Duggars in the Bahamas – There Without Approval?

Duggars in the Bahamas – There Without Approval? September 19, 2019

This popped up today on my Facebook page. The same man complaining about the Duggar’s behavior in the Bahama’s, James Lea, tried to verify claims by the Duggars and the Bates that they had official authority to be there. Guess what. Looks very likely that they lied about that official approval. They do not have a diplomatic note from the Embassy authorizing their organization to be there much less commandeering supplies, fuel and vehicles. Or to sell the fuel or supplies.

No word on if they have the approval of any branch of the Bahamian or local governance.

Are the Duggars acting like entitled royalty running roughshod over laws on weapons all the while seizing supplies not meant for them? It certainly would not surprise me, just like it would not be a surprise if they lied about their permissions from the Embassy. This is all the types of white entitlement we commonly see among certain types of Evangelical organizations.

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