Doug Wilson – Labor Day is a Commie Plot?

Doug Wilson – Labor Day is a Commie Plot? September 2, 2019
Screen cap from a YouTube video I was watching on how to construct this perfect for Labor Day or the Fourth of July cake. Drooling here!

Happy Labor Day, folks! No longer living in the States does not give me the cultural clues I need to remember some holidays, like this one. But Friday morning I was standing in the check out line in Maxi Pali (Wal Mart subsidiary) when a lady I was chatting to wished me a happy Labor Day weekend. Which got me thinking, and then I stumbled over Doug Wilson’s fear mongering lack of all facts mewlings that Labor Day is a commie plot.

Someone needs to inform Doug that the Red Threat, and Communism is largely dead now. I have pointed out before than only a tiny handful of nations are still Communist. Time to put that knee jerk silliness away. There are no reds under Doug’s bed.

Doug has added a dimension to his blog,  his spoken word reading his perceived greatest hits. If you’re up for hearing his voice. I am not so I have not partaken of this. Let me know  how it is if you do. Not much original material here, just cobbled together old pieces. That piece on young men marrying? Old. This? Old.

Okay, we start here, and I am most confused. So is Doug:

This post originally ran May 19, 2016.

Yesterday was Labor Day, and millions of Americans celebrated it with chips and burgers, grateful for the three-day weekend, and with only a dim awareness of what the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day might be. In short, Labor Day for most has been scrubbed free of all commie toxins, and is now perfectly safe for your family to enjoy.

Dear Doug, Labor Day is always celebrated in the U.S.A. on the first Monday in September, not late May. His posting date here indicates Doug has somehow managed to mistake Labor Day for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is in late May and involves remembrance of our military forces that died in service to our country. Something completely devoid in Doug’s life as he’s never served in the military. It also unofficially kicks off summer for most folks.

Doug’s assumption that Labor Day is communist is almost comedy. I am guessing he thinks this because he hates unions, which were influential in getting a holiday for working labor unions on the books.

Someone might wonder what’s wrong with celebrating work, or the work ethic, or a culture of hard work? How is that a commie toxin? The answer is nothing, and it is not a commie toxin. Keep right on.

Pressed on the point, someone might say that we need to celebrate organized labor. Okay, I’ll bite. Organized to do what? Organized by whom? Organizing to what result?

Here’s what Doug is missing. In the heyday of labor unions they were highly sought as voters by BOTH parties. It wasn’t strictly a Democrats are pro labor and Republicans fighting it tooth and nail situation.

The answer is that collective bargaining, unlike labor or work, is not part of the creation mandate. Organized labor is organized to take control of an asset away from its rightful owners without paying for it.

Before unions the owners of big business frequently exploited their workers. We have eight hour work days, days off and benefits because of the labor unions. When owners were left to their own devices the life of a common  laborer was brutish, unsafe and usually short. Don’t believe me? Just do a little reading on British and American children working in the textile industry in the 1700 and 1800s. Labor laws and unions stopped child labor.

Not everything not mentioned in the Bible is an evil plot by the anti-Christ.

Organized labor is piracy without the boats and eye patches. Why would anybody want to celebrate organized labor?

Good hard work, fine. Organized labor, not so much.

So demanding regular hours, breaks and health insurance is somehow piracy on the high seas? Very bad analogy ahoy!

Oh Doug! Always on the side of the elitists and never on the side of the common man he is supposed to love according to Christ. Misunderstanding history in wildly creative word salad ways!

Someone might ask then if it is a sin to belong to a union. Well, no, it is not a sin to be coerced, any more than it is a sin to be captured by pirates. But I would be willing to say that it is a sin to organize a union. It is wrong to celebrate it.

Oh Doug! Please stay silly, laughable and outrageously out of touch in your ideas. We need the laugh.

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  • Jim Jones

    Thank god the unions it’s Friday.

    Because ‘god’ had nothing to do with weekends.

  • Friend

    collective bargaining, unlike labor or work, is not part of the creation mandate.

