seem to be truly uneducated men.

    Pretty sly of God to deliver his super-important message in the care of a bunch of illiterates.

  • Karen the rock whisperer

    Every time I read crap1 like this, I remember that Proverbs 31 woman. If she lived today, she’d have a BS in political science, an MBA, and be running a wildly successful company. (Well, okay, perhaps the last two are actually incompatible. I have a bad attitude toward people who think an MBA degree confers the wisdom of the gods themselves.) She’d be leveraging every tool possible to be the best wife/mother/CEO she could be, burning herself out, but feeling it was worth it for her family and herself.

    Whether all that is actually worth it is not something I could say for someone else, but that isn’t the point here. People in Palestine in the Bronze and Iron ages were mostly valued in terms of what kinds of successful work you could do then, and that was farming/ranching. But (and if you didn’t grow up on a small farm, or in a family business, you don’t realize this deep in your bones) everybody not only pitches in, but manages their own piece of the effort. If the Proverbs 31 woman had been dutifully keeping house, popping out babies without rest, and keeping her head down and her mind empty, she wouldn’t have been notable in the least. Instead, she must have been a voracious learner.

  • (((J_Enigma32)))

    Peter and John “were unlearned and ignorant men”,

    Peter and John didn’t live in an age when technology had so completely overhauled society that specialized knowledge was necessary to get a job.

    Oh, wait. She doesn’t want women working? Well that makes sense, yes, that makes all the sense.

  • (((J_Enigma32)))

    Give God supposedly pulled this trick again with Muhammad1, who was supposedly an illiterate goat herder, it leaves you wondering what God has against people who can read or write his holy texts.

  • AFo

    Dear Lori, just because you wasted your education, doesn’t mean it’s pointless for everyone. Stop using your bitterness to try to limit other women’s opportunities.

  • smrnda

    Most women who don’t go to college don’t end up sitting around the house while some affluent men bring in the cash, they end up having to work whether they want to or not.

  • Jenn H

    Jesus’ disciples didn’t go to college, so why should you? After all, people in completely different times, places and circumstances should all make the same life choices. /s

    Is it just me, or is the quiverfull movement trying to keep its members trapped in poverty?

  • Jennny

    Relative went to Jesus…she chose it over Trinity (they’re colleges of Cambridge University.) There’s an old joke about an irish village collecting money for the funeral of a young man who’d gone to Jesus…..till they realised he’d, err, gone to that english uni too! (Lori would probably have been taken in by that one, being very short on brain cells!)

  • Poverty and ignorance, so members can be controlled easily.

  • Jennny

    Just heard an item on BBC news UK. Zimbabwe’s political/economic situation means the country has electricity for only 7hrs a day. The very bad impact on business, industry etc was reported. Then there was the voice of a small child reading a primer to his dad. The father said many didn’t use their smartphones much any more, they saved the battery so they could use the torch to help their children with their homework after dark as he was doing here. So stuff you, Lori….Zimbabwe is 82% christian…and they know that education is a vital way out of dire poverty….but you’d never, in a million years, understand that concept.

  • LaMaria

    Paul wasn´t a rube, either.

  • LaMaria

    Said the priest to the politician: you keep ´em poor, I´ll keep ´em dumb1.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    And yet…

    Every year more a girl manages to stay at school in developing countries means a reduction in over all poverty markers…

  • Saraquill

    Divinity colleges exist, Lori.

  • Greebo

    News from the

    Stupidity of

  • Nea

    And a reduction in Lori’s potential audience, so the actual problem here is pretty obvious.

  • Nea

    Educated women don’t let Lori tell them what to do, they tell Loriwhere she’s wrong, so there’s her problem with education in a nutshell.

  • Friend

    Would Ken have married Lori if she lacked that detest#d sheepskin? Affluent men tend to have a college education. Many* of them will not marry women who lack a similar education.

    *ETA: Many, not most or all.

  • Aloha 2

    According to the Bible, he studied under the great master Gamaliel. The best education that a religious Jewish kid could get.

