Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like

Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like August 7, 2019

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is at it again. He’s sounding off on the tragic mass shootings of this weekend. Just like many people are. The difference is that Larry thinks liberalism caused the shootings and that white entitlement and white supremacy are unrelated. He’s splitting hairs again, this is what white supremacy looks like these days. The secretive oozing around behind the scenes supremacy.

First Larry  the hairy man decries terrorism. Like anyone would.

But Larry does that thing that is extremely unhelpful. He mentions the terrorists by their names, giving them even more attention for their heinous crimes before trying to excuse what they did by saying it’s mental illness. He even tries to link the Dayton, Ohio shooter to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, completely skipping the fact that our own dear president Donald Trump uttered many of the same words, platitudes and phrases in the manifestos and social media of each killer.

We have heard already and will continue to hear in the days and weeks to come that Donald Trump and anyone who believes that the people of United States have a right to determine who comes into their country are the cause of the massacre which occurred in El Paso, Texas on Saturday. We will also hear how gun rights and violent video games caused this massacre as well.

Face it, Larry, the words of Trump and all the swill he has spewed are clearly reflected in the words of the killers. Our president shares blame in creating a climate where it’s not frowned upon to use violence, to be dangerous to others.

I will agree that video games did not cause the shootings. If video games were the real problem this type of stochastic terrorism would be bigger in places like Japan with their huge numbers of video gamers.

Also, if you look at the terrorism numbers of other developed nations who have in place laws that prohibit assault rifles you will see lower rates of murder. Another Larry lie. No one needs an assault rifle for protection.

Larry has two causes:

The first is Mental instability. A mentally stable person does not go out and shoot up a crown of innocent people whether to make a political point or just make a name for himself.

This is  not known to be a cause of mass shootings. But you know what is, what all these guys have in common? A propensity towards domestic violence. Statistics and research from legitimate scientific studies show that the mentally ill are less likely than the average person to kill others. People with no respect for women, who threaten and beat, are many more times likely to take it to a mass killing. Even guys who without medications from their wives.

If, IF this was true regarding mental health would not it make sense to overhaul our flawed medical and mental health systems so that earlier swifter intervention happens? Increased affordable access to mental health treatment would lower these incidents. But of course those that vote like Larry Solomon does oppose any programs that will help other people, like medicare for all.

The second is the ideologies of White Supremacists and Antifa.   Both groups believe in using violence to achieve their political goals.  White Supremacist groups believe in using violence in an attempt to intimidate minorities in America.  Antifa believes in using violence to silence nationalists, conservatives and any other group which does not support their globalist and socialist goals.

Ah, Larry raises that straight from President Trump boogieman that does not really exist in this form – the Antifa, the anti fascist brigade. I remember when being anti fascism was a good thing in this country. There are zero legitimate Antifa violent mass shootings on record.

The Klan and other groups are a problem, and are emboldened by the reckless talk by our president. They have stopped skulking in the shadows.

Larry goes on to say that the problem is people like the Klan, and universities for teaching diversity, while screeching that no nation survives being diversified.

Think about this for a minute. If any white person expresses even the least concern about their shrinking numbers in America, or if a white person encourages other people to have more children because their fertility rates have been lower – that person is denounced as a White Supremacist.

In other words, the only way to not be called a White supremacist today is if you are totally cool with the White population in America shrinking and you vehemently condemn “whiteness” and “white privilege”.

As you can see Larry is just now starting to inch over into Ayla Stewart’s hysterical out breed the brown people territory while saying how racist she is not. I guess water is not wet and up is down too.

But then let’s ask another question.  While no group has some divine right on America, does every ethnic group in America have the right to encourage its ethnicity to grow by having more children? The answer is YES.  Yet in America every ethnic group in America can try to encourage its growth except whites.  For whites to do so is racist and evil.  There is no logic in such condemnation.

Because most whites carrying on about growing their own population are saying things about purposely outbreeding scary brown people. None of the other groups are making such racist statements. It is still racism.

And this also goes to political concerns. It is a well-known fact that various ethnic groups tend to cluster in the neighborhoods in which they choose to live, the people whom they choose to date and marry, the churches they attend and even which political party they vote for.  Even in large liberal cities which are by far the most multiracial areas, if you go down to the neighborhood level there is almost always a majority race in that neighborhood.

