Lori Alexander – White Supremacy, Pedophilia and School Shaming?

Lori Alexander – White Supremacy, Pedophilia and School Shaming? November 10, 2019

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been on a  roll this week with lots of rather awful things, and one subtle not quite as awful thing. She’s been dabbling in white supremacy, entertaining pedophiles and trying to shame folks that send their kids out to school. Any school, even Christian schools.

Lori the White Supremacist

Earlier in the week Lori shared this. I wasn’t looking too carefully at the source, but you would think I always should…I will from now on.

It is from the vdare.com website. Which is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “an anti-immigration hate website” which “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites”. It is spearheaded by anti-immigration supporters and white supremacists, another recognized hate group. Lori is reading and promoting material from a known roach-nest of the KKK without their sheets in her own personal roach-nest of a private chatroom. Oh, and they hate the Jews too.

Someone please pass the can of Raid! Everything in the roach-nest of Lori’s is awful and borderline criminal.

Lori loves to say she’s not prejudice but actions speak louder than words. This is a bedrock principal in Quiverfull, white people outbreeding anyone else to overtake the culture they believe has been taken from them.

Lori, Pedophilia and Early Marriage

Earlier in the week Lori posited first at her roach-nest, and later on her blog about the age one is ready for marriage. Lori supports marriage as young as 16 or 17. One of her supporters have moved that number downward, to twelve, and there were a few foolish souls that moved the number to 14. Vaughn Ohlman was there commenting on young marriage too, happy to move the age number down.

But when I went in this morning this was the lone comment I could find.

Suddenly there is this lone comment and everyone else supporting marriage around legal age. Did Lori realize how creepy and quasi-pedophile like some of the commentary were and decide to sweep out anything not advocating legal marriage?

Here’s where I’m not good with all this underage marriage talk. We’ve covered brain development, physical development, lack of education and all the other factors that make young marriage a likely disaster. Save one, that they are struggling with in places like Bangladesh and in the FLDS here – sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Young girls being married off and discarded, at even younger ages than 12 years old has turned into a looming problem on a global scale. For many of the same reasons sane people object to young girls marrying, for their utter powerlessness, lack of knowledge, lack of any sort of resources at all, tendency of a child to obey her elders, leads right to being a prime target for both pedophiles and sex traffickers.

Many of Lori’s now deleted commenters stated they wanted to marry as young as possible because their young bride would not have learned how to rebel, and would have looked up to them as an authority figure. Just think about that for a few minutes and let it sink in.

I cannot help but think about the silly young thing I’d been at twelve, giggling over the Osmond brothers, riding my bike all over town without  a thought that there were bad men out there that might snatch me for sexual purposes, worried only about getting pimples. And I shudder.

Me at 12, oh so not ready for marriage, still playing with my Breyer horses and worshiping the Osmond brothers.

This is the reality that Lori’s male commenters push, marrying a child.

I will give someone points for removing the vast majority of comments that promote very young marriage. Someone removed them from Lori’s public social media.

Lori School Shaming

And just a few more screen caps. Lori is sharing how awful schools are. Interesting considering she didn’t completely homeschool her children. She had tutors and did allow them into school for a while.

The last time I checked both Darwin and Marx were not products of traditional American public schools, yet they are being upheld as representatives of that type of thought.

So did she protect her children this way? Not entirely.

To make our shaming and blaming Lori post complete here’s something I keep seeing her sharing online:

Why am I getting abuse vibes just from this picture?

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