Lori Alexander – White Supremacy, Pedophilia and School Shaming?

Lori Alexander – White Supremacy, Pedophilia and School Shaming? November 10, 2019

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been on a  roll this week with lots of rather awful things, and one subtle not quite as awful thing. She’s been dabbling in white supremacy, entertaining pedophiles and trying to shame folks that send their kids out to school. Any school, even Christian schools.

Lori the White Supremacist

Earlier in the week Lori shared this. I wasn’t looking too carefully at the source, but you would think I always should…I will from now on.

It is from the vdare.com website. Which is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “an anti-immigration hate website” which “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites”. It is spearheaded by anti-immigration supporters and white supremacists, another recognized hate group. Lori is reading and promoting material from a known roach-nest of the KKK without their sheets in her own personal roach-nest of a private chatroom. Oh, and they hate the Jews too.

Someone please pass the can of Raid! Everything in the roach-nest of Lori’s is awful and borderline criminal.

Lori loves to say she’s not prejudice but actions speak louder than words. This is a bedrock principal in Quiverfull, white people outbreeding anyone else to overtake the culture they believe has been taken from them.

Lori, Pedophilia and Early Marriage

Earlier in the week Lori posited first at her roach-nest, and later on her blog about the age one is ready for marriage. Lori supports marriage as young as 16 or 17. One of her supporters have moved that number downward, to twelve, and there were a few foolish souls that moved the number to 14. Vaughn Ohlman was there commenting on young marriage too, happy to move the age number down.

But when I went in this morning this was the lone comment I could find.

Suddenly there is this lone comment and everyone else supporting marriage around legal age. Did Lori realize how creepy and quasi-pedophile like some of the commentary were and decide to sweep out anything not advocating legal marriage?

Here’s where I’m not good with all this underage marriage talk. We’ve covered brain development, physical development, lack of education and all the other factors that make young marriage a likely disaster. Save one, that they are struggling with in places like Bangladesh and in the FLDS here – sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Young girls being married off and discarded, at even younger ages than 12 years old has turned into a looming problem on a global scale. For many of the same reasons sane people object to young girls marrying, for their utter powerlessness, lack of knowledge, lack of any sort of resources at all, tendency of a child to obey her elders, leads right to being a prime target for both pedophiles and sex traffickers.

Many of Lori’s now deleted commenters stated they wanted to marry as young as possible because their young bride would not have learned how to rebel, and would have looked up to them as an authority figure. Just think about that for a few minutes and let it sink in.

I cannot help but think about the silly young thing I’d been at twelve, giggling over the Osmond brothers, riding my bike all over town without  a thought that there were bad men out there that might snatch me for sexual purposes, worried only about getting pimples. And I shudder.

Me at 12, oh so not ready for marriage, still playing with my Breyer horses and worshiping the Osmond brothers.

This is the reality that Lori’s male commenters push, marrying a child.

I will give someone points for removing the vast majority of comments that promote very young marriage. Someone removed them from Lori’s public social media.

Lori School Shaming

And just a few more screen caps. Lori is sharing how awful schools are. Interesting considering she didn’t completely homeschool her children. She had tutors and did allow them into school for a while.

The last time I checked both Darwin and Marx were not products of traditional American public schools, yet they are being upheld as representatives of that type of thought.

So did she protect her children this way? Not entirely.

To make our shaming and blaming Lori post complete here’s something I keep seeing her sharing online:

Why am I getting abuse vibes just from this picture?

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About Suzanne Titkemeyer
Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • LeekSoup

    Ugh! All of that is horrendous. The last image is vile and looks like domestic abuse.

    I grew up in Charles Darwin’s home town. I can promise you it’s not in America and his theory of evolution is not a product of the American public school system. The meme picture with the fat2 chap raging against all these “threats” just shows the utter bankruptcy of Amerivangelical Christianity. They can’t win the arguments so they have to protect their kids from the truth of evolution; the justice of equality for women; and the empathy of treating gay people as human beings who have feelings too. How squalid and pathetic is Christianity if it’s “truth”, allegedly revealed by God himself, can’t resist these man-made philosophies. Shielding your kids from them by taking them out of school is just admitting defeat. It’s a coward’s way of defending their beliefs.