In other words, most people marry someone of their own race, most people attend a church whose overwhelming majority is their race, most people tend to live in neighborhoods that are mostly their own race and when people vote they tend to vote with their race.

No matter how you wrap it this is still racist thinking. People may or may not live with, marry into or not their own races, but this is not a good or even Biblical justification for white racism. Larry is just another squealing troll that is racist, but is upset that anyone would call him one. Just like people’s elderly Na-nas and assorted relatives from a different time.

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years You can read more about the author here.

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  • Tawreos

    Larry is amazing at packing an awful lot of hateful stupidity into a few paragraphs. Did it ever occur to you Larry that many minorities tend to live near others like them for safety from people like you that fear the “other” rather than racism? I am guessing it also never occurred to you Larry that most of us don’t pay attention to the racial mix of our neighborhood, we just kind of live our lives and not worry about the race of the people moving in next door.

    Oh, and before I forget, Larry you gave your little diatribe away as completely racist by saying that people tend to vote for candidates of the same race. Since most minorities will live in places where they may never have a chance to vote for someone of the same race as they are saying that all races do it is only pointing out how racist you are. If you truly believed that Larry you would push for the GOP to adjust their policies to entice more candidates from different races instead of going along with their disenfranchisement of minority voters. Everyone should vote for the candidate with policies that best suit what the voter feels and needs regardless of the race of the candidate.

  • Sophotroph

    I love how he just makes up two new fictional sides that are fighting because he doesn’t like the optics of what’s going on, and then just tries to softball them in like we’re not going to notice.

    Of course, we’re not his audience, who won’t notice.

    If we don’t find a way to keep them from using millions of stupid people as weapons, I fear that they’ll find out the hard way what happens to weapons in war.

  • Saraquill

    Larry, intermarriage is A Thing. My paternal family has been mixed for generations, I’m the product of still more intermixing, and cross racial marriages are common in my neighborhood.

  • AFo

    The mental instability thing makes no sense. The El Paso shooter wrote out his manifesto, made sure it was online, and drove ten hours to a place where he would find more victims. That is calculated and methodical, and requires you to have your faculties about you.

    Study after study has shown that those with violent or impulsive tendencies and easy access to guns are the most likely to commit atrocities like this, but sure Larry et. al, let’s blame video games and the mentally ill.

    And Larry, when the words of the killer are almost verbatim what Trump has said, it’s his fault.

  • persephone

    Having seen pictures of Larry, his gene pool should be drained.

  • persephone

    Not to deny the main part of the post, but there are some 1extremists8 in the DSA that are pushing so hard for a real 1revolution8, like Russia 1917, that they are making 1threats8, 1hounding8 people who don’t agree. One person I follow was reported to the FBI by one of these guys (it’s basically white men) as 1threatening8 to 1assassinate8 San18ders because she regularly posts about San18ders’ lie5 and abu5e5. The DSA candidate for mayor of San Francisco said online that women and POC need to sh18ut up and do what they’re told. They’re threa18tening to vote GOP or 3rd party and make us suf18fer for not following along.

  • Jim Jones

    The answer is YES. Yet in America every ethnic group in America can try to encourage its growth except whites. For whites to do so is racist and evil.

    Utter drivel. There are even people who are crackpots about this, like the Duggars et al. And yet there are no laws to stop them – even polygamists are getting away with crimes related to this.

    The main reason for the drop in white births is social security and pensions. In most cases, a reliable pension leads to a drop in birth rates.

  • phatkhat

    I am a member of the DSA. We have voted to formally endorse Sanders. I wholeheartedly support him, and I would like to know what lies Sanders tells, and what abuses he commits. You can’t tell me, because there aren’t any. But the old disgruntled Hilbots won’t give it up.

    I don’t doubt there are some extremists in the DSA who might want a revolution. Most of us don’t – at least not a violent one. We want a Bernie-style revolution. The only way out of the mess we are in is to turn toward Euro-style socialism.

    There is a new Bernie or Bust movement, and it is started early enough to gather more steam than last time. I will NOT vote for Biden. I did NOT vote for Hillary, either, nor Obama the second time. If they want Blue no matter who, then nominate Bernie and let the centrists suck1 it up for a change.