    Let’s go all the way back and labor like Adam, who was expelled from the Garden of Eden after Eve broke a regulation that only Adam heard, because Eve was not invited to the training session. Or we could go down one generation and ponder the labor of Cain and Abel. Whom am I supposed to emulate here?

    Organized labor is organized to take control of an asset away from its rightful owners without paying for it.

    Not much nuance here from a man who co-wrote a favorable book about slavery1.

  • Charles in IA

    I so enjoy the raised fist full of lightning that symbolizes my union, IBEW.
    Retired 2 years ago, it is still My union.

  • smrnda

    ” Organized labor is organized to take control of an asset away from its rightful owners without paying for it.”

    So Doug Wilson, slavery apologist, is also a proponent of serfdom. What a surprise.

    It would be really funny if somehow, Wilson could get sentenced to ‘re-education through labor.’ I doubt he’d last at any real job.

  • smrnda

    As the bumper stickers read, ‘the weekend, brought to you by organized labor.’

  • WallofSleep

    Indeed. We need to ditch these labor unions and Make America Gilded Again!

  • Polytropos

    The answer is that collective bargaining, unlike labor or work, is not part of the creation mandate.

    I’m sure it isn’t, when you look at the “creation mandate” from Doug’s perspective. Doug’s perspective is pro-sla&#8203very. His creation is one of senseless authoritarianism, where self-determination is a s&#8203in.

  • I’ll dedicate this one to Doug Wilson:

  • Allison the Great

    Wait, Doug Wilson doesn’t even know when Labor Day is? And yet he wants to present himself as a great thinker? Wow.

  • Friend

    Yeah, I think he’s c0nfused about the confusi0n. The two holidays with purposes people have trouble distinguishing are Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.

  • Michael Neville
  • Martin Penwald

    In France, and I think in a few other countries, Labor’s Day is the 1st of May. And yes, it’s still influenced by the communist party (look for the « Fête de l’Huma » ) and unions.
    By the way, if you want productive employees, you have to take care of them. Having universal healthcare and unemployment benefits helps a lot.

  • Iain Lovejoy
  • Martin Penwald

    I passed out of hyperglycemia just by looking at the cake picture.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    My husband worked for the Dept of Labor, you know the guys that collect the statistics on jobs, keep track of labor laws, compile information on the jobs outlook and other labor related stuff. He was a staunch labor member as well as an economist all those years. Doug is fighting a losing battle with me. Go Unions!

  • smrnda

    I raise my fist in salute as well! Only a fool uses a non union electrician!

  • Michael Neville
  • AFo

    And I’m sure Doug lets all those who still have to work today know just how he feels by being the worst customer ever.

  • Excellent!

  • Yeah, about that holiday in May… Should we tell Doug that Memorial Day was actually a black holiday? Or would that break his brain?

  • I know. Isn’t it wonderful?

  • Martin Penwald

    I wonder how Wilson value work. Workers’assets is their workforce, so why does he want to avoid paying for it?

  • Mike Panic
  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer
  • SAO

    Corporations aren’t part of the creation mandate, either. Maybe we should consider organizing one a sin, too.

  • Mike Panic

    There re many excellent books about the labor struggles to gain traction. I suggest reading “STRIKE!” by Jeremy Brecher. I read it as well as some 60 guys in the machine shop I worked in. I also read “There is Power in a Union by Pjolip; ray. BTW, i used tpo run a planer as shown on the cover.

    I thank the United Steelworkers Union for the retrement have today..

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    FWIW, the US Labor Day was set up to *specifically* be as far as possible in the calendar away divorced from May Day (May 1, International Workers of the World Day) by industry and government, AIUI.

  • Delta

    Doug’s assertion that unions are “piracy” strikes me as especially funny.

    You wouldn’t download decent work conditions…

  • persephone

    These guys always think they’ll be the ones sitting on the veranda of the big house, sipping mint juleps, and remarking on how hot it is, while the slaves are sickening and dropping dead. Doug would have been lucky to scrape by as a preacher.

  • persephone

    The Israelites had laws governing how they treated their employees and slaves and the poor. Doug is really good at ignoring the OT unless it says something about homosexuals or owning women.