    The underage marriage thing is straight out of the Republic of Gilead. The new book The Testaments, actually covers this, with young girls getting marries off against their will as soon as they get their period. Lori and her evil ilk would be all over that. They’d find The Handmaid’s Tale aspirational.

  • Nea

    Why are you getting abuse vibes? Maybe because it’s the offensive, misogynistic wording; because he isn’t speaking, he’s obviously screaming; because the posture of her head isn’t attentive, it’s humiliated; because her expression isn’t listening, it’s resigned; or maybe just because he’s unmistakably about to hit her?

    Lori could turn Michelle Duggar making goo goo eyes at her speaking husband into a meme, where a woman is listening attentively to a man. She chooses this violence instead. And ironically- this is what SHE is choosing to voice. Not Ken. A woman, who presumably thinks she is real, is not shutting her mouth.

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Nea

    Are Lori’s grandchildren being homeschooled? Or is even her family blowing her off, probably making her even more frantic?

  • Michael Neville

    12 is considered pedophilia2 in 49 of the 50 states (New York has the age of consent at 11).

  • AFo

    They don’t want their kids in public schools because they don’t want them “indoctrinated.” But I guess the brainwashing and abuse they put their kids through doesn’t count as indoctrination because it’s “God’s will.” I got a public school education, and I’m willing to bet I’m in better shape morally, financially, and academically than any homeschooled quiverfull kid.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    What does lori get out of any of this?

  • SAO

    My take is that blogging is hard. You have to keep producing new content, so she just riffs off some of the garbage in her feed.

  • SAO

    Not to mention the words, “a real woman shuts her damn (sic) mouth.” “Shut your damned mouth” is not a respectful way to comment on things your partner says.

  • Cynthia

    I found this: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4231905045837&id=1531710210

    Lori’s DIL doesn’t seem to share her horror of schooling.

  • SAO

    I’ve never seen a public school curriculum that teaches Marxism, other than as a motivating factor for revolutions that produced repressive, totalitarian governments. If by feminism and “the radical homosexual agenda” he means expecting every human to be treated with equal dignity and respect, then maybe schools to teach this, but frankly, treating everyone with dignity and respect is a message Jesus taught, too. Schools do not teach progressivism, unless you think progressivism is expecting everyone to be treated as equally deserving of dignity and respect.

    As for “Darwinian evolution.” That’s science and the basis of understanding a hell of a lot of things in this world.

    Most importantly, ignorance of truth is not faith, it’s ignorance.

  • Brian Curtis

    “Of course public-school indoctrination is bad–it interferes with MY indoctrination!” –every church, every homeschooler, every wild-eyed cultist–

  • SAO

    Off topic, I saw this picture in the Portland Press Herald
    It was interesting that all the women had the same hairstyle, a style I’ve seen in other pictures of FLDS elsewhere. I thought about the Gothard long curls the Duggar girls used to sport. I wonder if there are more examples of cult hairstyles people could think of.

  • Jackie

    They have no blown her off. She regularly babysits for one daughter in law (Ryans & wife) who use blanket training and force feeding (its on Lori’s blog). Alyssa, the one we thought would be different, has sleep trained her 2 month old to sleep 9 hours at night. She used the word trained. 2 month olds are not able to do this. And Alyssa, let Lori sit for her newborn already. No, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. So they have experienced, read her own words (screencaps) of what she did to them (abuse +++) and with all of that they still allow their kids to be alone with her? That means they swallowed the poison. Wish I were wrong.

  • Jackie

    I think their biggest fears are that their children will learn evolution, climate change and other bad things. And … they will be exposed to “godless” children who will somehow make them lose some of their faith. This comes from weak faith that cannot be questioned.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I think she is in it for attention

  • Allison the Great

    Part of me wonders if Ken has abused her and that is terrible, but she’s been browbeaten into thinking this is normal and good. However I think the real reason is that she likes the idea of abuse happening to other women because she thinks they deserve it. I think that to Lori, abuse is okay as long as it happens to other women, but not to her. There’s something off about that woman, like she has a very sadistic personality. She does not care if other people get hurt, she seems to relish the idea.