  • phatkhat

    The mental illness thing DOES make sense if you look at psychopathy. People who may be quite intelligent, know intellectually that some things are not acceptable, but have absolutely no empathy or ability to relate to others as human beings. Both killers fit that mold, as do a lot of others, like Trump and a lot of CEOs.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Was unaware of most of what you’re saying. I knew there were some, but not the universal bad guy antifa lie Trump is pushing.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Bleached too and scrubbed

  • Friend

    As a lifelong white person, I will say that the lower white birth rate in the US bothers me not one bit. We’re not going to run out of white people. I do not vote with my race, I choose a candidate. I have lived in a dozen places and never sought out white neighbors. My neighborhood has been diverse as long as I have lived here, and it continues to change, gradually. Admittedly my congregation is not ethnically diverse, but that is changing, and the denomination is diverse.

    I belong to a couple of organizations dominated by conservatives. They typically I assume I share their views. It is rare—and increasingly rare—for one of them to make a disparaging comment about people of color. Based on indirect comments, I actually think they are h0rrified at what is happening in the US, and have decided that old-fashioned mild big0try is a luxury the can no longer afford. Politics have become a radi0active topic, but people do give off gigantic signals of distress about “today’s leaders” and such.

    Yes, I do run into some right-wing cr@zies. But Larry assumes that every white person thinks and acts like him, and that is ridicul0us.

  • persephone

    Oh, no, there’s no organized Antifa revolution going on. It’s just that there’s always some extremism, and a chunk of the DSA is into it.

  • persephone

    Right there, Hillbots. Right there you failed. If you want to know why your movement is mostly white men, this is why. Women and POC are not going to support a man who has made his racism and misogyny clear parts of his campaign. Treat women and POC as idiots1 who don’t know better, and you’re going to fail.

    Sanders was supported by the NRA and received money from them.

    He has voted against the Brady Bill five times. He voted for the Crime Bill.

    He took $10M in foreign money for his campaign, didn’t report it, didn’t return it.

    He voted against Amber Alerts.

    He voted against longer sentences for recidivist child molesters.

    He’s never done one thing to support any of the causes he claims to support. He’s never had an original idea. His misogyny and racism are on full display. He lied about marching with MLK.

    Europe doesn’t have socialism. It has capitalism with a strong social safety net.

    Let’s start here:

  • Littleblueheathen

    And busted up with a jackhammer

  • smrnda

    It is a well-known fact that various ethnic groups tend to cluster in the neighborhoods in which they choose to live

    Choose? There is a long history of deliberate racial segregation and redlining which forced POC into undesirable neighborhoods. When they tried to move into white neighborhoods they were often met with violence.

  • Lucy

    Except I’m not sure psychopathy falls under the category of the type of mental illness that tends to get people committed. Or if it was, said psychopath might be better able to go through the motions and get out of the institution fast (since they frequently express symptoms that are associated by institution personnel with “mental stability” – namely calmness and an impression of reasonability/rationality) while those who stay involuntarily committed are more likely to be the type of people who don’t routinely plan calculated acts of violence (or they are committed for things like meltdowns, which look scary but have nothing whatsoever to do with calculated mass violence).

  • Lucy

    And that is a big reason that I hope Trump does not become a dictator for real, officially, necessitating a revolution to restore the democracy we do have and the chance to make it more of one – if such a revolution happens, likely the extremists will factor largely into it, and so i’d just as soon we have a chance that doesn’t risk the possibility of extremists using a revolution to replace one dictator with another. So hopefully Trump will be voted out of office or, failing that, he will be able to be replaced with a Democrat and will not be able to institute a real dictatorship (dictatorial wannabe bluster notwithstanding – when I say “I hope he doesn’t become a dictator” I mean “I hope he doesn’t turn the US into a dictatorship”, not “I hope he doesn’t act like a dictator” – because yes, he does act like a dictator and clearly hopes that he can be taken for one just by acting that way – though at least for now, he doesn’t have as many “teeth” as a true dictator would – and the fewer “teeth” he has, the better).

  • phatkhat

    True. Psychopaths are cunning and good at performance – look at Drumpf. But they ARE mentally ill. All psychopaths are cruel, but most don’t commit mass violence – possibly out of self-preservation. I don’t know about the ones who do commit massacres. Obviouxly they have an agenda, some will say what it is, some don’t. Maybe they are so narcissistic they have to have attention, even if it means being shot, themselves, by the cops.