  • Aloha 2

    It seems that she didn’t graduate. She says she neglected her grades and only stayed for her MRS degree.

  • Friend

    She would approve of the ones that lack academic rigor: it’s OK for men to get a little bit of post-high-school Bible indoctrination in the classroom. She probably likes those diploma mills that offer f@ke doctorates too. But no Harvard Div for her!

  • Friend

    Hmm, I think she did graduate and earn a teaching certificate. Her website says this:

    After graduating from high school, I went to college for five and a half years to get my teaching credential.

    Of course, she goes on to bash her own education.

  • Tawreos

    I guess Jesus knew what Lori and so many other charlatans know as well. Mainly, that ignorant people are easier to con into things than more educated people. Sadly, it doesn’t always work like this.

  • Friend

    Well, can we take Solomon’s view and split the difference? Lori certainly thrives on stup1dity. But I don’t think the KJV Bible is equating ignorance and lack of education with stupidity.

    I’ve known some extremely smart people who lacked educational opportunities, never traveled, etc. The NRSV says “uneducated and ordinary.” That suggests lack of opportunity, not lack of intelligence.

  • Tawreos

    I am with you on that and didn’t mean to equate intelligence with education, but that seemed to be what Lori was implying and I ran with it. =)

  • Friend

    Thanks, Tawreos. Hope your morning is going well. 🙂

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    She did graduate and go on to teach for a few years. I doubt Lori was at the top of her class, but she has spoken at length about her father forcing her to go to college when all she wanted to do is be a wife.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I don’t know. I do remember when I married my husband in 1986 that Newsweek had one week as their main article that babyboomer men with post grad degrees were overwhelmingly marrying women with less education and that many women with higher educational levels were being bypassed. The article concluded it was because men were men and no man wanted to be showed up by a woman. Pretty depressing.

  • Friend

    Found an interesting Pew study. It does not address whether people reject potential partners based on education. But it does say that people with more education are more likely to be married:

    In 2015, among adults ages 25 and older, 65% with a four-year college degree were married, compared with 55% of those with some college education and 50% among those with no education beyond high school. Twenty-five years earlier, the marriage rate was above 60% for each of these groups.

    A lot of people who don’t marry point to financial insecurity as a reason. So Lori might want to start recommending higher education as a passport to marriage and to financial security alike.

    But I won’t hold my breath.

  • Paul was chosen, and he was perhaps the best educated Jew of his time.

  • lady_black

    I would have happily taken her spot.

  • Jim Jones

    Quote by Martin Luther :
    “Reason is a who​re1, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God. ”

    Nothing changes?

  • Jim Jones

    A good god would strike Mugabe dead.

  • Fundamentalism and ignorance never travel alone, so this is nothing new.

    Just to begin with I seriously wonder if she knows how were things in Judea 2,000 years ago, it being pretty much a backwards region of the Empire especially next to places as Greece -and could have been worse without the influence of the former-.

  • Jennifer

    So basically, the Jennie Chancey martyrdom.

  • B.A.

    My parents were married for 58 years,until Dad died. He had a college degree;she didn’t. But she is very intelligent and got her real estate
    license at 51.
    I didn’t finish college due to becoming disabled,but I’ve been working full time for 33 years,since I was 22.

  • Friend

    And it goes the other way, too. I’ve known some wives who were more highly educated than their husbands. Unfortunately I have run across a lot of people (men and women) with unhealthy attitudes about marrying outside their educational bandwidth.

  • katiehippie

    5 and a half years? It’s doesn’t take that long unless you are not taking enough classes every semester or having to retake classes.

  • katiehippie

    So glad my husband married me. I have the degrees but I’m still not as smart as he is. He is very well read. And as a carpenter he makes $18 more an hour than I do. I never learned how to be more ambitious and advocate for myself in a job so I’m trying to learn how to do that now that I’m married to a supportive partner.

  • persephone

    Lori reminds me of my mom in that she claims to be happy, obviously is not, but stays in the situation that makes her unhappy.

  • persephone

    Her LinkedIn claims she has a master’s.