  • Friend

    My guess is that she gets a lot of pats on the back when she posts white 1supremacist1 stuff. Less attention and more criticism when she posts something that might sound kind or intelligent.

  • Allison the Great

    She really does try her best to go viral. I think the meme she posted about women shutting their mouths is an attempt to do just that.

  • Friend

    I used to know someone a bit like her. College-educated wife of a professional. At-home mother, angry1 and controlling, hyper religious, involved in right wing extremist1 politics for decades. Never stopped indoctrinating1. Total Newspeak and Duckspeak.

    Her husband bragged that he never opened a book after getting his professional certification. Home schooling did not yet exist. Kids went to public school and a mainline church, but were forced to attend a Notorious1 Nutjob1 College that lacked accreditation.

    What stays with me about that couple is their anger1. One son carried on the legacy. One daughter continues the activism. Not sure what became of the other kids.

  • Friend

    I’d rather be famous for something else.

  • Allison the Great

    There are people who are filled with hate. I’ve met quite a few of them myself. I don’t understand how they can live like that without going insane. Hate and anger are heavy burdens. It just seems like it would take a lot of mental energy to keep that up, and you’d just end up wallowing in misery from all that. I’d like to see a mental health professional analyze Lori’s posts. I am curious to find out their opinions on them. I’d also like them to read the comments from the likes of Trey and Von Ohlmann.

  • Allison the Great

    Lori does think she is a real woman. She thinks that she is such a good wife now that she’s transformed that there is nothing she could do to make her deserve what is going on in that meme. This is her being called to teach other women. Narcissists never think that they deserve punishment for their actions. Watch how upset they get when they do get caught and have to face the consequences. Look at the way Donald Trump, his family and his biggest fans are reacting. Remember how Brett Kavanaugh behaved when Betsy Ford told the world about what he did to her? That so-called “righteous anger”? With people like that, it’s always a form of persecution when they get called out for what they’ve done to other people. They never ever care about what effect they’ve had on their victims, it’s always about them. Lori seems to be the same way.

  • Saraquill
  • booksbooksbooks

    There is two hair styles in the picture. Two of the women have Dutch braids and the rest have French. So I’m wondering if it’s a marriage status symbol or something along those lines.

  • LeekSoup

    Sorry, I’ve lost a comment to the nannyfilter. I don’t know which word offended it.

    That final meme is utterly vile.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    She recycles it, but that doesn’t explain why she keeps blogging this crud.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I see Lori as more of a Transactionable Wife, someone that trades sex and housekeeping for support. No different than the girls down the street working at the government authorized house of ill repute here. Except those girls are way nicer people.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    But the American schools do promote it. I have not ever had a school teach me creation theory and I had to go to private christian schools twice. Even they were not stupid enough to teach creationism only.
    I bet dollars to doughnuts that lori has read the handmaid’s tale and seen all the episodes.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    and that has been the normal marriage arrangement for centuries. I bet world wide and even in the US, the vast marriages are that style.

  • frostysnowman

    It’s not indoctrination if a parent does it! (eye roll)

  • Mary Hannah bates

    Darn it, why did I go to that site? I ended up on an anti abortion site and ended up putting in my 50 cents worth. I love pissing2 off the right to lifers. Onward christian soldier…

  • Desperate Ambrose

    At one time, agrarian societies and shorter life-spans (among other factors) made marriage at a (very) young age not only understandable but necessary. This was the way things were for millennia.

    I think it was Neil Postman who pointed out that, for most of our history, change was the exception rather than the rule; and that advances in technology have worked a revolution: change is now the rule rather than the exception. I shouldn’t have to point out that we are no longer a predominantly agrarian society. Neither are we old at 40 (Well, most of us.).

    Change is scary. And, now that change is the rule, the status quo is scary. So scary for some that they romanticize a time they never lived through and proclaim that it is the “correct” way to live. I say “romanticize” because, again, they have no realistic idea of what life was like during their “ideal” time, but they are damn sure that the folks who had the upper hand were just like them.


  • LeekSoup

    They don’t “promote” Darwinian evolution. They teach science. If people would prefer to believe in bronze age fairy tales then that’s up to them. If they can’t handle there being no evidence for their nonsense than that’s their problem.