  • phatkhat

    Also education. The more educated people are, the fewer kids they tend to have. When POC are able to afford an education at the rates whites do, their birth rates will drop as well.

    What these folks like Larry fail to understand is, that as a part of the global population, white people ARE a minority, and always have been. As mobility increases due to global economic issues and climate change, then, yes, more POC will be here. What I fail to understand is why it matters so much to them. Personally, I couldn’t care less if my neighbors are black, or Latinx, or Asian, or whatever. (I do hope they invite me for dinner, LOL. I love ethnic food of all kinds.)

    I also find it ironic that those who scream the loudest about the superiority of white people always look like the bottom of the white gene pool.

  • SAO

    When the election comes, whoever the nominee is, if he’s/she’s better than Trump ( and it’s hard to be worse), you get out and cast a vote for them, even if you have to hold your nose. To not vote is to help Trump win. If you don’t like the two party system where your candidate never wins, ask yourself under what government are we more likely to see reforms allowing successful third parties? Dems or the GOP? What party supports Universal healthcare and help with college debt? (2 policies Bernie put on the agenda) and what party has announced 0lans to destroy Obamacare and has reduced regulation on predatory for-profit colleges? Elections matter. VOTE.

    Frankly, I support most of Bernie’s policies, but I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that America will see a revolution. Change through legislation is how change is made here.

  • SAO

    Scapegoating the mentally ill makes me furious. My brother is autistic and odd. He’s a nice guy, but when people are told the mentally ill are killers, people are scared of odd people instead of being scared of the evil Trump spews.

  • phatkhat

    The last election had fanatics on both sides, and we called each other names. I never called anybody a Hillbot until I got called a Bernie Bro numerous times. (I’m not a male.)

    Sanders is NOT misogynist nor racist. Where these things come from, I don’t know. He can be very abrasive and seem abrupt, but it’s his heritage showing. I’ve known (and dated, long ago) a lot of Jewish men very much like Bernie. That doesn’t mean he’s not empathetic.

    Yes, years back he got some money from the NRA for a state campaign. Vermont has a very high rate of gun ownership, and very little gun violence. Hunters. You don’t slap your constituency in the face and get elected.

    Yes, he has made some “strange” votes, but there has always been a reason for his voting.

    I’m not going to argue further with you. I lived in Europe for 15 years, and observed their social democracies first hand. Marxist socialism? No. But socialism, nevertheless.

    Bernie is still the best hope for a future at this point, though I do want to hear more from Joe Sestak, whom I supported (but the DNC did not) in his Senate bid in PA.

  • phatkhat

    under what government are we more likely to see reforms allowing successful third parties? Dems or the GOP?

    Neither. Both parties are intent on maintaining their turf undisturbed, and preserving the status quo for the big donors.

    DISCLAIMER: IF I lived in a swing state, I would hold my nose – or wear a gas mask – and vote for the Democrat. BUT. I live in a red “safe” state where there are virtually NO Democrats in power. My vote is pointless either way.

  • phatkhat

    The mentally ill who are “odd” are rarely a threat to anyone, except sometimes, themselves. It’s the ones who pass as normal who are the scary ones.

  • Brandon Roberts

    can’t say for sure about dayton but the el paso guy literally was doing it cause he was at least a white nationalist that wanted to kill1 as many mexicans as possible.

  • Jennny

    As you say, education reduces the size of families. As does healthcare, in past generations, folk had lots of babies as so many died in childhood and some were needed to look after their parents in their old age. Now more and more of the world lives in cities too, in smaller and smaller apartments or houses, so having ten kids is impossible. In many places, two sets of wages are needed to keep a roof over the heads of yourself and your two children. China announced it was doing away with its one-child policy as it was becoming concerned about demographics, but apparently chinese folk are saying they only want one as they’ve realised you can give them a better quality of life, and be better off yourself than if you have a large brood!

  • Sassafras

    I’m half Puerto Rican, and can confirm that our food is splendid! Even when it’s cooked by me!

  • Sassafras

    Don’t forget the Spor-Klenz!

  • phatkhat

    We have a Puerto Rican family restaurant here. They do a lot of Mexican food, but also some PR dishes. I usually order those – they are great!

