Doug Wilson – Sexism is Biblical?

Doug Wilson – Sexism is Biblical? November 11, 2019

Thankfully Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog has finally run out of what he thinks are pithy quotes from that book on rebellion he quoted. Now he’s promoting what sounds like one of the worst written books of all time “Evangellyfish,” a book so lacking he does things like makes fun of female reporters for having bouncing breasts. Plus it’s November, no, no, not NaNaWriMo month for him. He has something called No Quarter November, which seems to mean ‘be as toddler-like, ranting and obnoxious in your opinions as possible’ instead of simply having strong opinions.

Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service. I saved this piece back until today because of Doug Wilson’s vile remarks about women in combat.

This is the same piece that Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles recently seized upon we mentioned. The entire premise is that the Bible is written entirely from the perspective of being sexist, so being sexist is a virtue.

As usual there are silly ideas without any basis in fact, and Doug citing the natural world with one puny example to justify it. Too bad natural itself  is just chockablock filled with realities that put his lone idea to lie.

Let’s see just how much toxic masculinity tropes one addled older gentleman can tap to try and prove his un provable point.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but has a six year old Asian girl ever sued the NFL to join a team? No? Doug checks his man card box by mentioning America’s sacred pastime in a meaningless word salad way.

I don’t know, Doug, about that. Jesus pretty clearly treated women as equals and did not rush about making sexist statements. He said he came to complete the law, and it’s pretty obvious women and men are equal his actions.

Except for sexual organ development most men and women very similar in their bodies. If they were not then men and women would require different doctors and different medical treatments for everything except kidneys and toes.

What Doug is speaking of here is purely culture. Our culture, thankfully, has shifted beyond the regimented ideas of the past that women are shy, retiring, weak little flowers who cannot lift a 50 pound sack of potatoes or wield a wrench. He thinks men cannot arrange flowers, cook, or style hair.

All of the service academies admit both men and women. Westpoint has since 1976. As well they should. Membership in the elite services academies are typically the best and the brightest. The Dougs of this world need not apply.

Women have always played a part in combat, before recent times it was as bomb builders, code breakers, nurses on the front lines and many other positions.

Seriously, here we are on Veteran’s Day for goodness sakes and Doug is upset that Fox News and others celebrate the return of female soldiers from the field? Has to be the first time I’ve ever seen anyone call Fox News liberal. Sadly, not the first time I’ve seen the sacrifices of women and the service denigrated.

Doug, no one uses their vagina to hold a gun!

Has Doug ever served in the military? I seriously doubt it. He needs to shut up about things where he has exactly zero real life knowledge. As the wife of a retired soldier I have nothing but the deepest disdain for guys like Doug Wilson, who do not serve, yet think they have a right to decide who is a soldier.

Then Wilson moves on to watching nature, talking of robins, praying mantises, and gay penguins, muddling the entire point about taking or not taking pointers from mother nature.

Dearest Doug, make your own baloney sandwich and please choke on it!

Doug does not know his history either. For hundreds of years knitters were all male. It was an important occupation with guilds filled with men, not women. Women gradually started knitting at home, but make no mistake, it was strictly a masculine occupation for a very long time.

No, men in general are not expendable, just a certain subclass of men. The lazy entitled patriarchal foolish ones that think they cannot make a flipping sandwich. Those guys are dying out, as well they should be, no matter how much Wilson rants against being an living anachronism.

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