    The world still moves. Regardless what religidiots say.

  • WallofSleep

    “Many of Lori’s now deleted commenters stated they wanted to marry as
    young as possible because their young bride would not have learned how
    to rebel, and would have looked up to them as an authority figure. Just
    think about that for a few minutes and let it sink in.”

    The obvious takeaway here is that these pervos don’t want a wife, they want a house maid and sex slave2 that they don’t have to feel guilty about exploiting.

  • Anri

    That sudden cockroach-esque scuttling for dark corners when the folks there realized someone said “marriage at 12” out loud.

  • Polytropos

    If by feminism and “the radical homosexual agenda” he means expecting every human to be treated with equal dignity and respect, then maybe schools to teach this…

    This is what fundies mean. They’re so radicalized that, from their warped perspective, it’s the rest of us who appear “radical”. And they’re much more interested in their own message than Jesus’ teachings.

  • SAO

    Actually, in many societies, women didn’t marry that young, although it’s varied over the centuries. Age at first marriage was 25 for a woman in England in the late 1600s. If a man needed his wife to be a business partner in your home business, whether it be a farm or another business, he needed someone who had a bit of maturity and judgement. If he was living with his parents, then sure, his mother could take care of the domestic stuff and teach the teenaged-aged wife, but then, he was probably living with his father and struggling to be treated as a full adult as well as living in a house crowded with his siblings.

    I think the aristocracy and certainly royalty was married off very young so that they wouldn’t let sexual attraction ‘ruin’ the judgement of who was the most strategic alliance for the kingdom. Often, it was too young. Peter 3 of Russia didn’t consummate his marriage to Catherine the Great for months, possibly more than a year. The conclusion was that he was too young. I think whatever Louis married Marie Antoinette had the same problem. Catherine the Great then married off her grandson at age 16.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. There are no “vibes” about that picture. It’s just…a picture of abuse.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Schools do not teach progressivism, unless you think progressivism is expecting everyone to be treated as equally deserving of dignity and respect.

    That is what they think. And are they wrong? Conservatism is basically all about fighting that principle on all fronts.

  • Raging Bee

    The other obvious takeaway is that that lot seem MORE willing to exploit a minor than an adult, not less.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    The sure do teach evolution. I am not sure why you think they do not. But whatever.

  • LeekSoup

    Teaching evolution is not the same as “promoting it”. Evangelicals claim it’s being “promoted” because they want to undermine it’s legitimacy and position it as just another worldview. So when you said public schools promote it, that sounded like you were repeating a false Christian claim that public schools are going out of their way to push a non-Christian worldview on vulnerable children. Which they aren’t. They are teaching science. It’s not their fault scientific discoveries contradict the myths of Christians.

    (And I realise you probably aren’t taking an evangelical POV on this. It just the language was the same.)

  • 1 — BRB, vomiting. 12?

    2 — “Why am I getting abuse vibes just from this picture?” Because it’s a picture of abuse.

  • Desperate Ambrose

    Well, since so much of this lunacy gets attributed to Biblical this-that-and-the-other-thing, I was thinking more in terms of that time period and farther back.

    But your point is well-taken.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    It’s the hand. I know it’s not meant to be threatening to hit her, but it feels like it.

  • Allison the Great

    I wonder if that meme/stock photo had a better caption but some incel/MRA/white supremacist changed it and Lori found it on a VDARE website and thought it was just swell. That wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Allison the Great

    Just out of curiosity, why do you think that they are promoting it when they are teaching it?When they teach geometry, they’re not promoting it like they would a political ideology. Evolution is science, I don’t know why so many on the right have to politicize it.

  • Sassafras

    BARF69! Sometimes my home state can be disgusting69.

  • Jennifer

    So what age did the 1creep1 Vaughn suggest?

  • “I treated my girlfriend like a princess: I married her off to a stranger in return for a strategic alliance.”

  • smrnda

    I get really sick of the idea of the ‘lone genius’ or that creating supportive environments is somehow opposed to the ‘cold rationality’ needed to do research. Pretty much any consequential research is going to be a joint effort. In science, it’s just that any science that a lone genius could have done got accomplished back in the 19th century, when not that many people were really doing science. Since then, the sheer volume of people doing science has increased many times over, along with increasing specialization.