  • Mel

    I’ve lived and worked in racially diverse areas or where whites were minorities most of my life. I’ve never heard any POC discuss how important it was to outbreed the white race.

    TBF, I’ve never heard any white folks recommend outbreeding POC in person – but I have heard the more socially acceptable idea (in certain circles) that there are too many babies being born to ‘undesirable people’ – which mostly means the mythical welfare queens of the inner city but is also used against white folk who have less money/less culture/not as church going as the speaker.

  • Mel

    There’s a large difference between garden-variety mental illness and mental illness that is so severe that the person is unable to differentiate between right-and-wrong or legal-and-illegal activities.

    There are a large number of psychopaths running around in the US – and the vast majority will never get in trouble with the law let alone cause harm to another person. It’s not because these people see others as equally worthy of respect – it’s because they can get what they want/need through methods that are not illegal and increase their position in society rather than marking them as an outcast.

    Trump is a great example of the difference. He’s been careful to toe the line of what is socially acceptable and unlikely to be enforced by the legal system for years. I have no doubt that he’s sexually harassed and criminally sexually assaulted various women – he’s admitted as much himself – but there was a 0% chance that anyone would have prosecuted him for groping women in the 1980’s – 2000’s so there was no risk of him losing his golden life in Trump Towers. He seems to have stopped for now – and I doubt that’s because he suddenly realized the harm of his ways. No, he doesn’t want to lose his cushy-as-hell center of attention position as POTUS. And God only knows what sort of financial crimes and misdemeanors he’s committed and is still committing – but that’s something the US only punishes if it is especially egregious.

  • SAO

    All the more reason to vote. Some ‘safe’ states turn. Usually it’s an unusual set of circumstances, but it happens and when it does, it’s by a slim margin.

    The Democrats have more of an interest in encouraging third parties, as the GOP coalition represents a minority of views. Certainly diluting the power of the electoral college should be a Dem goal. There are more Dems interested in getting money out of politics and going small donor only.

    I’m not arguing that this is a priority, but I’d argue the Dems have a slight advantage.

  • Jim Jones

    > the mythical welfare queens of the inner city

    While ironically the greatest and most costly welfare queens are businesses.

  • lady_black

    President Lyndon Johnson said something to that effect, way back in the day. That if you can convince the lowest white man that he was better than the best POC, you could pick his pocket, and some would even open his wallet and hand you his cash.

  • lady_black

    Well, I don’t care for the octopus. But, I fell in love with rice and beans way back in high school, and flan is better than sex! I cooked rice and beans for my husband, and it’s one of his favorites, too. I have yet to master flan.

  • lady_black

    Forgive me for asking, what is DSA?

  • lady_black

    Please don’t do that!

  • persephone

    Black women are the most educated section of the U.S. population.

  • persephone

    My ex-MIL’s–Ashkenazi–3rd husband was black. The real estate agent clearly steered them into an area that was mixed race. They were fine with it, as they were able to purchase a nice house for a bit below market. But they knew what was happening.

  • persephone

    It’s a common part of the Quiverfull/Fundagelical agenda. It’s spoken and written aloud.

  • phatkhat

    Democratic Socialists of America.

  • lady_black

    Thanks. Never heard of them.

  • phatkhat

    Arkansas voting in last election: 76% R, 24% D.

    The Ds are kind of concentrated in largely black portions of the state and in Little Rock. I live in a county that’s even redder than the state at large. It’s not likely to change. You can see flagpoles in people’s yards with the US flag and a Trump flag. Or a rebel flag with the Trump flag. There are a LOT of rebel flags in front of people’s homes. Highly unlikely to turn even slightly purple anytime soon, let alone blue.

  • persephone

    Democratic Socialists of America. They’re the hardcore “we must become a socialist country, and we don’t care what collapses in the process.” AOC is DSA, as well as Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley, although Pressley seems to be pulling away. The real issue is that they’re campaigning against Democrats they consider centrist. They campaigned against Sharice Davids, who is Native American and a 9lesbian9. They did not flip any seats to Democrat. Centrist Democrats are winning seats, but they hate us more than they 9hate9 the GOP, because we’re interfering with their 9revolution9. They make a lot of noise, but they accomplish little.

    ETA: Correction: They got 45 elected.

