The ‘Fruits’ of Lori Alexander’s Ministry

The ‘Fruits’ of Lori Alexander’s Ministry August 6, 2019
A favored fruit. Cocoa pods, not Lori’s falsely perfect polished apples carefully posed for photography.

This morning Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has a brag post up, filled mostly with the praises of others. It’s an odd strange post to put up at a supposedly Christian blog. She says how humble she is, and then posts commentary that polishes her apple-rosy red rear end. It’s all about the ‘fruits’ of Lori Alexander’s ministry ala braggadocio.

Let’s look at those fruits because some of them look heinously rotten from here, collecting flies and mold. She doesn’t realize that apples are a pretty poor analogy for the perfect fruit due to so many unpleasant realities of growing and picking them. Lori does not know because she never leaves her perfect upper middle class ghetto.

The fruit of one’s ministry tells us if it is good or not. Almost every day, I receive private messages, emails, or comments on social media thanking me for my ministry. I don’t write these things to boast in me because without Christ and His Word, I am nothing and would have nothing of value to teach. It’s all because of Him, and I give Him all the glory.

One of the very few times I’ve seen Lori refer to Christ, that guy she claims to follow, or say anything humble. Too bad she follows this with posting comments from the official Lori Alexander derriere licking squad. So let’s just see the fruit from her teachings.

She equates her diet with the Biblical Truth

One of the themes Lori Alexander keeps returning to is if you are a Good Christian you’ll eat exactly like her, organic with 12 dollars a pound butter. Not so fast, young jedi!

How does that line up with scripture? The Bible has a lot to say about eating, and much of the advice is don’t worry about what you eat.

1 Corinthians 8:8 But food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do.
This is rotten fruit. Everyone needs whatever diet works for them. I know people that eat strictly vegan, or have dietary issues like gluten intolerance and those that seem able to live entirely on junk food. Food is neither Godly or unGodly.

She teaches intolerance and hatred for anyone different

Don’t believe me, just take a gander at what one of her biggest followers/fan boys is involved in right now.

Paul Dorr, come on down – Right now he is on trial for a rather pointless and silly gesture, checking out books about the LGBTQ community, going on a long live video rant and burning those library books. If you look at his court record you’ll see he has a pile of times he’s either been arrested or sued.

Just look at Lori’s recent words about Joshua Harris recanting his courtship book and his divorce. Anyone not living in her fantasy world version of life  gets treated worse than her help.

Rotten fruit.

She preaches living standards as “Godly” to those who cannot afford it.

Remember that 12 buck butter? Lori does not understand that in Quiverfull it’s much more likely that the family is struggling financially, so every single time she advises no college, no women working, and to just by used it’s like Marie Antoinette yelling at the starving Parisian hordes to eat cake if they are out of bread.

While Lori is squealing over 12 dollar butter, granite countertops and other things way out of the reach of many of her supports she’s just encouraging them to either live a third or second world existence  while she sits up in her upper middle class castle hurtling stones.

Rotten fruit.

and there are a million more examples of why Lori Alexander’s fruit is all rotten, but it would take all day to list them. These are just the top three. for me personally. My understanding of Biblical fruit is that it produces peace, joy, love, kindness and other positive words no one would ever describe Lori as.  What ones can you think of?

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