    I’m also doubtful that academia used to be ‘coldly unemotional’ – it was just an elite club where people had very strong feelings, particularly about who they wanted to exclude. If anything, since it got more inclusive we’ve eliminated a lot of the nonsense and become more rational.

  • Jennny

    As Leek Soup says – we’re both brits, science is taught here pretty well. We have something called the National Curriculum, so content is standardised and A-Level Science exams are the entrance into all UK universities to read science, some of which come out in the top ten of the world’s universities. The OFSTED inspection routine that all schools are put through, maintains those standards. (Am the daughter of Physics teacher, the wife of the same and our daughter’s married a Doctor of Physics working at CERN…so I can assure US fundies, creationism plays little part in our science curricula.)

  • Jennny

    Oops, reply meant for Mary Hannah, am pre-caffeine!

  • Freodin

    It’s not meant to be that? Really? That is exactly how I see it: a screaming man about to hit a subdued woman.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Oooh, so did I! And evangelical creationist nuttery is alive and kicking in the Shire. Thankfully I did go to school as well and learned about science and reality.

  • Cynthia

    We know for a fact that there was a lot of garbage based on nothing but biases, masquerading as “rational” arguments against women and racial minorities having rights.

    Which is the entire reason that VDARE would be pushing this line.

  • Cynthia

    While you never know for sure, I doubt that she ever experienced physical abuse.

    Part of her thinking is that her preferences and experiences can be applied to the entire world. So, if someone else says that their marriage is difficult, she thinks that she had a difficult marriage and is therefore in a position to give advice.

    The problem is that Lori’s difficulty and pain seems to have stemmed from Ken refusing to eat his vegetables as she demanded, while other women are dealing with actual abuse. Lori’s advice to be submissive only appeared to work for Lori because she had such an unusually controlling personality.

  • SAO

    I agree. He’s yelling in her face, not talking to her. He’s saying “shut your damned mouth” and suggesting she’s not a ‘real woman.’ A ton of flags for abuse, so why wouldn’t the hand be as well?

  • SAO

    Nonsense. I know plenty of couples who married for love, formed an economic unit and decided, when kids came along, that it made the most economic sense for the mother to stay home when the kids were young and have a job that didn’t require travel or staying late when the kids were older so that the father could pursue a high-demand, high-paying career.

  • SAO

    It’s easier to exploit a minor. Then, when she grows up, she has 5 kids and no education, so leaving him means poverty.

  • Mimc

    I was taught creationism at my Christian School. I hear that school for making me talk like an idiot2. Creation is not a theory it is religious myth.

  • Mimc

    I did an image search for that last one. The earliest instance I could find was from 2016 on a forum called IGN. I don’t think she made that “meme”.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Never said she made it. Someone shared it to one of her pages and she liked it. There was pushback and she removed it.

  • LeekSoup

    I think some of my family are involved in promoting the creationist alternative facts in Charles Darwin’s hometown. My late Dad definitely was. I remember giving out Creationist comics to the other kids in church. He bought them in bulk. (This would be late 80s/very early 90s)

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    Re; Final meme. Well, I had my first husband somewhat trained. (He was an alcoholic and emotionally abusive.) He was active duty during our entire marriage. At one PCS (Permanent change of station), during his intake with his Sgt., the Sgt. suggested to him that it would be beneficial for his career if I (the wife) would join the NCO’s Wive’s Club. Hubby said: “You tell her that.” Hubby knew better. 😉

  • Mimc

    I see. She must be popular among the MRAs it looks like that’s it’s origin.

  • Cynthia

    That’s just it. She IS popular with some of them, and she either agrees with them or fails to see them for what they are because she thinks on a superficial level that they agree with her.

  • Keith Taylor

    You are getting abuse vibes just from that picture because you are smart and have appropriate feelings.