  • lady_black

    I understand that. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but he didn’t win, so I voted for Hillary. After all, Bernie isn’t even a Democrat!

  • SAO

    The Dayton shooter was slightly left leaning in his politics, from what they’ve seen from his social media — BUT his shooting wasn’t motivated by politics. He left no manifesto (unlike El Paso) and he didn’t appear to target1 any group. Among the people he shot was his own sister.

    Of course the right wants to pretend that there are shooters on all side of the political spectrum and it has nothing to do with Trump’s promotion1 of violence and racism, but the El Paso shooter’s manifesto repeated a lot of Trump themes and words. Yes, we have some random shooters in this country, but there’s a pattern of white supremacy- motivated shootings and a lot of it is motivated by the kind of crap1 Solomon spews — like fear that whites will become a minority or be replaced.

  • phatkhat

    Citation? I found that surprising, and all the data I can find doesn’t support that. I’m not disputing you, just looking for info. Women in general are outstripping men in college degrees, but the Latinx population is lagging. Blacks are higher, but not the highest. I didn’t say “black people”, but rather POC. I think the Latinas are way behind the power curve, but their daughters will catch up. Regardless of race, education reduces baby production in most cases.

  • Mel

    I believe that. I just don’t run in the Fundagelical crowd; more like the older style Moral Majority type who have learned enough about racism to avoid directly insulting minorities and know that being a member of the KKK1 is wrong. The larger issue is that they have a very narrow definition of racism that encompasses avoiding racial epithets and not being a KKK1 member…and that’s about it.

  • phatkhat

    I’m not keen on octopus, either, but I love me some calamari (squid). Our local restaurant makes some dish with plantains that is to die for, LOL. Gah! Now I’m hungry…

  • phatkhat

    To them, that’s all women are for – breeding. And they are loud and proud about it. Ugh.

  • phatkhat

    When hubs and I came back from Germany, we were staying with mom and working in St. Louis, about 1.5 hr away. We started looking for a house in the city that we could afford, and it was funny to watch the realtors try to steer us away from “urban” neighborhoods. I worked at a college in the ‘Hood, and I really never felt unsafe there, even off campus. One of my co-workers was a black guy who was trying to help us find a place in the burb where he lived – heavily black but middle class. One realtor said, “Oh, you don’t want to look at that house. You wouldn’t find that neighborhood… congenial.” St. Louis is just as racist as it was when I was a kid there in the 50s.

    So, anyhow, the “steering” by realtors goes both ways.

  • persephone

    I have multiple ancestors on the rolls of the DAR. Most of them avoided ever going to war again. Revolution is not pretty. It may be necessary, but it’s a huge cost.

  • persephone

    He has literally ignored women and physically pushed them aside to talk to men, both supporters and reporters. He even pushed his wife aside, and Senator Collins. He has made terrible statements about women.

    Bernie has never done anything. Nothing. He cannot form a coalition. No coalition, nothing happens. Demanding that everything be done his way, and he has absolutely NO plans on how to bring these changes about, means they will never happen.

    He has supported racist thought. He brings nothing to the table.

    I don’t support abusers and deadbeat dads. He has no original ideas. He lies regularly. He sucks up lobbyist money. In a state of 650,000 people, he has managed to get dozens of defense contracts.

    In that same state, the Black population is less than 2%, yet is over 10% of the prison population.

    Other legislators, and HRC before she was even in the Senate, have been pushing for nationalized healthcare, childcare, expanded government services, VAWA, etc. Bernie did not.

    You chose to engage me, so if it’s suddenly too hot for you in this kitchen of truth, you should just leave.

  • lady_black

    Yeah, no squid, either. Bleck!

  • lady_black

    There are dishes from my own culture I won’t touch, too. I will not eat scrapple. No pig stomach. No rhubarb.
    Those are PA Dutch delicacies that people around here eat. I have my standards, though. Those dishes don’t meet my standards, and neither do animals of any kind with more than four appendages, and suction cups.

  • Martin Penwald

    If any white person expresses even the least concern about their shrinking numbers in America, […] – that person is denounced as a White Supremacist.

    Because they is. It’s just an expression of what they call “white genocide” or the “great replacement”.
    It’s not because you don’t march in the street with Tiki torches or don’t wear white robes with hoods that you cannot be a white supremacist.

  • phatkhat

    Well, they say perception is everything. I surely see all you say as right wing talking points, and largely false. You support your neoliberal Wall Streeters, and I’ll support Bernie. Or maybe Joe Sestak. The convention is almost a year off. A lot can happen between now and then.

    I agree with you on a lot of things. Politics isn’t one of them, so I think we need to agree to disagree. This argument is going nowhere, and no one’s mind will be changed.

  • phatkhat

    LOL. Just like the centrists hate us a lot more than they hate Trump. The DNC would far rather have another 4 of Trump than see Bernie win. This country is in a miserable shape, and centrists are NOT going to fix it. Like Biden: Nothing will change.

    For the record, while I believe we need to go far more leftwards, I do not “hate” centrists. I just think they are ineffectual and protecting their turf and power. Remember when Bernie caught hello for supporting a pro-life candidate in Nebraska? Well, Bernie was right. I am way pro-choice, but in super conservative districts, it makes sense to support people who are progressive in ways that the locals like, and conservative on some issues.

  • phatkhat

    We are not the evil spoilsports that persephone thinks we are.

  • phatkhat

    Does it matter what he calls himself? New Englanders tend to be pretty independent. And he’s a de facto Democrat, caucusing with them forever.

  • phatkhat

    My mom loved rhubarb. I never did. Ugh. It made my mouth feel like all the skin was peeling off. Why eat a toxic plant when there are so many yummy ones, like cherries and blueberries? Have never had scrapple, but have eaten tongue. It’s good if you get past the idea of it. Also ate horse meat in Europe. It was stringy and not all that great, IMHO, though it’s a delicacy there. Food is a cultural thing for sure. Now I’m hungry – again!

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Slightly O/T but I don’t really get this terror of “the white race disappearing”. I’m white, no-one is coming in my room at night trying to paint me a different colour so I’m not disappearing. My daughter is white, same applies. I have no idea what colour my grandchildren may or may not be and it matters not one little hoot, Nanna will be spoiling them rotten whatever they are (unless they grow up to be Conservatives). Why should I care whether my great-great-great-grandchildren are white, black or green?

  • Nightshade

    Same here. I never have like shoofly pie.

  • SAO

    Many of your comments sound like distortions that are part of the effort to sabotage the election. I’m no Bernie fan, but I have looked up some of the trash on Bernie and discovered that there’s a lot of distortion out there.

    For example, senators have little say in state and local prison sentencing. So, laying the blame for racial disparity in Vt’s prisons on Bernie is not fair. As for saying Bernie hasn’t been pushing for progress, just look up his voting record and the bills he sponsored. For example, he’s been a co-sponsor of over 100 bills to improve healthcare.

    As I said, I Bernie isn’t my choice for the Dem nominee and I don’t think he will win the nomination. There are plenty of reasons to choose one of the gazillion other candidates. BUT, the truth is nuanced. When you hear someone say Bernie is a racist, a misogynist, has done nothing in the senate — that’s distortion and sabotage at work. When you hear someone say Bernie’s Medicare for All plan is not a winner because he hasn’t worked out how to pay for it and a plan that replaces Americans existing insurance with something as yet undefined is too scary to be popular — that’s probably legitimate criticism.

    We need to be careful not to spread the lies and distortions that divided the Dems last election — and got Trump elected.

  • lady_black

    I LOVE shoofly pie.

  • Nightshade

    Well, to each his/her own! 🙂 I love whoopie pies though, especially the chocolate/peanut butter variety.

  • persephone

    Not distortions. I posted links.

    Again, what has he ever done to promote these supposed great ideas of his (that he stole from a bunch of other people), and how is he going to implement them?

  • persephone

    Bernie will not get the nomination and neither will Joe Sestak. Bernie has hoovered up plenty of Wall Street lobby money, so I don’t get this idea that he’s some kind of socialist saint.

    He’s never done anything. He has no plan to implement his ideas. He throws stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

    Free college? Yay!
    M4A? Yay!

    But how will this be managed? What is his outline? His responses always seem to boil down to, “We’ll demand it and it will happen.”

    He’s never had a regular job. He has no idea what it’s like to work a regular job, and he obviously has no idea how trade unions work. He also has no idea how women’s bodies work, either.