  • Jennny

    Your RC school surprises me, having been through several OFSTED primary inspections where, I’m quite sure inspectors would have come down on us like a ton of bricks had we not been teaching the science curriculum according to the rules/guidelines. Heck, we once got slated because we’d decided, can’t recall why, to teach the Romans in Yr4 and the Tudors in Yr3 and it should have been the other way round.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Oh dear, our fathers may well have been acquainted. Although each possibly thought the other was beyond the pale…

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Slightly OT but definitely relevant, this article in the NY Times is my new favourite:

    The cold, emotionless genius, solving the world single-handed does not rule the future. Women have enough to offer simply as women. Lori and her fellow dinosaurs are slowly dying out.

    ETA dagnabbit I can’t make the linky thing work… it’s here: NY Times October 10th “Enough Leaning In. Let’s Tell Men to Lean Out.”

  • LeekSoup

    Ooh, now I’m intrigued. Who knows, maybe our paths crossed? I’d post more details but I don’t really want to doxx myself. I escaped the Shire’s county town in 1994 so if you were around there in the Christianverse then, we may even know each other.

    There’s no way to send a PM on Disqus unfortunately. I’m on the Roll to Disbelieve forum though.

  • persephone

    No, that’s not the case.

  • persephone

    The venn diagram of alt right and fundagelicals is 99.99% overlapped circles.

  • persephone

    I don’t think so, but that’s just opinion. In some ways, I think Lori would like it. Ken seems to mostly avoid her when possible, as do her kids.

    Her parents had a very unhappy marriage, but I don’t know if they were the yelling type or the cold as ice type.

  • persephone

    The only lone genius I can think of offhand is Tesla. Pretty much everyone else either built on someone else’s work, or their wives or sisters helped them. Hmm. Maybe Newton.

    The whole tortured genius trope needs to die yesterday. It’s just been an excuse for abuse.

  • persephone

    That’s upsetting. I would bet Alyssa’s child is underweight and malnourished, which is fine with Lori; fat2 girls are an abomination.

    That family is scum2.

  • persephone

    Didn’t NY get a lot of pushback from religious groups when they tried to change it?

  • persephone

    The early marriage trope is without basis. People didn’t mature earlier than now; they were more likely to mature later, mostly due to diet.

    The noblewomen and princesses being married off were raised on high protein diets, so they often had onset of menses2 at a younger age, although not necessarily even as young as now. Most marriage contracts included a clause that intercourse could not begin until the girl reached 13 or 14–and usually she had to be examined medically first–if married off as children. It was more common for them to be in their late teens.

  • persephone

    It could be. Or the husbands or fathers have stated which they prefer.

  • Michael Neville

    I believe so.

  • persephone

    Patriarchal cults tend to the “women must have long hair” because Cor. 11:15. It also emphasizes gender differences. Plus, women are considered a resource, so they’re nearly interchangeable, so having the same hairstyle helps make them blend together in appearance.

    My personal opinion of hijab and burka, especially burka, is the othering of women, making them disappear as individuals. It removes their humanity. It’s much easier to abuse and kill2 a non-human.

  • Allison the Great

    I think you’re right. I think they seem to avoid her. Ouch! I can’t imagine what it would be like to be so insufferable that your own family would choose to not be around you.

  • RockNet WebChick

    What are my thoughts? This woman is clearly insane2. The fact that other women read her bullshit2 and agree with it tells me that we really need to round people up and lock them in padded cells.

  • persephone

    She loves the attention. Loves it. She doesn’t care what these men are, as long as they’re men. (I’d hardly consider incels, MRAs, red pillers, etc. men, but it’s the same as considering Lori a Christian.)

  • Desperate Ambrose

    “People didn’t mature earlier than now; they were more likely to mature later, mostly due to diet.”

    Just so we’re clear, I never asserted that people matured earlier; and your point about diet is well-taken.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    I left in 1988 although I come from the lead mining area 😉 I was never active myself but my family name is a little like Hooligan…

  • texassa

    What does this woman know about higher education or anything for that matter? Female mathematics students are making university math too emotional? Female researchers are making scientific research empathetic? She is just illustrating here that she knows nothing.

  • texassa

    I would really like someone to explain to me what this radical homosexual agenda is. I am a liberal feminist who attended public schools and university, and I’ve yet to experience it. It’s a wonder these self-sheltered, home-schooling, media-shunning religious nuts are so bombarded with it.

  • Allison the Great

    We’ve also accomplished more.