  • kaydenpat

    Larry is not going to be a happy camper when this country’s demographics tip into “the people of color in the majority” territory. But he can leave for the Whiter shores of Europe.

    And if he wants to encourage White women to have more children, why not support subsidized childcare, mandatory paid maternity leave, affordable healthcare and other family friendly policies?

  • Delta

    As far as I’m aware, “psychopath” is not a legitimate medical term. If it was in the past, it is not now.

    Either way, the most reliable predictor seems to be past domestic violence, not any particular diagnosis.

  • Delta

    If you don’t mind my asking, what are the sources on not knowing how women’s bodies work (I wouldn’t be surprised; cis male politicians have a tendency to do that), as well as supporting racism?

  • Delta

    Because Larry doesn’t care about women or children except inasmuch as they serve as servants and accessories to a white man.

  • Delta

    It’s racism, plain and simple. They’re scared of the people they hate outnumbering them.

  • Robert Baden

    One thing to remember is that even Mexicam Americans are not all the same. My family has been in the USA for about 100 years.

  • You mean his brother. The media has continually glossed over the fact that his “sister” was transmasculine.

  • [Citation Needed]

  • persephone

    He wrote essays, one of which included the opinion that women get cervical cancer because they don’t orgasm1. The infamous rape essay.

    I don’t feel like digging for it. There are plenty of articles on his views. He espouses support for the ERA, but then backs limitations on abortion. His behavior to women on his staff, female reporters, and even his wife have left me with a real desire to smack him. I’ve even muted references on Twitter so I’m not getting even 10% of what’s posted, but so many things still come through.

  • phatkhat

    Good grief. You dig up stuff from decades ago and act like it’s what he thinks now? Hillary backed limitations on abortion, too, you know.

    So go vote for Harris or Gillibrand or whatever centrist female strikes your fancy. I’ll take Bernie.

  • phatkhat

    Of course! I understand all that. But demographically, Latinas are the bottom of the socio-economic ladder at this point. They won’t stay there, of course. But immigration has always been the same. 1st generation is shat upon, 2d generation is educated and on the way up, and by the 3d generation, they are assimilated pretty much.

  • Erik1986

    Oh, yes. My British granny was an avid gardener and a large portion of her garden was chard, rhubarb, etc. I loved spending the weekend with her, but NOT the rhubarb pie. I was sadly amused that the recent program on Nature (PBS) talked about the Siberian horsemen, but didn’t mention that the horses they so carefully herded were intended for food, not riding (I understand horsemeat needs to be larded to be more, uh, …tasty? I also wonder, with regard to American horses sent to Europe for food, if the Europeans realize that many of those horses will at some point have received medications that are clearly labelled “not to be used in animals intended for human consumption.” )

  • Erik1986

    My surname is Hispanic, but my father’s family came from Almaden in Spain to the ST Bay Area during Gold Rush times, before California became a state. And my mother was British, so I actually don’t LOOK particularly Latina. My father’s “white” friends used to jokingly call him “wet1back” and just assumed he was Mexican.

  • zizania

    We ate rhubarb because we grew up on the prairies and our fruit choices were limited. I quite like it myself and still grow it even though I live in a much warmer climate now. My husband is exploring his Scottish roots lately. I hope that doesn’t include a hankering for haggis, as that is something I couldn’t stomach (pun intended).

  • Jennifer

    Well, psychiatrists certainly use the term psychopath a lot as a legitimate thing and also offer behavioral traits that differ between them and sociopaths.

  • Lucy

    But keep in mind that they are not typically committed to institutions, and so any “mental health” policy re: guns or anything else, that involves the types of people who get committed to institutions, will not catch psychopaths and will be far more likely to catch the types of mentally ill people who are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence against others.

  • Hannah

    At some point in the future scientists say humans will all be mixed race, and this is somehow a problem? I don’t give a shit1. Humans as a whole are hardly an endangered species. I’m more worried about the other animals we’re killing off. Mixing up the gene pool is a good thing, Larry is pond scum1.

  • Jennifer

    That’s true. I sure hope they broaden background checks for more than one reason.

  • persephone

    Your god has never done anything. His behavior has not changed. Yes, I can bring up stuff from years ago because he has never changed his beliefs or attitude. And he has never done anything to indicate that he will be able to put his ideas into motion. He refuses to cooperate with anyone.